Leaving Islam




The Battle of Ghosts

By Ali Sina 

When Miss Ruby, a Muslim who had joined the forum of FFI about four months ago expressed her doubts about Islam, a few Muslims felt distressed. They send her private mails and messages in the forum urging her to quit visiting this site and return to Islam. "By leaving Deen al-Islam you made a huge mistake", wrote QuranSearch. "we are trying to make you a Muslim again, by educating you on your Deen. Firstly, my advice to you is this: Leave this Forum immediately!


I said that once one learns the truth there is no way to unlearn it and that those who leave Islam will not go back.    

Goku, another Muslim participant in the forum challenged my claim and nonchalantly wrote that there have been also apostates who have returned to Islam and that there is even a site created by ex-apostates: backtoislam.com.  

I do not deny that some apostates might have returned to Islam. But the question is WHY. Why people leave Islam in the first place?  

If they leave Islam because they like booze and women and they think Islam is restricting their liberties, you can bet that once they come to age and their children hit puberty they will want to return to a more controlling religion and that is Islam.  

If they leave Islam for another religion without learning the evils of Islam, the chances are that they meet negativities in other religions and decide to return to Islam. This is not because they find Islam better. They return to Islam because they are ignorant of it while they have faced obstacles in the religion that they have embraced.  

But if they leave Islam because they have seen the evilness of Muhammad and his imaginary Allah, there is no way that they would return to it unless they become possessed by demon (figuratively speaking), become filled with hate and find Islam a good vehicle to express that hate. This of course is possible but unlikely to happen.  

What we are doing here is helping Muslims to see the truth. The apostates that we educate will never return to Islam unless they have some mental problem. No sane person would want to follow a man who lied, raped, murdered, and stole. No decent human being could even think of following a pervert sadist evil man like Muhammad. One must kill his conscience and disregard his humanity to return to Islam after learning the truth about Muhammad. How can one believe in a man who tortured his prisoners of war to death to make them reveal the whereabouts of their treasures and then slept with their young wives in the same night? How can one believe in a man who at the age of 54 fooled his best friend and loyal follower to let him have sex with his 9 year old daughter? The crimes committed by Muhammad are beyond description. One must be either ignorant or evil to follow such a monster. The ignorance is ending as the truth is spreading and since most Muslims are not evil the majority of them will leave Islam upon learning the truth..    

This is the big difference between what we do and what happened to Muslims during the 1920s. In those days millions of Muslims left practicing Islam even though they still called themselves Muslim nominally. They embraced modernity and became westernized. This happened in Turkey , in Iran , in Egypt , in Tunis and in many Islamic countries. Why Islam came back with bigger venom? Itís because this snake was not beheaded. It lingered in the subconscious of people and once the glitter of the materialistic world faded, it came back with a vengeance.  

What we are doing is completely different. We are beheading Islam.  We are not trying to dismantle it from top to bottom brick by brick, but demolishing its foundation. Islam is built on a sandy terrain of lies. It will stay on its feet as long as those sands are shored safely underneath it. We are exposing its foundation and the sand is washing away. We are undermining Islam and it's only a matter of time for it to collapse.  

This was never done before. As far as I know there has never been a systematic campaign by ex-Muslims to eradicate Islam in the history of this cult. This is the first time Islam is being attacked from its roots concertedly, systematically and methodically. This is possible now thanks to the Internet and the ease with which the apostates can find each other and create a grassroots movement with no peril to their lives. Enlightened people always existed who realized Islam is false. But most of them did not dare to speak and those who did paid with their lives and their message did not get across. If anyone saw that Islam is evil, he could not find any other person to corroborate his finding. He could even doubt his own intelligence and try to convince himself that he has made a mistake. This happened to me, until a friend handed me the book of Ali Dashti and I realized I am not going mad. Today, those who can see Islam is false, can also see that they are not alone and that millions of other Muslims are finding the same truth and are discovering that Islam is nothing but a hoax and a big fraud. 

For the first time a movement is billowing that canít be stopped. It is gathering the momentum of a massive tsunami. It is still undetectable. But once it swells, its power will be colossal. Once this tsunami hits the shores, it will destroy every trace of superstition, bigotry and religious ignorance while leaving behind a rich sediment of fertile soil that will in time let the growth of a jungle of knowledge and understanding. Nothing of Islam will be left but a bitter memory. Islam, will meet Nazism and communism in the dustbin of history. 

Now, donít assume that FFI is THE movement and if you destroy FFI you have quashed that movement. FFI is only a cafť - a meeting place. The soldiers are all over the world. Some of them come here to chat and read the bulletins. Others do not even know such a place exists and yet they are at the forefront of this movement. This movement stretches across the globe and comprises millions of ex-Muslims from all walks of life and in all countries of the world. It has no head, no leader and no boundaries. You can say it is the antithesis of the Islamic terrorist machinery. Terrorists operate from underground. They canít be found or defeated. They have no country, no base and no leader. Their mission is to destroy and to kill. The apostates also work from underground. They too are invisible and undefeatable. Their job is to spread the truth, to destroy the hate and to lead the Muslims out of this cult of hate and into the fold of humanity.  

The truth is that no superpower can defeat Islamic terrorism. Fighting the terrorists is like fighting ghosts. Because they are invisible and intangible you canít beat them. No power, no military might can defeat an enemy that is invisible.  

These evil ghosts can be defeated by their nemesis. We are ghosts too. But we are friendly ghosts. The terrorists represent darkness and evil while we bring light and goodness. They want to destroy mankind through hate and deception and we want to save it with love and truth. You can say this is a battle of ghosts. Only ghosts can defeat ghosts. At the end we will win, because light is more powerful than darkness and truth is more potent than lies.      


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