Carnage in Paris

Jake Neuman

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6 Responses

  1. Lyu says:

    The quran was written over many years and what has come out is worthless. It cannot come even from an intelligent human being,what to say about God – if there is any God. And if this book is the proof of that God,then that GOd is really uninteligent. Quran says absurd and nonsense which muslims are following – because it “holy”.

  2. Lyu says:

    So when he heard this unconscious, he rushed home shivering,feverish,really afraid. He went to bed and told his wife ” I cannot say to anybody else that god has spoken to me, I don’t believe it! I must have gone mad – perhaps too much heat in the desert,the mountains,and continuously moving in that heat has driven me crazy or smth. I have heard…and I would like to tell you so that I am unburdened”. That woman khadeja convinced him. The leaders need followers for them to be convinced that they are leaders. That woman convinced him that it was really god. The woman must have loved mohamed, because she was forty y.o and he was only twenty-six. And he was poor, uncultured,uneducated,yet that very rich woman had married him: she must have been in love with the man. So she convinced him: ” Don’t u be worried. More voices will be coming,this must be beginning,that’s why god said read. If you cannot, don’t worry,u just say what is told you, we will write it” This is how quran was written. And it was not written in one day or one month it year,because mohamed was not so articulate a man. It took him whole life. Once in a while something would one out and he would say ” write it”.

  3. Lyu says:

    The quran,mohamed’s “holy” book is so childish,so primitive- because mohamed was illiterate. He could not write himself. He must have spoken and somebody else must have written it. He himself was shocked when he heard voice. He was in the mountains taking care of his sheep’s and goats. He heard “read” ( “write” ?) ! He looked around, there were nobody. Again he heard. He said “I am uneducated”. He must have been very much shaken,must have become afraid and this is just symptom of an unbalanced mind,who mistakes his unconscious voices for voices coming from outside. It is his own unconscious. But to the conscious,the unconscious is far away. It is inside. But if the mind is unbalance. …and there is ample proof that mohamed’s mind was unbalanced,because his whole life was the life of fanatic – killing people and by killing, converting them: ” Either you become a follower or be ready to die”. He was not able to argue;he had no capacity to read/ write or to THINK.

  4. Lyu says:

    Btw,why it is “iqra” in quran? Where to read from? Did that so-called god dropped some piece of paper from the cloud? Or that “god” was kidding. If I was him,I would invent “iktab” – more logically.

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    The sad reality this that Islam may and does have to power to warp the mindset of the people who believe in it to the extreme that some jihad-minded Muslims could have actually been glad at the murderous jihad carnage that those Muslim terrorists inflicted on those people in the city of Paris, France. To have such a cruel and vicious mentality to be actually glad at the calamity of others is awful. To this type of mindset the Bible teaches “He that is glad at calamity will not go unpunished.” Proverbs 17:5. [N.J.K.V.]

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    One reason so many jihadist Muslims may hate the nation of France and also ,very much, hate the French people people to because the French believe in the idea of the human rights. For example, the French believe that person has the right to chose what to believe in and what not to believe in. That is a basic human right. The French also believe in other human rights and other good values. These human rights and values may,very much, clash with the idea’s and doctrines of Islam. So it’s no wonder that many jihad minded Muslims hate the people of France. Those airstrikes against ISIS are just an excuse to inflect Islam murder and carnage on the people of France in the night of November 13, 2015. For evil is always looking for an excuse. Furthermore, Islam had the awful power to warped and sicken the way people think. For example, there might be some jihad-minded Muslims who were watching all this terrible murderous carnage on television are actually thought of those mass Murderer of the Islamic jihad siege as something that is “good.” Likewise, those same type of Muslims might view the basic human rights as mentioned above as something that is “evil.” That is who extreme Islam can warped and make sick the worldview of some people. To such a warped ,sick and even wicked way of thinking the Bible teaches “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” Isaiah 5:20. [N.K.J.V.]