The Deeper Implications of the Ofsted Report and the “Operation Trojan Horse” Letter

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  1. BabsBarron says:

    AliSinaOrg mohan3501 Ali you say this much more fluently than I.  Islam is an all-encompassing belief system, akin to a cult, which is very different and makes different demands on its devotees than does Christianity.

  2. BabsBarron says:

    mohan3501 In the UK there are very few Christian schools which present equivalent dangers to those madrassas we learn about from the “Trojan Horse” investigations, but I do agree that faith schools of any description should be consigned to the waste bin.

  3. Phoenix7 says:

    heathchris Ayatrollah1 
    Either atheism or religion.I don’t adhere to either so your proposal is a false dilemma.In my experience,both religion and atheism hold false views and either preach skepticism,albeit its adherents only question other belief systems.But our main concern is that muslims veer off into criminal activities for the sake of spreading Islam.
    If you have any truths,whether it pertains to morality or the acquisition of knowledge which only atheism holds then do share.We can examine it for its logical validity as well as empirical content.Or is atheism merely a stance on religious issues and can it account for truths without referring to religion?

  4. heathchris says:

    Ayatrollah1  Simple , but effective. What can religion actually teach that is useful? Looking at the atheist responses to anything that a religious person could say, the answer would be a resounding “NOTHING”. And the chances that something bad would be taught, are high.

  5. Ayatrollah1 says:

    I think the best thing would be to just not have the public finance any religious schools. I understand that catholic school is not like Islamic, but it is a quick way to stop this stuff and the Muslims can’t cry “racism”. Just stop all of if. If they want jihad schools they can pay for it.

  6. AliSinaOrg says:

    mohan3501 There is a huge difference and if we don’t see it we are in deep trouble. You may not agree with Christians, but all they want is tell you about Jesus and you are free to accept him or not. . Muslims want to take over your country and yes you will be allowed not to accept but at a cost. You will be forced to either pay them jizyah, as much as they like or leave your country with nothing.  Look at what is happening to the Christians in Iraq now. 
    It is a terrible mistake to equate Christianity with Islam. It is a mistake that Muslims promote actively. They claim to be atheist and as soon as you criticize Islam they tell you to blame also Christianity and other religions.  The gullible falls of that ploy.  Their victory is to change your focus and make it so blur and wide that you can’t hit them. They then hide Islam behind other faiths and the discourse is changed completely. Islam will no longer be the target but religion in general and since the fight against religion cannot be won, Islam remains safe.

    I strongly advise people not to fall into that trap. We are not fighting against religion in general. Our enemy is Islam. Keep your focus on the target and don’t let the enemy deceive you.

  7. mohan3501 says:

    Sadly the choice between the Islamic and Christian schools in India is the proverbial choice between the Devil and the Deep. Religious elements should be banned from administration of education.

  8. AliSinaOrg says:

    This is the best analysis of the dangers that madrasas pose to the
    western countries I ever read. Please send it to your MP wherever you
    live. Sadly most people lack the information and assume Islamic schools
    are similar to Catholic schools. What a deadly mistake!

  9. Ayatrollah1 says:

    The best thing to do is ban all religion from public school. You can do that stuff after school.