Leaving Islam


Pictures of Muhammad: 


Children in Islam 

Mass Hysteria in Islam

Islam means peace (through genocide)  

Muslims rejoice in the suffering of others

 Only when Muslims Forget about Islam, they regain their humanity

Pedophilia in Islam 

Minorities in Islamic countries 

Islam and Nazism: 

Hijab and women in Islam 

The ambition of Islam is world domination through Jihad.

Justice in Islam

Justice in Islamic II

Lynching in Islam

Beslan Pictures

Beslan Pictures

Beslan Pictures

Beslan Pictures

Beslan Pictures 

Cartoons of Muhammad the self proclaimed prophet of Islam

Muslim protests 

Physical Punishment in Islam 

Muslim protests 

Muslim protests 

Muslim Hypocrisy  

Muslim Hypocrisy II 

Muslim Hypocrisy III 

Muslim Hypocrisy IV

Hanging and public executions in Islam

Crucifixion, hand cutting and maiming in Islam 

Stoning  in Islam  

Lynching  in Islam 

Glorifying terrorism in Islam 

Quran Teaches Peace





I Will Cast Terror in the Hearts of Disbelievers