Pope Francis in Morocco – Deja-Vu?

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  1. A.H. says:

    “For more little known information about the pope and papacy there is the site….”

    The website you are referring to is an evangelical one. It would be fair to present the catholic point of view, so that the reader can the decide for himself. The gates of Hades will not prevail the Church of the ages. http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Pope Francis by attempting to have genuine interfaith dialogue with representatives of Islam , who are the Muslim clerics , by they the imams or mullahs, is only engaging in the folly of a fools quest of futility. For the Muslim clerics will speak the truth only when in fits with their Islamic agenda. The other times those Muslim clerics will be lying when speaking lies fits their goal for the growing power of Islam. When they tell their lies they are engaging in the Islamic dogma of Taqiyya.

    This Taqiyya is the Muslim doctrine the lying and deception are good thing to do as long as the lies and deceit are done for the advancement of Islam. Therefore , pope Francis by trying to have real “talks” with officials of this religion, Islam, for any type of peace progress is only revealing his total lack of wisdom and understanding of the situation of Islam in the world.

    Nevertheless, in spite of all this, many people still sincerely view the pope is a wonderful, good and godly man. In this “group think” there seems to be few people who might stop and wonder and then think of the very important question. “Is the papacy really of God or is it one of the greatest and most powerful and deceitful hoaxes even played on humankind ?” Let he Bible show the truth. For according to the Bible, Christ and not Peter Who is the real and actual foundation and rock of the Christian Church. As seen in First Corinthians 3:11. and 10:4.

    Furthermore, the apostle Paul felt the need to write a long letter of instruction in Christian doctrine to the Christians at the church at Roman. [the Epistle of Romans] It would be very strange the Paul would have felt the need to write such a long letter of instruction to the Christian in Rome if Peter was actually there as the head and First bishop of the Christian Church ,as the apologists for the Roman Catholic Church claim. For Peter would have had been a fine teacher of Christian doctrine. Moreover, the Apostle Paul in his written the greeting of the Christians in the Roman Church in the very last chapter of this epistle Paul mentions many of them by name. Nevertheless, Paul makes no mention of Peter in his list of names. That would have been very rude and unchristian of Paul if Peter was really there as the first head of that Church in Rome.
    Moreover, in Galatians 2:11 it may be seen that Paul had even contradicted and stood against Peter on a specific subject. That would had been a clear case on insubordination of Peter really was the supreme head the the Christian Church. Of course many Roman Catholic priests will site Matthew 16 :18,19 as proof that the papacy is of God. Matthew 16:18,19 needs to be viewed in context in verse 16 in which Peter had rightly declared about Jesus the “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” It was that statement about Jesus Who really is the actual foundation and rock of the Christian church, as just sited above in First Corinthians 3:11. 10:4. As for Matthew 16:19 about Peter having “the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” The Jesus said/Those words of Jesus did come true in Acts chapter 2:14-47 and 3:11-26 Then God through Peter’s sermon gave birth to and started the Christian Church by having many converts to Jesus. In addition in acts chapter 10: God used Peter preaching to open the way to the Gentiles. First to Cornelius,24-33 and then to the whole household of Cornelius of 34-48. This not really means that Peter was the first pope.

    As further explained in more detail in HALLEY’S BIBLE HANDBOOK on page 602 “The rock on which Christ would build His church is not Peter, but the truth to which Peter confessed, that Jesus is the Son of God. The deity of Jesus is the foundation on which the church rests… “ It further explains about verse 19. “the keys to the kingdom… is that Peter opened the door of salvation ,on the Day of Pentecost, to the Jews[Act:2] and later to the Gentles [Acts 10]. He was not given the power to forgive sins but to proclaim the terms of forgiveness. Whatever authority it gave to Peter was also given to the other apostles [Matthew 18;18. John 20:23.] – and only in the sense that they could declare Christ’s forgiveness.” In conclusion, the papacy is a hoax .For it’s based on the doctrines of men ,Mark 7:7. and the actual way to God the Father in not the ways of religion of men but only by Jesus Himself. John 14:6.

    For more little known information about the pope and papacy there is the site http://www.theconversioncenter.com

  3. Excellent response! If I may, I would like you to take a look at this piece: https://thegreatarchitect.blog/2019/03/29/the-prohibition-of-killing-innocent-people-in-islam-a-misconception/

    and other similar one on my blog.

  4. Keith Ellerby says:

    Reconciliation? Doesn’t that happen between 2 or more people or groups who used to have good relations bit have fallen out over something.
    How then can Christianity and Islam have a reconciliation when they have always been fighting each other?

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