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 Lies and Deception are Islamic Traits 


Dear Ali Sina,

    I enjoy your site and like to believe that you're telling the truth. But I wonder if you are aware that Wikipedia's entry of you (under Ali Sina) is rather disparaging of you because it suggests or implies you are dishonest and a liar. (See for yourself the relevant segment which I have appended below and circled in red).

    It says "Asadi's challenge was NEVER MET by Sina, who REFUSED a one on one discussion and then RENEGED on your promise to remove your site or pay $50,000 upon such retreatist defeat." Well, to me, this is like saying your are lying and not worth your salt.

    I think it is important that you respond immediately to that---i.e. either take up Asadi's challenge or (if you have already done so) correct the Wikipedia's entry. I think your reputation is at stake here because Wikipedia is read by the whole world and that negative entry will create doubts in the minds of readers that Ali Sina's challenge is a hoax and his writing misleading. (As it is, it has created a doubt in my mind).

    I am writing this to you because I like to believe that you are sincere. Nevertheless, your reputation needs to be set straight in Wikipedia. Therefore, I would like to see Wikipedia's negative entry concerning you be corrected immediately (that is if you care about your reputation).

    Please send me a copy of your correspondence with them as I would like to be kept informed on this matter. Thank you.




Dear James.  

This is what Asadi has written himself. I noticed it and if you click on the link he provided in Wikipedia you will be taken to his so called rebuttal that he says I have left unanswered. There at the top in red fonts I gave the link to my answer to him . He has seen the answer but he is a Muslim and Islam is built on lies. 

Anyone can edit Wilkipedia. Wikipedia is controlled by Islamofascists and their lackey leftists. All the articles on Islam in Wikipedia are biased in favor of Islam. I received several complaints from friends saying they have tried to edit articles on Islam but in matters of minutes their contributions were reverted and if they insisted they were blocked.  

Wikipedia is a good example of how a world controlled by Islamofascism  would look. Islam cannot survive without censorship and lies. They will do everything to silence voices of opposition and force their own deceptions.  

M. Asadi promised that he would leave Islam if I find one error in the Quran. At the end of my response to him I showed him one error that is purely mathematical. There is no escape from it. You canít interpret it in any other way. We are dealing with numbers and the numbers donít add up. M. Asadi failed to answer that but instead he resorted to dishonesty and made that deceptive edition in Wikipedia claiming that I have not answered him. The answer is here. So clearly the man is lying. But this is Islam. Muslims are liars and people must see that.  

I donít want to go and edit my own article in Wikipedia. But you can try and see for how long your edition will last.  Good luck!

 Lies and Deception are Islamic Traits. These people will kill you if you speak against their religion. They even shoot other innocent people of your race if you speak against their cult. Do they shy away from lies and deceptions? They are waging the Jihad and Muhammad said "war is deception". 

Imam Ghazali's authority in Islam is indisputable. He says:

" When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible " (Ref: Ahmad Ibn Naqib al-Misri, The Reliance of the Traveller, translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller , Amana publications, 1997, section r8.2, page 745). 

So Asadi is just being a good Muslim. Since he could not win in debate, he resorted to lies and character assassination. If he could lay his hand on me, he would not hesitate to even kill me. He is a Muslim and a Muslim must do what a Muslim must do. Do not assume that this policy is not going to win. If good people do nothing, evil will always win. 

It is not just my entry in Wikipedia that is deceptive. Virtually every entry that deals with Islam is deceptive. 








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