Muslims say the Darndest things 


Laughing Insist that violent passages in the Quran only apply to long-ago historical incidents (like the battle of Badr), but then also insist that the Quran is a book of guidance "for all times and all people." 


Laughing Insist that Muhammad 's actions can't be judged by today's more humane human rights standards, while at the same time, insist that he is the perfect "Model for all Mankind" today. 


Laughing Insist that Islam is a "religion of peace", while at the same time, brag about the great military victories of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Umar, Khalid bin Al-Waheed and Saladin. 


Laughing Insist that Islam is "not a missionary religion", while at the same time publish endless articles about "how to do dawah" on hundreds of dawah websites. (dawah means invitation to Islam)   


Laughing Insist that "truth stands from error" and that Islam can stand on its own merits as the "one true religion", while laboring endlessly to squash all criticism and discussion of Islam. 


Laughing Insist that the laws in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan are unIslamic while trying to get them implemented in the west, India and other kafir societies. 

Laughing Insist that women achieve TRUE liberation through Islam! Never mind those pesky ideas about real equality with men in all areas of life, men and women are so different, and shari'ah "realistically" acknowledges these differences, unlike those evil man-made law systems that suggest otherwise! 


Laughing Insist how "liberating" it is for women to wear a piece of cloth on their heads. 


Laughing Insist that Jihad has nothing to do with violence. It’s simply struggling with pen, tongue etc. at the same time looking for atomic bomb to use in Kafir countries.  


Laughing Insist that most of the scientific inventions were foretold in Quran but  no one ever  invented anything out of Quran. 


Laughing Insist that Muslims should enjoy all human rights and make infinite number of mosques in western countries but ban Kafirs from Mecca and Medina. Preaching of any other religion is not allowed in any Islamic country . 

Laughing Insist that women in Islam are privileged in an unparalleled manner and their equality with men have never been achieved in history like it was done in Islam, yet use every trick in the book to show that they lack the wisdom and fair judgment of men and consequently, men must reserve the right to BEAT them if they go astray, of course as a "last resort". 

Laughing Insist that Islam is against slavery and then demonstrate how humanely Muhammad treated HIS SLAVES as proof of it. 


Laughing Insist that Islam "Is a complete way of life", not just a religion. But when others criticize things like the burka and honor killings, say that it's the fault of "culture", not Islam. 


Laughing Insist that the Quran is the word of god, is protected against corruption, and is unchanged since Muhammad's death, despite the existence of multiple versions and histories attesting to changes that were made


Laughing Insist in demanding for more rights and perks from kafirs in kafir countries via freedom of religion, while condoning the killing of the kafirs in Islamic countries and preventing them from following their religion. 


Laughing Insist that Islam liberated women when no Islamic society treats  them nicely. 


Laughing Insist that Islam will one day dominate the world when Muslim countries are sinking deeper in poverty and soon will face massive starvation. 


Laughing Insist that Muhammad was a perfect role model and a Mercy of God among men and hide the fact that he lied, raped, tortured, killed, robbed and was a pedophile


Laughing Insist that Qur'an cannot be translated into any other tongue except Arabic, the language of God, when those who say this themselves do not know how to speak Arabic" 


Laughing Insist that Islam is a "way of life." but never mind that this "way of life" is the way of life of a bunch of savage desert dwellers of the 7th century. 


Laughing Insist to subject oneself in full surrender to Allah. Pray five times a day, fast for one month (sleep during day and feasts at night), read the Qur'an every day, expend years learning the "arts" of defecating, copulating and cleanliness and other useless rituals and dream of conquering the infidels and taking their money to compensate the consequences of one's laziness and unproductiveness. 


Laughing Insist that terrorist attacks in the name of Islam are not perpetrated by Muslims, but the countries who are the victims of the terrorist attacks deserve it because of their foreign policy towards Islamic countries. 


Laughing Insist on the evils of the Western culture and the virtues of Islam but at the same time do everything possible to immigrate to the West in order to escape oppression of the Islamic countries. 


Laughing Insist that Muslims are persecuted in Israel, India, Philippines, Thailand, etc but continue expanding Islamic terrorism around the world 


Laughing Insist that Islam is a logical religion and everyone with pure motives will become a Muslim while forgetting that their own ancestors were forced to accept Islam and many were killed for resisting 


Laughing Insist that only Islam (Quran and Sahih Hadiths) is the Absolute Truth and that every other religious book is corrupted and unreliable, but at the same time try to 'prove' Islam by referring to the same "corrupted" sources that they decry. 


Laughing Insist that some of the Sahih ('reliable') Hadiths are actually not reliable at all but at the same time not recognizing the problems this poses for the claim that Sharia is the only valid legal system, as the Sharia laws are based for a big part on those Sahih Hadith collections. 


Laughing Insist that Islam has no superstitions while there are prescribed prayers and rituals to combat black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, evil eyes, stone throwing jinns etc 


Laughing Insist that kissing a black stone, walking several times around the kaba, throwing stones at a pillar and using prayer-beads has nothing to do with superstition. 


Laughing Insist that homosexuality is illegal in Islam and execute the homosexuals but Insist pedophilia i.e. sex with boys is not homosexuality, practice it and hope to have "pearly boys" in Allah's paradise.  


The above is the contribution of the members participating in the forum, Visit often because this list is growing.  








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