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Are all the suicide bombings same?  Was the Iraq war solely responsible for suicide bombings?

By Syed Kamran Mirza

Islamic apologists often argue that suicide bombings for the cause of freedom fighting committed not only by the Muslims, but by many other nations (Tamil, Jews, and Japanese Kamakazies) committed suicide bombings for their own freedom struggle. According to them, Muslims are committing suicide today for their freedom struggle. Therefore, suicide bombings by Muslim youths have nothing to do with Islam! Most prudent question can be asked here: Are all those past suicide bombings same as Islamic suicide bombings today? Are their pattern same? Let us examine:  

Those so called Tamil Tiger, Jews or Japanese Kamakazis may have used technique of suicide bombings very rarely as their desperate quest only to free their own motherland and their suicide acts were absolutely limited to their own land targeting soldiers, leaders and not innocent civilians. Tamil, Jews, Kamakazies or IRA never blasted bombs in other countries outside their own boundary; they only primarily did blast bombs within their own border. Rarely, isolated single bomb in the vicinity of their border, such as Tamil’s killing Razib Ghandi for his support of Sri Lankan Government. But they never ever came to America , Britain , Spain , Indonesia , Tanzania , Uganda , Yemen , Saudi Arabia etc. to blast suicide bombs inside bus, train, metro, ocean beaches, tourist resorts etc. None of those above did suicide bombings throughout the whole world globally like those Islamists vigorously doing today.  How many Tamil blasted suicide bomb in Europe or America ?  Was there any global jihadi phenomenon of suicide bombings by Tamil Tigers like those Islamists?     

Islamists also now telling us that those Muslim youths blasting their jihadi suicide bombs only to take revenge for Iraq war. As if, before Iraq war Islamic jihadis were very gentle and were sitting idle.  May I ask why those Islamic jihadis were blasting bombs relentlessly at US military camps in Saudi Arabia , American Embassies in Tanzania , Uganda , Pakistan , Nairobi and elsewhere, much before Iraq war?  Why they killed more than 3000 innocent civilians in WTC? Why they bombed US ship at Yemen ?  Why they bombed US barrack at Beirut ?  Was their Iraq war then? 

Islamists are blind or brainwashed in their early childhood, and frequently they have myopic tunnel vision. What mullah taught them in their early childhood is nothing but bunch of utter lies only to eulogize Islam and its Prophet Muhammad; just the way a bunch of stooges (Chamchas) can make an evil thief (dacoite) into a very pious pir in Bangladesh , only to deceive tens of thousands of gullible Muslims.  Those hypocritical mullahs who taught us that Islam is peace and Muhammad was merciful compassionate human being had no citations to support their any of the assertions at all. Even now Islamic apologists throughout the whole world can not bring single Hadith or Quranic verse to support their assertion. Yet they will try to defend their child hood ego only by the lip service.  

Actually, Islamic apologists will never change by any logic. Islamists frequently bragged about Muslim names. Their so called Muslim ‘Name game’ is utter stupidity and naked hypocrisy. I wish they explain what they mean by Muslim name after all! Muhammad was pagan, his mother father even 14 generations of Prophet Muhammd were pagans. Their name was created by pagans. What are the Muslim names? Could any Islamist tell us about Muslim name?     

My final questions: Could Islamists tell us how Prophet Muhammad established his ideology of Islam in the entire Arab peninsula?  Did he fight continuous bloody wars to subjugate other believers in order to convert them to his own belief?  Did he destroy other believers’ idols, deities, and places of worships? Did he taunted, criticize other people’s religions?  If your answer is yes—could you still call him a peaceful compassionate human being?  Could you tell us how and what criteria make Islam a peaceful religion? 






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