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The decreasing freedom of free-speech.

Jake Neumann and Jon MC Introduction. In this article British writer Jon MC and American commentator and writer Jake Neumann explore some issues surrounding free-speech at present (2013). For those...

The Battle of Badr: Islam at its Best

Abu Sufyan was a careful leader. He knew what was on stake and how rich the caravan was. His strategy was to send spies to explore the roads ahead and screen them for gangs who might be tempted to raid the caravan. Indeed, the news came that there was a huge gang, an army in fact, under the command of Mohammed, waiting to ambush the caravan at the place called Badr. Abu Sufyan diverted the caravan to an alternative route that went towards Yanbu’, at the red sea coast. At the same time, he sent to Mecca to alert them that Mohammed and his gang were planning to ambush the caravan.

The Battle

Terrorist Nidal Hasan’s Unending Jihad

So what radicalized an otherwise intellectually brilliant student who had so much to offer his native country? One answer is certainly his Mosque attendance while a student in Hamburg. He chose to worship at the Jerusalem Mosque notoriously famous for being led by a fiery Imam who never ceased hurling curses and imprecations at the Infidels. I can only conclude that ‘Atta’s conscious and subconscious mind became saturated with that fire and brimstone preaching of the radical cleric. He now had justification from his spiritual leader to go on a jihad and do something great for Allah. His aim became to murder as many Infidels as possible.

No International Reaction to Massacre of 88 in Iran

We, all freedom-loving people, expect from this tribunal to release an official list of victims and perpetrators. Such a tribunal should not have much trouble forming the lists if political and economic interests of key powers would not dam it. The damage caused in the infamous genocide to the humanity must be handled in a fair and transparent court. To neglect such genocides cannot juggle the superpowers to secure credibility for their own people and peace for the world.

The Qur’an was written by Aliens – II

7/28/2013 This is a continuation of Part I of this series … Earth’s rotation is explained by Qur’an 27:88 and 7:54 According to the site the Earth’s rotation is...


7/21/2013 “Follow the evidence, wherever it leads.”                                                       Socrates Product Details Paperback: 308 pages Author: Sujit Das, with a preface by Ali Sina Publisher: (June 10, 2013) Language: English...

Muslims and Dreams

Being itself a collection of myths, it comes as a no surprise that the Quran endorses various kinds of of myths and folk tales. The existence of Jinn, Angels, the Jinx, the belief in magic and the random interpretation of dreams are only some of those fables endorsed by the Quran.