At War with Islam: How Paris Terror Attacks Ignited a Global Awakening

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  1. Phoenix says:


    To state that mass murdering terrorists are “faulty by design” ,imperfect or have fallen short, are gross understatements .You have trivialized their criminal actions and the plight of their victims.

    Chritianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, are all religions and none of them are to blame for what people do.. educate yourself.. instead of causing hatered, our planet has enough of it“.

    This is a fallacy of false association in conjunction with an appeal to pity in order to redirect our criticisms away from the actual culprit:Islam.None of those religions are similar to Islam.The crimes muslims perpetrate to advance Islam is unique to that particular ideology only.We as non-muslim majority nations do not have the problems muslim nations face.Jihad,suicide bombings,terrorizing minorities,blasphemy laws,kidnapping school children,destroying secular or rival religious institutions are all endemic to Islam only.
    Bare in mind,the perpetrators are not uneducated street thugs but devout muslims and are usually respected in their communities.

  2. Nn says:

    Michael, Your article is well researched and telling the truth. Unfortunately the world leaders and eminent muslims continue to lie that Islam is a not about hatred. Islam is a complete war machine. The minorities in Pakistan, Egypt and other “islamic” nations are considered by the world to be lesser humans!!!! When these minorities suffer gross injustice of abduction, rape, land grab,no justice or judicial help, false accusation of insult to “prophet” the world just does not take notice, leave alone making noise. When Jews are hated and murdered for ages no one sees the evil design by the people of the “prophet of peace”. The people of devil have influenced Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and countless psychos and in modern days the evil terrorist organisations have given the incentive of “heightened fame ” in their hall of fame including the world theater with more than 5 billion people who are computer literate and well informed. These suicide killers are just stupid to believe that they will be received by god when entering eternity because they have been conned (just as Eve was conned) It is impossible for any to have this physical body away from this earth or into eternity. Jesus said we will all be like angels (Mattew 22:30) in eternity as there will be no marriages.But Islam teaches about 72 virgin being given to the muslims in eternity. It describe the physical pleasures in sordid detail. The muslims will say that this too is a lie. Search the net and you will find the truth.!!!!

    Michael, well done… and keep it up!!!1

  3. Jon MC says:

    Darcy: on one hand you are correct: people are flawed – religions call the results of this sin. You are also correct to write ” religion is not at fault for peoples shorfalls”. Indeed, religions are supposed to provide guidance to correct such shortfalls.
    On the other hand you are wrong: you write “Chritianity [sic], Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, are all religions and none of them are to blame for what people do…” That is not necessarily true.
    To establish whether the religion is “at fault” for this or that behaviour you do indeed need to “educate yourself” as to the teachings of those various faiths and then you need to compare those teachings with the actions to which you refer.
    If the actions are contrary to those teachings it is fair enough to declare the religion innocent, but if the actions are in agreement with the teachings then the religion is guilty of supporting those actions.

    Islam (alone of all religions) legitimates the very worst of human behaviour (“flaws”) if these actions are directed at the “other” – i.e. non-Muslims.
    The Koran directs and incites hatred of non-Muslims, the hadith have Mohammed and his companions killing and raping captives, Mohammed orders the murder of (at least some of) those who criticise him etc.
    Don’t forget that Boko Haram, IS, al-Shabab etc. all quote the Koran, hadith and sharia law is support of their actions.

    Thus the actions of these groups and the actions of the terrorists in France are in accord with the teachings of Islam and it is therefore the action of the ignorant, the liar or the deceiver to state that Islam is not “to blame for what people do”. On the contrary, the blame lies within Islam for legitimating such actions.

  4. Darcy says:

    You fail to understand human beings.. we are by design not perfect, so before you start blaming peoples faith .. please consider us as faulty by design.. we therefore spend most of our lives to perfect ourselves.. religion is not at fault for peoples shorfalls.. Chritianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, are all religions and none of them are to blame for what people do.. educate yourself.. instead of causing hatered, our planet has enough of it..

  5. Jon MC says:

    Islam also attracts the wealthy: Osama bin Laden, the “underwear bomber” the two Doctors who tried to bomb Edinburgh airport.
    So whilst “Islam has the morbid potential to attract and draw loners, losers and rejects of the worst kind (i.e. paranoid sociopaths, petty criminals, sex offenders, etc.)” it also attracts those from middle-class and upper-class backgrounds.
    the idea that “Islamic extremism” aka orthodox Islam is only attractive to the “socially disadvantaged” and thus is not a reflection of “real Islam” which is a “religion of peace” is a trope used by those who wish to pretend that “[real] Islam is the solution” (as the Muslim Brotherhood say ad nauseum) rather than telling the truth that Islam is at least part of the problem.
    The author errs greatly in limiting the appeal of orthodox Islam to “loners, losers and rejects”.

    Orthodox Islam appeals to Muslims from all social and ethnic groups. Yes, it legitimates the worst kinds of behaviour and as such has a strong “pull” factor to those convicted of such offences; but all to often Western based terrorists of the “home grown” type are not poor, not loners and not social rejects.
    Amongst examples is the classic of Briton Anjem “Andy” Choudhry. “Andy” Choudhry was a sex-and-alcohol loving party animal until he studied Islam and morphed into Hate-preacher Anjem Choudhry.
    In the case of U.K. home-grown terrorists (the only ones I am qualified to speak about), most were well adjusted, westernised and (at least superficially) assimilated, but once they started to read the Koran and study the rest of the Islamic canon and understood what Islam truly says (and no doubt listened to Islamic preachers on the net) they became orthodoxised – i.e. real true believers and expressed their Islam in, as both Koran and hadith state, the highest deed possible by jihadi terror.

  6. ‘The first step is to push aside the politically correct, apologetic and misleading interpretation of Islam which corrupt politicians and the liberal mainstream media advocate. Instead, we must recognize, assert and reaffirm the explicit truth about this religion’

    How, exactly? Name me one media outlet that isn’t liberal and politically correct? When did you see a documentary on TV that was remotely critical or analytical of Islam rather than sycophantic and hagiographical? On the BBC they did a documentary series about Christianity….hosted by a Muslim, Rageh Omar, who used to work for the BBC, did a little work for Al Jazeera. I’m sure a lot of Christians were angry and confused as to why they did that. Especially since the Qur’an is less than flattering about Christ and his message. Obviously the BBC revels in poking fun at Christianity; it’s an easy target. To further the point they showed a live performance of that infamous ‘Jerry Springer the Opera’. They have the nerve to pump out ‘Muslims are peaceful’ propaganda, while at the same time run in fear from these supposedly ‘peaceful’ people. Their own cowardice betrays the reality: Muslims are not peaceful. If they were, the BBC wouldn’t care about saying anything negative about Islam. Indeed, Muslims and Islam wouldn’t even be in the next news bulletin, like they so often are today.

    Islamic scripture isn’t a secret; academia have been studying it for years, like any other text. I myself have a PDF Qur’an, with 4 translations for each verse. We have to stop assuming that to know Islam you have to be a Muslim; apparently any idiot can say what they like about the Bible, and yet to express an opinion on Islam you have be a card-carrying Muslim. Bullshit. The more we have atrocities like this, the more the civillised human being will awaken to this threat, and they won’t be relying on the traitorous, cowardly media they’re stuck with.