How the Christian Crusades Saved Civilization

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    Muslims DO NOT live in harmony with non-believers.

    Because, it is not in their genetics.

    Whenever and wherever Muslims attain majority, Muslims implement Islamic Shariat for all to follow.

    Judaism invented fictitious one and only “God” (but, not “Goddess”).

    Islam took Judaism into further and deliberate subjugation of all non-Muslims whenever and wherever Muslims went.

    Only thing that stops Muslims is brute force from the non-believers.

    When Pagan warlords Genghis Haan and his grandson Hulegu Haan massacred millions of Muslims during the 13th century A.D., Islam was halted for good.

  2. JohnF says:

    From the seventh century the Muslims created a beautiful multicultural society from India to the Pyrennees Mountains. No more were Islam’s multicultural ideals more fully realised than in al-Andalus where for centuries years Muslims, Christians and Jews off all sexes and sexual persuasions lived like brothers and sisters sitting under shady horseshoe-arched cloisters amidst fragrant orange-groves and crystal fountains playing the lute, reciting poetry, doing algebra and dicussing the latest discoveries in science. They also practiced gay sex out in the open. Seeing what the Muslims achieved the jealous backward christians of western Europe repaid Muslim tolerance and elightenment by launching the crusades which culminated in a bloody massacre of tens of thousands of Jews and innocent Muslims taking part in an international conference on the physics of black holes which Muslims invented centuries before the west. Then Saladin came along and liberated the middle east from the western proto-colonialist crusaders and taught them a lesson in chivalry and forgiveness they long remembered..etc etc

    That pretty much sums up the state of western historiography on the crusades.

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    ‘Eight centuries ago, during the Middle Ages, some European Christian children were seized by visions.

    Jesus Christ appeared to them, urging them to redeem their people by marching to the Holy Land and peacefully converting the Muslims to Christianity.

    Their preaching inspired tens of thousands of idealistic European youth, who undertook the arduous journey to the Levant.

    The great majority died on the way — whether of starvation or disease — and most of the remaining gave up and chose to return home.

    A few managed to reach the Mediterranean sea, perhaps hoping to walk across, as did Moses and Jesus, but in the event were sold into slavery, ending up miserably in Tunisia.

    Meanwhile back in Germany, angry parents whose Christian children had died following these boy-preachers arranged for one of their fathers to be arrested and hanged.

    Thus ended that most idealistic adventure known as the Christian Children’s Crusade.’


  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    Christianity and Islam are two sides of the same coin.

    Reality is, medieval Christians did not complete the Crusades, which required complete annihilation of Islam from Middle East; because, medieval Christians realized that, Saracens (i.e., Muslims) were doing the dirty work of Christianity by murdering, raping, looting, and arsoning all non-believer Pagans of Middle East.

    History had to wait until Pagan war-lords — Genghis Haan and his grand-son Hulegu Haan — emerged on the world stage in the 13th century A.D. in order to halt progression of Islam on earth.

    So, that’s enough for Christian Crusaders saving the “Western Civilization” from Saracens (i.e., Muslims) during medieval time!

    Christianity, in fact, almost destroyed Western Civilization by bringing in Middle Eastern Jewish barbarism in European continent.


    The Contrary Minister (2002)

    “For the understanding of religions… a complete understanding of myth is mandatory.” — Mircia Eliade

    […] When Professor Alfred North Whitehead was the Chairman of Philosophy Dept.
    at Harvard University, he made this observation:

    “Christian theology has been the greatest disaster in the history of the human race.”

    Was Professor Alfred North Whitehead correct?


    391 A.D.: Christians burn down one of the greatest libraries in the world in Alexandria. Over 700,000 scrolls were destroyed.

    500 to 1000 A.D.: The church takes over and brings with it the cancer of the Dark Ages, destroying almost everything that defined civilization. The Christian church all but wiped out education, technology, science, medicine, history, art and commerce. During this period the church amassed enormous wealth.

