CNN Promotes Sharia Blasphemy Laws (Alisyn Camerota vs. Pamela Geller)

3 Responses

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    So why don’t CNN go to Syria and Iraq and explain how muslims should behave.? Whenever Pam talks about Islam, she brings in muslims. The good muslims of Isis are not just killing but they are providing the exact verse from Quran and their reason before killing an innocent person. Why don’t CNN conduct a campaign in Isis tents to teach them that the Islam is a religion of peace?

  2. Ra says:

    Pamela is a beautiful woman but even more beautiful is Aliaa elMehdi, the ex-Muslim who did kaka on the ISIS flag.

  3. jewdog says:

    Alisyn Camerota is a pretty good example of modern thinking: anyone who criticizes another culture is a racist and racism is the real First Amendment, not freedom of speech.
    Cultural moral equivalence is the intellectual companion of multiculturalism. What started out as a rational response to Nazism after WWII, the principle that a person’s physicality has nothing to do with their moral worth, developed into the idea of multiculturalism, in which all cultures should be accepted as morally equivalent as race is. This later evolution in thought is a mistake, because culture or religion, unlike race, is a man-made entity and therefore will be imperfect. It should be acceptable to criticize Islamic culture, for example, or any culture, as it is acceptable to make moral judgements about a person’s conduct.
    Multiculturalists will argue that one cannot generalize about whole cultures, but groups of people are made up of fallible individuals and can make collective mistakes. The frightening thing is not so much that multiculturalists can be wrong, but that they see their position as so virtuous, that those who differ with them are evil and have no right to speak their piece. In a sense, they are similar to religious fanatics. It’s no wonder that some of them have a soft spot for the jihadis.