Target is Iran, not the regime

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    That ISIS terror attack in Tehran in which many innocent Iranians were murdered was a heinously brutal evil and despicable. Those innocent Iran civilians who were the victims of ISIS is very tragic and sad . This even further exposes the heinous essence of that Sunni jihad entity ISIS. Likewise this also exposes the vicious bloodthirsty wicked and unconscionable mindset and ways of those jihadist of ISIS. For those callous heartless jihadists who compose ISIS obviously care nothing at all for the lives all for good and decent people who are the Iranian people.

    To made matter even worse the Iranian people are stuck in the middle of having the threat of the murdering violence of the ISIS/ jihadists and being trapped and forced to exist under that harsh ,brutally cruel oppressive tyrannical Islamic regime of Iran . For the mullahs ,and ayatollahs as well as the other Muslim tyrants in power in Iran care more about obtaining nuclear missiles and funding violent and deadly Shiite jihad terror entities then the basic needs of the Iranian civilians.

    On the morning of 9/25/ 18 in a speech President Trump spoke about that awful “deal” that was made with Iran and how terrible is was and that the sanctions lifted were lifted because of it didn’t help the Iranian people, at all and that money Iran received only lined the deep pockets of the mullahs in power in Iran and also further enabled that regime to “advance its bloody agenda “ in the fund and support of its proxy terror groups, such a Hezbollah and Hamas. The President therefore explain that the new sanctions imposes on this regime are necessary.
    Just the week before this speech by the President on 9/17 /18 ,the US Special Envoy for Iran of the State Department, Brain Hook, spoke at a press conference and he warned about that insidious “missile program” of Iran and he further spoke about that harsh and oppressive current regime of Iran and likewise declared that “The longest suffering victims of the Iranian regime are the Iranian people.”
    This is sadly and tragically the terrible reality of this Islamic tyrannical regime of Iran. This Islamic tyranny has been well nicknamed “the mullahs regime” in which them mullahs and ayatollahs as well as other fiendish and fanatical Muslims in power have a strong and awful control of the Islamic regime of Iran and through their band of Islamic state “police” , who are called the “Revolutionary Guards “come down hard human rights of the Iranian people . Therefore, the Iranian people who are trapped and forced to exist in this Islamic tyranny live in terrible fear of the mullahs and others in power in Iran. This is a tragic and sad reminder of the wisdom that was printed in the periodical of Benjamin Franklin which is entitled POOR RICHARDS’ ALMANACK that reads “Those who are feared are also hated.”

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