Six Pillars of Islam

Muslims walk on two legs but their faith strolls on six, which are also known as pillars. Without any of these legs Islam would be handicapped. Consequently, the believers of this cult are compelled to carry the sex-legged monster, which of course is a monstrous job. By tradition, Muslims have been following the five pillars, i.e., Shahada, Salat, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj, but they are also committed to a newly founded pillar. Let’s explore the typical five pillars of Islam first, and then we will talk about the sixth pillar that gave Islam a whole new dimension.

Shahada is the declaration of faith–“There is no god but God and Mohammed is the messenger of God.” Like parrots, Muslims are obligated to rehearse this mantra numerous times in their lives without being benefited. Muslims believe that ‘witnessing Shahada’ is the number one criteria of becoming and remaining a Muslim. Ironically, they never saw Mr. Allah, and they have never met Mohammed, except for a few who accompanied the prophet 1400 years ago. How could it be possible for today’s Muslims to witness the elusive figure Allah and the ghost of Mohammed? Is it not false witnessing?

The Quran, the hideous handbook of Islam that outlines a procedure of killing non-Muslims, refers to another 25 prophets. Supposedly, they also had a good liaison with Allah, and these mail-prophets delivered certified mail to the people. It’s simply unfair that Muslims witnessed Mohammed as a messenger and left out all other prophets. Accordingly, Sunni Muslims cannot add any other name to Shahada; however, Shii Muslims extend the shahada with “and Ali is his friend”. A point to note: Ali was the son-in-law of Mohammed and a ferocious killer who could be branded as a serial killer by today’s standard.

The word Shahada is related to another word Shahid, which means martyr. With the exception of cowardly moderate Muslims, all pious Muslims who practice an idiosyncratic lifestyle (i.e., self-centered and tuned in to their own belief system) are always prepared to become a martyr (Shahid) in order to fulfill their testimony (Shahada). Therefore, an authentic Muslim is ready to kill and be killed when the relationship between Mohammed and Allah is challenged, which is exactly what Muslims have been doing all over the world since the 7th century.

Salat or prayer is the second pillar of Islam. Muslims must perform this circus at least five times a day. While praying, they are also required to whine some verses of the Quran. What if a Muslim who loves to recite a Sura AL-BAQARA (THE COW) and decides to sing the same five times a day? Imagine the effect of repeating this verse – “… And slay them wherever ye catch them, ..(2.191)”. A prayer is supposed to appease the mind and soul with a divine touch and not teach someone to kill. Obviously, an Arabic speaking devotee will be energized to do so, which many of them do without any remorse. However, a non-Arabic speaking Muslim may not understand all the meanings but an underlying message of hatred towards non-Muslims does not go unnoticed, and often works as an inspiring factor.

Perhaps the amount of time wasted behind this project is one of the reasons for Islamic countries’ economic failure. Those who pray not only waste time at the time of prayer, but the aftershock caused by scary fables and a feeling of ‘Mortal life is meaningless’ creates a sense of redundancy, which eventually thwarts the productivity.

The Quran, hypothetically the all-knowing book, does not recommend five prayers, although it claims, “We have not let slip anything in the Book” (Q 6:38). Somehow, Allah slipped in this matter and, according to verses 11:114; 17:78-79; 30:17-18 and possibly 24:58, there should be only three prayers. Yet Muslims pray five times a day, a tradition that has been followed since Mohammed introduced the routine.

Initially, Mohammed prayed in the direction of Jerusalem, but Allah amended the constitution and Mecca became the bulls-eye. Muslims of today still follow the procedure and some Muslim scholars in Malaysia are trying to figure out a way to pray in outer space. Indeed, it is a serious problem, as serious as two 5-year-olds’ discussion about Cinderella’s shoes. Is it not amazing that when scientists are looking for a sign of life on different planets, Muslims are busy finding the direction of Kaba?

Zakat or giving alms is a process that Muslims compare with modern day taxation. However, the government does not collect the zakat; a nominated group of people known as Amil (zakat collector) collect and distribute the money among poor people. The system apparently seems benevolent, but the whole process only creates more beggars. It worked perfectly for Mohammed because he did not have a well-organized government that could create employment. Instead, he had to support poor Muslims and bribe people to convert to Islam.

It’s a historical fact that Mohammed’s only source of income was robbing; hence, all he did was ask his warriors who gained a substantial amount of booty to give a portion of their looted wealth to the needy people. The trend continues today and we see more beggars in Islamic countries than anywhere else.

According to Islamic rulings, there are eight categories (Asnaf) of people who are eligible for accepting Zakat, and ‘Muallafat-ul-Qulub’ is one of them. This lengthy word, which sounds like Mullah-Fat-Kabob, includes new Muslims and those whose hearts can be won. In other words, Islam calculatedly spends Zakat money to win unbelievers’ hearts.

