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Please read the letters Aisha and I exchanged first

Dear Sir,

I have decided to change from 'jihad to hate' to 'jihad to love' as my New Year Resolution (thanks to your eye-opening letter you wrote me earlier). The followings are
10 reasons why I want to give up my faith:

10) throw down the hijab......as if the only thing that stands out between men and women is SEX as hijab I wear, as I am told, is to prevent men from being  excited. Isn't the most powerful sex organ between the ears instead of between the legs?

9)  give up my five times a day prayer....... For what? Why would the Almighty Allah be so unsecured that He wants me to turn toward him like Marlin Brando was in the movie 'Apocalypse Now' as he was worshipped by his hundreds of savages? I believe it's far greater to help with my hands of those in need than to pray with  my lips.

8)  give up fasting during the Ramadan........ why go hungry from sun rise to sun  down? Hungry? who I am kidding!! In fact, I tend to eat more during that month as my weight scale speaks the truth. In reality, hunger is 'euphemism' used by  moslems for 'pain & suffering' as they claim to feel for other poor (moslem) souls. For a change, I plan to donate food to an orphanage run by the Buddhist temple in my town during the month of Ramadan.

7)  spend the money I have saved for 'Hajj' .......... just imagine how pathetic we look circling around that black rock kissing a meteorite infected with millions of germs from diabetics to aids patients(besides it reminds me of the toward-the-end scene from 'Midnight Express' in which a dozen of lunatics in prison moving around a tall rocky structure), and to top it all, we enrich hatemongering Saudis with billions of dollars gained from the World's largest tourism, Hajj and Umrah every year and  yet we are treated like a secondclass citizen by self-proclaimed custodians of the Holy Land.

6)  abandon the ritual sacrifice of cattle/sheeps......... why continue this barbaric act of gluttony during which time we slaughter millions of those helpless animals
    more for vanity and ego than out of necessity.

5)  stop being submissive to men around me........ I shall begin talking to men by looking directly into their eyes and demand to be treated like an equal. I am tired of taking the back seat 'cos. I refuse to believe that men are superior to me. I look around in my community and see not one single woman I can be proud of. In my opinion, we have been kept unproductive in society for too long while men control our lives under the pretext of dignity & honor. They can take that 'dignity' and shove it because dignity goes out the window when you have nothing to feed our hungry child and consequently hunger turns you into selling your body like many women are seen prostituting on Tehran street today.

4)  I shall get me a dog today........... while the World adores this creature as a most loyal pet, the moslems shun, as instructed by the Prophet Mohamed, away from it citing that they are less sanitary. Hello!! my best kafir friend has one and she is 10 times healthier and smells better than all of my cousins and relatives. Besides dogs are the only animals known to protect their masters with their lives.

3)  starting today, I shall take full control of my own life including finding a suitable mate. How ludicrous it is to let others arrange my future with a male whom they have never spend a night or live with. I look around me and see many of my female cousins were shoved into marriages at young age with no choice and they all look like they are just 'existing' rather than 'living', except my cousin, Sophia, who married her college sweetheart.

2)  I shall stop donating money to the mosque which is run by an Imam whose one-dimensional-seventh-century-minded teachings have influenced my brothers and uncles to be hateful and divisive toward anyone who doesn't worship the same God. He even preaches that a good woman is one who obeys her husband. What a male chauvinistic pig! Besides, who gives them (Imams) the direct phone line to Allah as they meddle in our lives from bedroom to bathroom to our kitchen. 

1)  and finally I decided to love all mankind and to do it effectively I know I have to abandon my faith............   

Best regards,

Aisha S.


 Jan, 02, 2003

Dear Sir,

Many centuries ago, rabbis, priests and ministers were embarassed by what was written in the Old Testament( or the Hebrew Bible) such as adultery, torture, incest, bastardy, any many human conducts that would be deemed unethical and unacceptable to say the least in today's World. Subsequestly, those languages were cleverly omitted and replaced with the 'good stuff' in both Torah and Bible(NT). So here is my question to you: What if the Ulema of the World get together and collectivey decides to throw out the 'bad stuff' in the Koran and replace them with good ones? If so, would you consider rejoining your faith which you, your mother/father and many of your friends were born into? Or what can Islam do to persuade you and other ex-members to come back to the Club of Faith? Please answer because I am, just like you, against hate; but confused and ambivalent about my faith which unquestionably appears to swing into the gate of hate as I read the Koran.


'born to hate' moslem  



Dear “born to hate” Muslim.


Thank you for the email. No one is born to hate. We are all born to love. We choose the different paths in our lives on our own volition. We believe in hateful doctrines and hate others because of them. But the choice to leave those spurious, hatemongering beliefs is always with us. We can love the humanity if we choose to. It is our beliefs that make us hate each other not our birth, race or nationality. 

You wrote that the Christians and the Jews jettisoned the bad teachings of their holy books and now their books are sanitized. Actually they haven’t. Their holy books still contain a lot of nonsense. However what they did is they decided that those so-called holy books are not the textual words of God but rather written by men who were inspired by God. This makes a world of difference, because it allows them not to take what is obviously outrageous too seriously. There is always an element of human error. That is why they have become tolerant. But unfortunately this possibility does not exist with the Quran. Quran claims to be the verbatim word of Islam’s deity, Allah and therefore no alteration is possible. 

Also the NT does not have much violence. It is actually a book that teaches non-violence. The OT contains many stories of violence perpetrated by Moses and Joshua. But those are stories. Apart from the fact that these personages are more mythological than real and what is attributed to them could well be exaggerations, those mandates to kill the non-Jews were given only to those “historic” figures and are not for all times. The Jews are not required to wage war against the non-Jews and convert the world into a Jewish world. Quran on the other hand, contains many verses that instruct its followers to be harsh and ruthless with the non-believers. While there is a Chapter in the Quran called “Spoils of War”, the New Testament asks those who preach the Christianity to dust off the dirt from their shoes when they leave a town where they went to preach.   

You asked what it takes for me to come back. My question is why come back? What is in Islam that we should keep it at all costs? If Muhammad was an impostor and a criminal why keep alive his legacy and pay respect to him? Furthermore, to change the Quran and make it a non-offending book you have to change all of it. Then it would be a completely different book! So why call it Quran? Then again why you and I should follow a book written by humans whose understanding could be as flawed as ours? 

The point is that Muhammad was no messenger. He was a narcissist liar who used religion as a tool to fool people and dominate them in his reveries of grandiosity and conquest. His life shows that he was a pervert man. He was not a spiritual man but an evil man with lots of lies. He could convince the ignorant Arabs of the 7th century to wage war for him, attack merchant caravans, kill the innocent people and take their belonging and family as booty. Those idiots thought that the fact that he is wining is because he is from God. It did not occur to them that he is winning because he is ruthless and has no conscience. 

Instead of trying to make Islam survive at any cost, I ask you to abandon this cult as soon as you can. Muhammad lied and Allah is no God. If there is a God who made this Universe, it is not Allah.  The sooner we accept this inevitable fact, the sooner we will recover from our misery, barbarity and backwardness.

Best wishes


Ali Sina 




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