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  1. Lizzie says:

    Europe has allowed unlimited immigration of muslims. This will be seen by history as a huge mistake as these backward,third world mentalities who have a wish to kill and harm attempt to take over. Already Sweden is in chaos and there are riots in the Netherlands. Much hushed up by the media and we are constantly lied to by our leaders both in the UK and USA.
    Eventually we will have a choice. Bow down to the new rule, Islam or fight. It is likely there will be a civil war and the UK become like Beirut. This will be the thanks we have for welcoing in people and giving advantages to who’s objective is to destroy us.

  2. Raj says:

    India is the land that managed to stop Islam from spreading further east. Even though a large part of India was ruled by the muslims, Hindus did not convert en-masse. Many of them were forced to convert, and they did so under duress. The world can learn a lot from how India sufffered because of Islamic imperialism. The west and the rest of the world must come together to stop this evil Islamic conquest of the world from succeeding. Stop pandering to muslims and tell them in no uncertain terms that Jihad will not be tolerated anywhere in the world.

  3. Phoenix says:

    BTW, I appreciate your exposition on Islam and empathize with your rejection of the inhumane caste system.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Ok, so I just couldn’t resist.

    Panini:Instead, I am a secular humanist. I believe in “free minds and free markets” rather than supernatural beings and religious rituals.”

    These are positive declarations indeed but what is the underlying philosophy motivating these ideas. In Atheist terminology a “free mind” is one that does not entertain any non-material concepts. For a Secular Humanist, only a mind (more precisely, a brain) that rejects all things metaphysical can be free. But this is asserted without logical justification or evidence and such a belief deserves to be discarded into the superstitious category.

    “In American terms I am what one might call a secular conservative. I believe that reason, not mysticism, is what frees the human spirit.”

    Here the dualist’s terminologies are appropriated without any regard for blatant contradictions. Can the human spirit be reduced to mere biological states? If so, what is the material counterpart of a human spirit?

    “In this, my opinions are not far different from those of America’s Founding Fathers, for whom I have great respect”

    Are you referring to the handful of Deists or the overwhelmingly Christian Founding Fathers? For even the most celebrated deist, Ben Franklin believed in a God who occasionally intervened in human affairs.
    “When I was growing up in India, I had been sympathetic to Marxist egalitarianism in my late teens and early twenties.”

    Yes, Atheism is usually embraced in the juvenile years when the prefrontal cortex has not yet fully matured.
    The methodologies are different, with Marxism seeking to impose a classless society through struggle and proletarian dictatorship, while a secular conservative looks for one to develop out of the exercise of free minds and free markets. I consider myself such a secular conservative. I believe in class harmony, or rather in the abolition of social class through free minds and free markets//

    So the goal of Marxism and Secularism is the same, ie. classless societies. But their methodologies differ. The “free market” Panini refers to is a free economy where every demand is met without discrimination or it could refer to government ownership where everyone is entitled to the exact limitations set by the state. This is stealth socialism in action.

    Far from being a Hindu nationalist or religious fundamentalist of any kind, I identify as a secular humanist. My philosophy and epistemology is logical empiricism. My heroes are Bertrand Russell, Rudolf Carnap, Alfred Ayer, and physicist Stephen Hawking. I am no religious partisan—I regard metaphysics and theology as absurd//

    Logical empiricism as the only viable path for truth acquisition is a position held dogmatically and without empirical evidence for its support. Logical empiricism/positivism is held by all Atheists as the sole arbiter of knowledge, regardless of the subcategory they identify with, be it Physicalist, Humanist, Agnostic, etc.

  5. Ra says:

    France’s interior minister closes 3 mosques over incitement, radicalization, calling them “pseudo-religious organizations”.
    I like that. All Islam should be called a “pseudo-religious organization”.

  6. keithellerby says:

    @ Biju Andrews – I am reading it, am about one third of the way through and have found it very interesting and compelling. I bought it on Kindle, mainly read on my phone, it was only about a third of the price of the hardback edition. It is well worth buying.

  7. Biju Andrews says:

    Brilliant effort… Would love to read this book.