Monthly Archive: July 2013

No International Reaction to Massacre of 88 in Iran

We, all freedom-loving people, expect from this tribunal to release an official list of victims and perpetrators. Such a tribunal should not have much trouble forming the lists if political and economic interests of key powers would not dam it. The damage caused in the infamous genocide to the humanity must be handled in a fair and transparent court. To neglect such genocides cannot juggle the superpowers to secure credibility for their own people and peace for the world.

The Qur’an was written by Aliens – II

7/28/2013 This is a continuation of Part I of this series … Earth’s rotation is explained by Qur’an 27:88 and 7:54 According to the site the Earth’s rotation is...


7/21/2013 “Follow the evidence, wherever it leads.”                                                       Socrates Product Details Paperback: 308 pages Author: Sujit Das, with a preface by Ali Sina Publisher: (June 10, 2013) Language: English...

Muslims and Dreams

Being itself a collection of myths, it comes as a no surprise that the Quran endorses various kinds of of myths and folk tales. The existence of Jinn, Angels, the Jinx, the belief in magic and the random interpretation of dreams are only some of those fables endorsed by the Quran.

Iranian but not Muslim

Because of my appearance, name, and my lineage I have no complexes. Embarrassing to me is that despite my non-Muslim beliefs, the same people always ask if I am Muslim. To clarify: in totalitarian countries such as Iran, there are no correct statistics, with the help of which can be found, what percentage of the population have any convictions.

Living in the Dark Ages

7/4/2013 I can not be the only one who feels that we live in a very special time of human history. Our generation came to existence as the human civilization...