The Future and #Islam Cannot Coexist – Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is a writer, filmmaker and Media Consultant, presently living in New York, NY. While making a documentary about the construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN he attempted to expose “Islamophobia”. Once he stated that Islam was the biggest threat to human rights in the world today, he was banned from the writing Daily Kos and, after created a petition to silence him. His article, “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam” has been widely circulated and has caused several Liberals to rethink how they look at the Religion of Peace. CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT:

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2 Responses

  1. Sujit Das says:

    Islam must be eliminated from the face of the earth for Humanity to survive. Islam is not a religion, not even a cult, but a KILLING MACHINE. It is time all people should join together to GANG-RAPE Islam.

  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    Eric Allen Bell’s Headline: The Future and #Islam Cannot Coexist

    Please ask American President D.J. Trump for signing in excess of $110 billion worth of arms-deal with Saudi Arabian absolute Islamic monarchy!

    Looks like Christians and Muslims are not only co-existing, but also are co-habiting in order to murder and rape non-believers of God the Father (i.e., Jehovah) and non-believers of Allah (i.e., Jehovah).