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Qurbani: whose sin, whose piety, whose penance and at the expense of whose life?

By Syed Kamran Mirza

January 17, 2006

The theme of this title above was taken from my old essay on Qurabani (Eid-ul-Azha) written in early months of 2002.This essay was posted in News from Bangladesh and in FFI, which could be read at: www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/SKM/sacrifice.htm. “Whose sin, whose piety and whose penance?” was one of the many questions asked in that essay. Now same types of questions could be asked again this year, and those pertinent questions are: at whose expenses this Islamic madness of sacrifice is being performed? Whose life is being sacrificed to earn Allah’s mercy? How Allah (if He is the creator) can ask one life (human) to kill another life (cow’s life) for His satisfaction? Why  Allah needs blood for His satisfaction? And so on!

Every year Muslims all over the world kill mercilessly millions of animal life in a single day—which they call “Sacrifice (Qurbani) for Allah’s happiness.” They do it to appease Allah. The origin of this madness named sacrifice (killing animals) for Allah was derived from the myth related to pre-biblical Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim in Islam).This belief system of sacrifice is called burnt offerings in Bible. This was the method of sacrifice sanctioned for Jews, and Bible commanded this decree of God by hundreds of scriptures throughout the Old Testament. Animal sacrifice was prescribed for Jews and Christians by very strict Biblical injunction. Yet, Jews and Christians stopped this barbarically mad practice longtime ago once they realized that this is nothing more than an uncivilized, barbaric, and inhumane practice. But sadly though, the Muslims are busy killing animals to satisfy the angry Allah just the way ancient uncivilized peoples used to sacrifice human life (Naro baali) to appease their deity. 

Later in the course of human civilization, ancient people used to sacrifice animals instead of human. Hindus and various other tribal religions do occasionally practice this animal sacrifice even today. But in this civilized era of computers and rockets no other world religion except Islam does this inhuman cruelest ritual of animal killings so massively. Muslims perform this barbaric ritual every year with increasing Islamic zeal and fanatic devotions. In this Islamic craze of animal sacrifice, in many occasions, people do observe the horrific scenarios of unborn calves inside the torn opened gaping body cavity of the sacrificed cows. Yet, there is not a slightest remorse to those hungry meat eater pious Muslims. Question is how merciful Allah can let such horrific thing to happen? No one ask who gave them right to appease Allah at the expense of animal life.

One may argue that, well people kill thousands of animals for food purposes. I would argue that killing for food is quiet different issue. People may kill cows and many other  animals, birds and fishes as their food requirement, which they need for their survival, as the Darwin theory very rightly says: survival of the fittest (might is right) and this is the law of natural survival for all animals including humans. Bottom-line is killing for food is not the act of appeasing God! But Qurbani killing is for appeasement of God at the expense of other’s life.

During the Last Eid-ul Azha (January 2005) I was in Bangladesh. After the Eid-Prayer in Gulshan Mosque on my way to return home I asked my driver to take some streets in Banani/Gulshan residential area where devoted mussallees will go craze sacrificing (Qurbani) their cattle and goats. To my amazement I saw almost every house were having at least two animals, some having 5/6 cows ready to be slaughtered any minutes. Then, suddenly what I saw my eyes could not believe it. Three relatively young bearded, tupi and jubba clad mullahs were frantically running through the street from one house to another by waving in their right hands naked blood stained reddened sword like knives (long knife). When asked, my driver explained to me that these were mullahs who slit the necks of Qurabani cows and goats. They are running to contest other mullahs to get the job so that they can earn TK. 100.00 per cow for neck slitting, and also lots of divine blessings from Allah. Divine blessings from Allah for “neck cutting” job of innocent helpless cows? It has reminded me Islamic terrorists of al-Qaeda suicide bombers. What a cruel blind belief?

Satan Stoning Ceremony

In the final day of this Islamic (or Paganic culture) annual Hajj the devout pilgrims take the giant step of their bogus hope of erasing all of their sins (they have readily committed during the past year) by stoning at the cement wall which they call Great Satan. Their mad Islamic zeal is so strong that in their way of madness and zealotry almost every year they themselves get killed in the way of Allah (Fi Sabilullah) while jostling each other to pelting stone to the Satan.

At Mecca Satan stoning monkey dance of Muslims in full session








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