Fasting, another leg of Islam, makes Muslims’ legs shaky at the end of the day. Rich Muslims don’t feel the pain of hunger and fatigue as the poor do. Fasting is a mission impossible for the daily labors of many poor Islamic countries. And, of course, Allah intentionally made most of the Islamic countries poor.

Although a short-term starvation helps the immune system, excessive fasting, specifically lack of fluids, causes many problems to the body. Ghrelin, a type of amino acid found in the stomach, is a cause of gastric acid secretion and fasting accelerates the process of making Ghrelin. As we all know, the hearts of Muslims are always burning, be it for a Danish cartoon or the Palestinians, but the primary reason of their heartburn is fasting.

Many religions practice this ritual for a day or two but fasting is a month-long event for Muslims. It does not purify their souls; rather, it cripples the whole country. In most of the Middle-East countries, day becomes night and night changes to day. Pious Muslims eat early in the morning, go to bed, and, except for taking two prayer breaks, they sleep all day. When they finally wake up, it’s time to break the fast. They spent most of the night with extensive prayers prescribed for the special month. It explains why the Middle-East countries are dependent on foreign technology and labor.

Hajj, another leg of Islam, is a lifetime opportunity for Muslims. Those who are physically and financially able to travel to Mecca must perform this ritual and see Allah’s house. It’s an effective tourism industry for Saudi Arabia, but it does not help a person to broaden his/her vision. As a matter of fact, a Muslim, after performing the Hajj, becomes more self-centered and selfish, dedicated to Islam and the Ummah with intensified hatred towards the rest of humanity.

Unlike a week-long vacation on a cruise ship, Hajj is a 10-day event of hardship and labor in the desert. Muslims are obligated to shave their heads, a ritual that strangely resembles that of skinheads. And the mentality that grows out of this ceremony is also equivalent of a skinhead.

Some of the rituals are paradoxically symmetric to those of a pagan, who worshipped idols in Mecca. The kissing of ‘Hajr-e-Aswad’ (Black Stone) is one that was practiced by pagans who won ‘Kaba’. Those who cannot go close to the stone because of the crowd are allowed to throw a flying kiss towards it. Another rite is ‘Mary-go-around’. After performing the first ‘Istlam’ (Kissing the Black Stone), Muslims circle the black cube known as ‘Kaba’ seven times, with an interval of kissing or blowing a kiss towards the stone after each circle. And, of course, pagans also played this game before Mohammed invaded Mecca.

‘Death to America’ is a de facto sixth pillar of Islam that Muslims have been harboring since America decided to support Israel. Although, Islamic laws do not dictate it, today’s Muslims, including those who live in this country, must endeavor to destroy America.

It is true that America has consistently made mistakes and is still repeating the same mistakes by supporting Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iraq, Indonesia, Egypt and many other Islamic countries. Perhaps an adulterous relationship with Pakistan deserves to be critiqued. Pakistan received support from America when the Pakistan army was butchering millions of innocent Bengalis. Yet, Islamic countries want the destruction of America because Palestine is the core issue for all Muslims. They don’t object when America sends billions of dollars to Egypt and Palestine, but Israel should not be helped.

How about those Muslims who live in America? Are they patriots? Don’t be amused if you see an American flag placed in front of a house or a bumper sticker on the car claiming “Support our troops”. Most likely, they have Palestinian troops on their minds and definitely not American troops. I dare to say, not a single Muslim would prefer America to Palestine and would be happy to see America’s destruction. Their scorched hearts are filled with so much hatred that they don’t realize America’s destruction will bring their own destruction too.

I must tell a story to illustrate the degree of ungratefulness and duplicity. Long ago, in a small village, there lived a very poor man who had to starve often. There was a neighbor who always helped the poor man to go through the terrible time. Despite receiving the help, the poor man was jealous of his neighbor’s wealth. One day, an angel came down to help the poor man. She asked, “What would you like to have to overcome your hardship? I can give you anything you want; however, I have one condition. Whatever you would receive, your neighbor will receive twice of yours.” The poor man thought for a moment and asked decisively, “Can you please take away one of my legs, one arm and an eye?”

For most of the religions, rituals are to seek holistic spirituality that comforts both the mind and the body without teaching destruction or churning hatred. However, Islamic rites are made to teach hatred and keep it alive through various practices. Their declaration of faith (Shahada) plants the seed of segregation; while offering prayer (Salat), they recite spooky verses from the Quran to revamp the hatred; and, finally, they perform Hajj only to become God-certified elite persons. Islamic liturgies are a continuous process of brainwashing that separates Muslims from the rest of the humankind, inflicts hatred and makes them feel like the cream of the crop. In Islamic language, the rubric of Mankind does not include John, Ming or Patel, but it is strictly confined within Mohammed and Ahmed Co.

Sher Khan

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