Thoughts and Evil Spirits

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Mark says:

    …because they are the same people who deny the survival of consciousness despite the irrefutable evidence. – What evidence are you talking about?

  2. In the Bhagavad Geeta, Krishna said exactly the same. That just as we abandon old clothes for new ones, the soul leaves the human body after death for a new body. The soul is eternal.

  3. saroj says:

    Dear Mr Sina,
    You are my spiritual Guru. Most of the times I agree with you.
    One question – If this world is like a school for us to learn courage, forgiveness etc, why do evil spirited people come to this world? I have observed many of them don’t (and don’t want to) learn anything positive. They just keep doing evil things (happily) whole of their life. Are they mere tools of God to make us LEARN? Why don’t they need to learn?
    Example – If a person cheats me emotionally / physically / financially because I trusted him. What does god wish to teach me? That I shouldn’t trust anybody? And suffering goes on for years. Why He is teaching for such a LONG time? He doesn’t want to make the other person learn that cheating is not good?

  4. Helena says:

    Thank you, always interesting to read your articles and they give a lot of food for thought. I will read into all of this.

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    From the Bible was well as from other may other sources information such wicked spirits which are called Demon spirits or just the term “Demons” who are malice-filled beings that do exist. Demons are vicious and malicious and hate humans with a passion. Those evil spirits which are demons will harm people in any method that they find the most effective. If they are able they will also not just harm, that’s bad enough, but murder humans. One way those wicked spirits, demons, do this is by and through the Muslim clerics, be they the imams of Pakistan or the mullahs of Iran or of any other Islamic nation as neither Afghanistan nor Indonesia and so forth. For those Muslim clerics in the mosques and even more so in the madrasas. For a number of those imams and mullahs is literally demon possessed or demon inspired to indoctrinate non-violent Muslims in the becoming jihad-minded violent and dangerous Muslims who will be dangerous to self and others by engage in murderous Islamic terror attacks. As already keyboarded about demons are malicious, vicious and will harm and kill human beings any way they are able. By demons working through the imams and mullahs to inspire mass murder by brainwash Muslim into becoming violent and dangerous jihadist who take part in of jihad attacks As far–fetched is this might seem to many people of this twenty –first century after years of study of the awful subject , I’m over 60, the conclusion can only be that demons of horrible reality those evil spirits many times ,work though false teachers , the imams and mullahs , to damage humans terribly . This of course is all centered on the false religion which is Islam.

    Just reminiscing, a bit, about a Christian book that I had read the late 1970’s. It expounded the Bible based information that in ancient times a true prophet of God was inspired to action by the Holy Spirit. In terrible contrast a false prophet sent by Satan is always inspired to action to give a false message and sometimes even start a false religion .This would very much, explain the great zeal that the false prophet ,Muhammad , had to give the information that was gathered that compose the Qu’ran which is the foundation of and for the false religion of Islam.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ali Sena

    I read your comments and many of your concepts are in line with what the Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam teach.

    1. We are the soul which is eternal and not the temporary body. The soul can also be thought of as spirit.
    2. All souls are sparks of God.
    3. Material existence is temporary.
    4. We are here in the material world to satisfy our own material desires.
    5. There are more souls in the spiritual manifestation than the material creation.
    6. People do evil things because of misuse of free will, but there is an infallible law of Karma which guarantees justice for all.
    7. Eventually all souls go back to the spiritual manifestation to live in complete bliss. There is no eternal damnation for any soul, because God is truly merciful and not a savage.

    Visit to read the Vedic scriptures.

    Thank you.

  7. Steve says:

    If the bible is not the word of God then what’s special about it? Indeed most of it should be be put in the dustbin of history – as it contains nothing more than myths, scientific absurdities and the morality of a ancient primitive Bronze Age tribe.

    “Once this human experience ends we leave behind this body and will find out we are not human at all.” This is one of the main reasons why the idea of an afterlife of eternal bliss is nonsense – because everything that makes us human would be stripped away and there would be nothing left of us that continues to “survive” in this eternal afterlife.

    “Some of these spirits are not so good. They can take control of our body through our vibration.” In modern times we call a person whose thoughts are out of control and not connected to reality mentally ill.

  8. Vishal Kumar says:

    @Ali Sina

    I do not know much about Jesus. I am a Hindu. But for me you are God.

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