World’s 100 greatest bloodbaths…but no jihad


ECAW is an Englishman who started looking into Islam after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013....and the more he looked the worse it got. He blogs at ecawblog

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  1. Krishna Sankar says:

    First, life of Mohammed should be expounded and explained. No use in making any harsh statement. Facts would do.
    It is amazing to note how Muslims are brain washed. Best therapy for them is to expose them about Mohammed and also Quran. They do have to come to terms with facts.
    In your list of those who have performed a large role in exposing Islam as it is you have not mentioned Ali Sina of
    He has an unbelievable communication skill. He is underground and we have no knowledge of his name. We know for sure he is from Iran. Quite a guy.

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