    1099 A.D.: Christian Crusaders take Jerusalem and massacre Jews and Muslims. In the streets were piles of heads, hands and feet. Millions were killed as a result of the Crusades.

    1208 A.D.: Pope Innocent orders a crusade against the French Cathars. Over 100,000 were killed by Atnaud’s men at Beziers.

    1231 A.D.: Pope Grebgory IX establishes the Christian Inquisition. Inquisitors were given license to explore every means of horror and cruelty. Victims were rubbed with lard or grease and slowly roasted alive. Ovens built to kill people, made famous by Nazi Germans, were first used in the Christian Inquisition of Eastern Europe.

    Adolf Hitler, by the way, said he admired Christian Martin Luther more than any other German, because Christian Martin Luther despised the Jews.

    Gruesome tortures used on hundreds of thousands of non-Christians in the Christian Inquisition were so repugnant and horrible that I cannot even describe them to you.

    The Christian Inquisition spread as far as Indian subcontinent.

    1377 A.D.: The Pope’s army descended on the Italian town of Cessna. For three days and nights beginning on February 3, the slaughter continued. The squares were filled with blood.

    Women were violently raped, a ransom was placed on children, and priceless works of art were destroyed.

    Over 5,000 people were butchered.

    1497 A.D.: The Christian Church began an enormous burning in Florence. The works of Latin and Italian poets, illuminated manuscripts, women’s ornaments, musical instruments and paintings were all burned.

    1500 A.D.: The Witch-Hunts are going full speed ahead. Members of the Christian clergy proudly report how many were killed. The Lutheran prelate Benedict Carpazov bragged that he had killed over 20,000 devil worshippers.

    Historians estimate more than 9 million people were executed after 1484 A.D., mostly women.

    1572 A.D.: On St. Bartholomew’s day more than 10,000 Protestants are slaughtered in France. Wrote Pope Gregory XIII: “We rejoice that you have relieved the world of those wretched heretics.”


    George W. Bush, when he was President: “I don’t consider atheists to be citizens of America.”

    Randall Terry, of Operation Rescue, the anti-abortion fanatics: “It’s us against them. It is the God-fearing people against the Pagans of the United States.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “Christian theology has been, and is, a disease of the intellect.”

    In 1995 A.D., Pope John Paul II sent a letter to his cardinals. He wrote: “How can one remain silent about the many forms of violence perpetrated in the name of the Christian church, wars of religion, tribunals of the Inquisition and all other forms of violations of the rights of human beings?”

    Pope John Paul II does not have enough days left in his life to say, “For my part, I am sorry” to all of the millions and millions of human beings slaughtered by the Christian Church, to all new discoveries of truth slaughtered by the church, or to a legacy that has promoted sexism, racism, the desecration of the natural environment and the intolerance of other world spiritual traditions from Buddhism to the American Indian.

    The United Church of Canada put their apology to the Indians in these loving and tender words: “Long before our people journeyed to this land, your people were here, and your understanding of the Mystery that surrounds us all was deep, and rich, and to be treasured. We did not listen to you. We were closed to the value of your spirituality. We tried to make you like us. We destroyed your vision. As a result the image of the Creator in us is twisted and blurred and we are not what we were meant to be. We ask you to forgive us.”

    One of my Anthropology professors at the University of Colorado would spend an entire week documenting the horrendous damage done to people around the world by Christian missionaries.

    There is no word for religion in any American Indian language. They had no need for artificial, man-made, religion.

    Their every moment of every day was lived as an expression of the spiritual and sacred dimensions of existence.

    It was a living mythology always pointing toward the Mystery, rather than an artificially retained mythology that exists only to support the institution, the Christian church.

    Prof. Joseph Campbell often made this point in his lectures.

    Jean Baptiste De Bienville, upon meeting the Nez Perce for the first time, wrote these words in his diary:

    “Their honesty is immaculate and their purity of purpose most remarkable. They are more like a nation of saints… than ‘savages.’”’