Facts About Islam

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    The above lists om the evil and hideous things of and about Islam under the title /question “What are the worst crimes against humanity ?” Number five is “slavery.” Thus its very fitting to site the following two short essays.

    First, as for those brutal, cruel and vile ISIS jihadist /Muslims kidnapping girls and women and using them as sex slaves. This actually started with the founder and prophet of Islam, Muhammad, who all Muslims look to as an example of how to behave. It’s revealed in the book JESUS AND THE JIHADIS: CONFRONTING THE RAGE OF ISIS by the Christian authors Graig A. Evans and Jeremiah J. Johnson For on page 124 it informs the reader “Muhammad endorsed enslavement of all types…he endorsed sex-slavers as a gift form Allah , and enjoyed offering sex-slaves as gifts…”

    Second, for some more information about the subject of Islam and slavery it’s been explained form two well researched books on the topic of Islam that “Slavery is recognized as an institution, and the slave is considered both a thing and a person.” [1] Likewise, it’s also been revealed that “Islam has enslaved more people than any other culture.” [2]

    [1]THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq , page 85
    [2] JESUS AND THE JIHADIS by Craig A Evens and Jeremiah J. Johnson, page 125

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    The above article in which list of horrible and heinous things about Islam was given by the question of “What are the worst crimes against humanity ?” Number seven is “Female genital mutilation.” Therefore the following essay in appropriate

    On the subject of the cruel, brutal and vicious Islamic tradition of female butchery which some Muslims so inappropriately call “female circumcision.” This heinous Islamic custom of misogyny has been exposed in the book by Brigitte Gabriel which is entitled THEY MUST BE STOPPED. For on page 178 it reveals to the reader that “One of the most devastating practices to young girls of the Islamic world is female genital mutilation. Young girls have their clitoris removed without anesthesia…”
    Indeed, they must be stopped !