The Pope Supports Immigration. Why Not for Asia Bibi?

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  1. A.H. says:

    “The Holy Spirit during the Church age will be indwelling in the hearts of all true Christians”.

    But who is a true christian? At this moment, 500 years after the Reformation, there are about 40.000 christian denominations. All these denominations cannot agree over what the bible means, they even come to contradictive conclusions, though each denomination says that they are led by the (same) Holy Spirit. What is wrong here?

    “Jesus told His disciples that after he will leave them there will be Someone coming to take His place. That someone was none other than the Holy Spirit. ”

    Agreed, but he said also to His disciples ( not to you or to any other christian).

    “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth”.

    Let the Light of the Bible reveal the truth.

    The Light of the bible cannot reveal truth, the bible is a dead thing and comes `alive` through the interpretation of men.

    The papacy is based on Mat 16,18, it`s an office and was already in existence hundreds of years before the catholic church compiled a selective number of scriptures which floated around in the ancient world, being the New Testament.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Pope Francis with his complete indifference about the safety of the Christian woman, Asia Bibi, and his immigration idea and support of allowing all those Muslim migrants into the European countries all the while he live safely within in the tall thick strong walls that are the borders of his nation state of Vatican city should cause all people who are willing to think for themselves the something is terribly wrong with Pope Francis which may reflects and exposes that the is something with al whole system of the papacy which is the very foundation of the Roman Catholic Church.

    For example one of the titles of this current pope and the other popes before him is the “Vicar of Christ” meaning the “Substitute of Christ.” As a Roman Catholic school girl once said to me “Since Jesus isn’t here on earth the pope is here to take His place.” That statement is a claim. As the title of “the Vicar of Christ” also is a claim. The question is “Are those claims valid and true or invalid and false ?” Let the Light of the Bible reveal the truth. Jesus told His disciples that after he will leave them there will be Someone coming to take His place. That someone was none other than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit during the Church age will be indwelling in the hearts of all true Christians. The Holy Spirit is far superior to a pope or any physical man on earth. This is in accord to what Jesus had taught .As seen in John 7:39. 14:16, 17,25,25. Therefore all the popes are pretenders, frauds and fakes. Third, his message is not keyboarded with intent to offend, disturb or upset. This message is mean to inform, enlighten and show the Bible based truth. As in with the keeping of the same spirit of the apostle Paul when he wrote the Christians of the Galatian Church when they had fallen into doctrinal errors and then the apostle Paul had written those Christians a letter of doctrinal corrected ,to inform, to enlighten and show them the truth. As Paul wrote “Am I therefore your enemy because I tell you the truth?” Galatians 4:16.

    For additional information about he papacy there is the site

  3. Walter Sieruk says:

    Pope Francis with his awful policy of supporting all the unvetted and Muslim migrants into the different nations of Europe and his total lack of concern and caring for the safety of the good Christian woman Asia Bibi, should be enough the reveal that Francis is not really a Christian

    Nevertheless .many people still sincerely view the pope Francis is a wonderful, good and godly man. In this “group think” there seems to be few people who might stop and wonder and then think of the very important question. “Is the papacy really of God or is it one of the greatest and most powerful and deceitful hoaxes even played on humankind ?” Let he Bible show the truth. For according to the Bible, Christ and not Peter Who is the real and actual foundation and rock of the Christian Church. As seen in First Corinthians 3:11. and 10:4.

    Furthermore, the apostle Paul felt the need to write a long letter of instruction in Christian doctrine to the Christians at the church at Roman. [the Epistle of Romans] It would be very strange the Paul would have felt the need to write such a long letter of instruction to the Christian in Rome if Peter was actually there as the head and First bishop of the Christian Church ,as the apologists for the Roman Catholic Church claim. For Peter would have had been a fine teacher of Christian doctrine. Moreover, the Apostle Paul in his written the greeting of the Christians in the Roman Church in the very last chapter of this epistle Paul mentions many of them by name. Nevertheless, Paul makes no mention of Peter in his list of names. That would have been very rude and unchristian of Paul if Peter was really there as the first head of that Church in Rome.

    Moreover, in Galatians 2:11 it may be seen that Paul had even contradicted and stood against Peter on a specific subject. That would had been a clear case on insubordination of Peter really was the supreme head the the Christian Church. Of course many Roman Catholic priests will site Matthew 16 :18,19 as proof that the papacy is of God. Matthew 16:18,19 needs to be viewed in context in verse 16 in which Peter had rightly declared about Jesus the “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” It was that statement about Jesus Who really is the actual foundation and rock of the Christian church, as just sited above in First Corinthians 3:11. 10:4. As for Matthew 16:19 about Peter having “the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” The Jesus said/Those words of Jesus did come true in Acts chapter 2:14-47 and 3:11-26 Then God through Peter’s sermon gave birth to and started the Christian Church by having many converts to Jesus. In addition in acts chapter 10: God used Peter preaching to open the way to the Gentiles. First to Cornelius,24-33 and then to the whole household of Cornelius 34-48. This not really means that Peter was the first pope.

    As further explained in more detail in HALLEY’S BIBLE HANDBOOK on page 602 “The rock on which Christ would build His church is not Peter, but the truth to which Peter confessed, that Jesus is the Son of God. The deity of Jesus is the foundation on which the church rests… “ It further explains about verse 19. “the keys to the kingdom… is that Peter opened the door of salvation ,on the Day of Pentecost, to the Jews[Act:2] and later to the Gentles [Acts 10]. He was not given the power to forgive sins but to proclaim the terms of forgiveness. Whatever authority it gave to Peter was also given to the other apostles [Matthew 18;18. John 20:23.] – and only in the sense that they could declare Christ’s forgiveness.” In conclusion, the papacy is a hoax .For it’s based on the doctrines of men ,Mark 7:7. and the actual way to God the Father in not the ways of religion of men but only by Jesus Himself. John 14:6.

  4. ECAW's blog says:

    Fr Portella has been remarkably frank about his boss here. The rest of us can be even franker. I regard Pope Francis as a mortal enemy to Europe, and also to Christianity itself, with his incessant prioritising of Muslims’ problems over those of his own flock and with his truly deluded or mendacious pronouncements about the Religion of Peace.

    He has been one of the prime movers behind the recently signed UN Pact on Migration which calls free movement to other people’s countries a human right.

    This 20 point plan from 2017 which “will contribute to the global compacts on refugees and migration which are currently being drafted and expected to be adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2018” shows just how involved the Vatican has been:
    as does this “Share the Journey” campaign:

    The 1908 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia (accurately) said this of Islam:

    “In matters political, Islam is a system of despotism at home and aggression abroad… The rights of non-Moslem subjects are of the vaguest and most limited kind, and a religious war is a sacred duty whenever there is a chance of success against the “Infidel”. Medieval and Modern Mohammedan, especially Turkish, persecutions of both Jews and Christians are perhaps the best illustration of this fanatical religious and political spirit.”

    How could the Catholic Church, in the person of its current Pope, have so lost contact with reality over the course of 110 years?

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