Islam is an Intolerant Religion

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:



    ‘Genesis and Character of Christianity

    Some historians in the West have serious doubts about the very
    existence of a man called “Jesus Christ”.

    And, almost all historians agree that, if he existed at all, nothing
    can be known about his person or teaching(s) because all contemporary
    sources — Christian and non-Christian — are either silent or
    unreliable regarding the subject.

    Thus, all we have is the “Jesus of the Gospels”, which are now
    regarded as theological statements rather than a record of true
    historical events.

    And “Jesus of the Gospels” is a questionable character!

    He makes tall claims about himself, and curses all those who do not
    accept those claims.

    He denounces his own people as sons of the Devil and killers of prophets.

    In due course, Christian theology came to proclaim:

    — that Jesus was the only-begotten son of the only true “God the Father”;

    — that the only-begotten son of “God the Father”, namely Jesus, had
    been sent down in order to wash with his own blood the sins of mankind
    by mounting the Cross;

    — that Jesus had risen from the dead on the third day and appeared to
    his apostles in flesh and bones;

    — that Jesus was the same as his “God the Father” whose divinity he
    shared in full;

    — that those who accepted Jesus as the only savior had all their sins
    washed by Jesus’s blood;

    — that Jesus had entered his apostles as the “Holy Ghost” and
    entrusted them with the mission of saving all mankind from eternal

    — that the Christian Church founded by the apostles and joined by the
    converts was Jesus’s body and bride; and

    — that the whole world had been mandated to the Christian Church by
    the “Father” and the “Son” and the “Holy Ghost”.

    What one finds most striking about these ridiculous and absolutely
    laughable statements is that none of them can stand the test of human
    reason or experience.

    The Christian Church declares them to be mysteries beyond the reach of
    human understanding!

    The apostles had tried to sell these “mysteries” to the Jews in Jerusalem.

    The only response the apostles met was dismissal with contempt from the Jews.

    Next, the apostles tried these “mysteries” on Jewish communities
    settled in Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece.

    The apostles had some small success, but most of the time the apostles
    met with considerable resistance.

    Finally, the apostles took this “merchandise” to the metropolitan mart
    at Rome where their business found some firm footing for the first

    It was in Rome that the methods of Christian missionary salesmanship
    (i.e., repeating lies and half-truths constantly) were matured over a
    period of time.

    The structure of the Roman Empire provided a model for the structure
    of the Christian Church.

    The Christian missionaries got busy building a state within the state!

    In the next two centuries, the Christian Church became a rich and
    powerful organization with members in many leading families of Rome.

    It found many adherents among politicians who wielded power, among
    military commanders who were superstitious or in need of political
    support, and among merchants who had money, but no brains for
    philosophical questions.

    The mother of Emperor Severus (222-235 AD) became a Christian.

    So did Emperor Philip the Arabian (244-249 AD).

    Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, was also a Christian convert.

    Now the Christian Church extended the “Divine Right” to rule as a
    despot to anyone who was prepared to declare Christianity as the sole
    state-religion and suppress all Pagan religions.

    Emperor Constantine who wanted to secure a dynastic succession for his
    family — a practice unknown to Roman politics so far — saw his
    opportunity in this new doctrine, and proclaimed in favor of the
    Christian Church.

    The common people in Rome resisted this royal renegade.

    So, Emperor Constantine removed his capital from Rome to Byzantium
    which was renamed “Constantinople”!

    The precedent set by Emperor Constantine in consolidating a dynastic
    despotism with the help of the Church was copied by many crowned heads
    all over Europe in subsequent centuries.

    The king in Pagan societies was only the first among equals.

    The Church enabled him to become an unbridled autocrat who derived his
    authority not from the community over which he ruled, but from “God
    the Father”.

    The conflicts which developed between these autocrats and the powerful
    Christian Church — with a Pope at its head — came much later, after
    the common people all over Europe had been enslaved and deprived of
    their traditional institutions which safeguarded their fundamental

    For quite some time, the Christian Church cooperated with the kings to
    convert the common people everywhere into hewers of wood and drawers
    of water!

    This was just one part of the Christian history.

    Another part was a large-scale destruction of ancient Pagan religions
    all over Europe, Asia Minor, and North Africa where the Christian
    Church spread its tentacles with the help of despotic rulers.

    All Pagan schools were closed, all Pagan temples were demolished or
    converted into Christian churches, and all Pagan images and statues
    were publicly defiled and destroyed.

    Pagan books were burned and Pagan priests were killed, mostly by
    Christian monks who led Christian mobs after lecturing them into
    fevered frenzy!

    That is how Christianity triumphed over Pagan religions and Pagan
    societies — not by the power of its moral or spiritual superiority or
    the logic of its doctrines, but by the power of the sword wielded by
    despicable Christian despots.’



    ‘Genesis and Character of Islam:

    Muhammad the Arabian followed in the footsteps of Jesus in making the
    same sort of claims for himself, cursing his own people in the
    choicest language of so-called “Mono-Theism”, and threatening them
    with slaughter.

    Muhammad, however, did not have to struggle against a centralized
    state when he found that his “Prophethood” had no attraction for the
    Pagan people of Mecca.

    Muhammad migrated to Yathrib — was later renamed “Medina” from
    Madinat al’Nabi — which was more receptive to so-called “Mono-Theism”
    because of a large presence of Jews in that town (i.e., Yathrib), and
    Muhammad emerged as a powerful potentate.

    Muhammad, however, ended by exiling or brutally killing en masse the
    Jewish “Mono-Theist” populations of Yathrib, which resisted him as
    soon as Muhammad came out in his true colors!

    Meanwhile, Muhammad had amassed much wealth by plundering merchant
    caravans and scattered Pagan Arab settlements.

    Muhammad created the nucleus of a standing army out of the toughs and
    desperados who flocked to him in increasing numbers for committing
    crimes against non-believers and sharing the loot.

    In short, Muhammad built the apparatus of a military state in “Medina”
    and used it for imposing his closed creed on the tribal settlements of
    Pagan Arabia by means of armed-force.

    The doctrines of Islam were tailored to the needs of this galloping
    tyranny, and sold with the help of the sword.

    And the sword was stamped with the name of a fictitious one and only
    almighty “Allah” (i.e., Jehovah) in whose service the ancient religion
    and culture of Arabia were destroyed root and branch.’


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  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    Christianism and Islam are both intolerant religions.

    Christianism and Islam both started with iconoclastic zeal to destroy and subjugate non-believers.

    Christianism calls non-believers “Heretics” and Islam calls non-believers “Kuffar”.

    Christianism and Islam each claims to be the “Only True Religion On Earth”.

    Christianism and Islam both support looting non-believers’ wealth for the propagation of Christianism and Islam.

    Christianism and Islam both committed mass genocides on a massive scale in order to exterminate non-believers.

    Christianism and Islam both burned non-believers’ archives and libraries and, then, claimed that non-believers did not know science, arts and technology.

    Christianism and Islam are both scourge to humanity and basic human decency.

    Christianism and Islam are 2 sides of the same coin!

  3. Islam is only tolerant to itself.

  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    Those Muslim migrants who were allowed to enter Britain a along with the other countries of Western Europe with result in them not only being ungrateful but even worse yet many of those Muslim migrants becoming so very arrogant to the point that they became criminals . As in some of them engaged in rioting and even rapes of the European girls and women. In addition to this vile brutal behavior by the heinous Muslim who were kindly permitted to enter the nations of Europe to live, As the countries of ,for example France, Germany Sweden, Denmark etc. This unthankful Islamic spirit on the part of those lawless violent Muslims who immigrated to the countries of Europe may be explain, in part, by the fact that the Muslim fundamentalist group that even had the president of Egypt assassinated in the month of October of the year 1981 has a fifty –five booklet that is was written only for Muslims fundamentalists but was later discover by non-Muslims. This booklet’s title is THE NEGLECTED DUTY. One scholar, Johannes Jansen who had thoroughly investigated Islam and Islamic terrorism has even discover that those Muslims, who had entered Europe of behaved in violent and heinous ways, are actually action out what they view and a sacred individual duty of the jihad as by engaging in awful violent criminal action in non-Muslim lands . As Jansen revealed that jihad booklet of Islam, THE NEGLECTED DUTY “contains all the ideological material needed to justify the attacks of 9/11 or any other acts of terror committed to frighten non-Muslims. And he thinks the document explains the criminal behavior of suburban and center –city immigrant youngsters in many European cities; its author clearly ‘sees Islam as license to kill rob and commit arson.’ “ [1] Nevertheless, many of the apologists for Islam still have that blatant gall , in spite of all the facts of reality, to actually make the claim the Islam is a “peaceful religion.” What a totally false to make that Islam is “a peaceful religion “What Bull! A “peaceful religion” indeed.

    [1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq pages 308, 309.

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    Many jihadist have the Islamic agenda and quest to conquer the nations of the West for Islam. Either “by hook or by crook” as in by engaging in the stealth jihad or in the violent and deadly “jihad of the sword” As seen in this recent jihad attack in Germany which harmed twelve people. Likewise part of all this in is by the Muslim infiltration of the Western countries which is being accomplished by the great number of Muslim migrants who are entering the Western nations.

    As a Former Muslim had revealed in his book when he wrote that “there has been large –scale immigration into the West, from Islamic nations…of Muslims who are implacably hostile to the West, have no desire to learn why the West became so rich and tolerant , and certainly have no desire to assimilate. They feel no gratitude of allegiance to their Western host nations; their only obligations are to fellow Muslims.”
    The author further clarifies by adding. “The mere presence of so many Muslims in the West had affected the domestic and international behavior of governments, whose foreign policy is dominated by fear of offending their Muslim population ready to riot on the slightest pretext. Those unassimilated Muslims are committed to introducing Islamic laws in the West. , and they are able to do so cleverly exploiting the freedoms created over the centuries by the infidels.” [1]

    As for that above statement that the “Muslim population [is] ready to riot on the slightest pretext…” This is valid evidence that the old saying is true .Which is that “Evil is always looking for an excuse.”
    On this very important subject another scholar in his book informs the reader that “Islamic involvement in the political process is much more advanced in Europe than in the United States.” and he further makes it known that “Of all the continents of the world, Europe is probably the number one target by Muslim strategists who are seeking world dominance.” [2]

    [1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq, page 354
    [2] HOW ISLAM PLANS TO CHANCE THE WORLD by William Wagner , pages 176, 195.

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    Regarding many of those Muslim migrants who have entered the different nations of Europe and commit crimes of the most vile ,brutal and heinous sort countries, as seen in that hideous Muslim rape incident in Sweden and thus only contempt .dishonor and reproach towards the people of those Western nations who were kind yet foolish enough to allow them, those Muslim migrants to enter, invade, their home countries of Europe in the first place. This type of situation is reflected in the Bible .Which reads “When the wicked comes, contempt comes also; with dishonor comes reproach.” Proverbs 18:3. [N.K.J.V.]

    Furthermore, those jihadist Muslims with their Islamic way of thinking by their well thought Islamic schemes for the action of involvement in their violent and sheath jihad for the advancement of Islam in the many different Western nations. Those sly scheming jihadists are, somewhat, of a reminder of the information reveled in the Bible in Proverbs 15:26. In which the reader is informed that even “The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord…”