Leaving Islam




We know Islam better than anyone else. We know the minds of Muslims. We know the inner recesses of their thoughts, because those were our own thoughts. We know exactly the terminologies that Muslims use and what they mean by them. Others don’t.  

When Muslims say "peace", it means you submit to us so we let you live. Otherwise we will kill you.   

When Muslims say we fight oppression, they mean we fight disbelief. You become an oppressor the moment you say I don’t want to be a Muslim.  

When they say Islam does not allow killing innocent people, they mean those who have not yet rejected Islam. Once you reject their d’awa you are no more innocent.  

When Muslims say Islam fights corruption, they mean freedom of thought. This is the greatest corruption as far as Islam is concerned.  

When Muslims say Islam accepts Christianity and Judaism, they mean only the versions that were invented by Muhammad. All the Christians and the Jews who do not submit to Islam and want to interpret their religion in their own way are disbelievers and should be killed. Their books are corrupted so their religion is false. Syed Maududi says: "Though they (the Jews) were originally Muslims, they had swerved from the real Islam and made innovations and alterations in it and had fallen victims to hair splitting and sectarianism. They had forgotten and forsaken Allah and begun to serve mammon. So much so that they had even given up their original name 'Muslim' and adopted the name 'Jew' instead, and made religion the sole monopoly of the children of Israel." [Introduction to Quran Sura Baqara]

When Muslims talk about negotiations and treaties, they mean we pull wool over your eyes so we can buy time while you look the other way and when we are stronger we will break all our treaties just as Muhammad did at Hudaibiyyh and later ratified it in the Sura Deliverance where Allah delivered him from all obligation toward those with whom he had made a treaty.  

When Muslims say Islam teaches piety, it does not mean at all what you think piety means. Piety in Islam means do what is halal (permitted) and avoid what is haram (forbidden). These have nothing to do with right and wrong. For example, homosexuality is haram but pedophilia is halal. Masturbation is haram but killing the non-Muslims is halal. wine is haram but stoning is halal. For a woman, exposing her hair in public is haram but for her husband beating her is halal. The concept of Islamic piety defies human logic. A pious Muslim is not necessarily a good person by our definition. A pious Muslim is one who follows Muhammad, he could be a terrorist, a child molester, a wife beater or a liar. As long as he lies to non-believers, he is pious. As long as he says his obligatory prayers, fasts, his beard and his dress are the right size, he enters into toilet with the correct foot and follows all the rituals meticulously, he is pious.  

Let not words fool you. You must first understand the Islamic terminology in order to understand the Muslims. The definition of Islamic terminologies is not written in any book. You must have been a Muslim to know what they actually mean. They are not described in words because there is no need to. They are commonly understood by all the Muslims. 

We know Islam and the Muslim mind better than anyone else. Islamophobe does not apply to us. Our aversion of Islam is based on our full knowledge of it and the rejection of its values and not on ignorance, misunderstandings and unreasonable phobia. But we can call those who come to the defense of Islam “USEFUL IDIOTS”. They are idiots because they speak without knowledge of Islam and its threat to mankind and they are useful to the Islamists with whose help they can penetrate the non-Muslim countries and destroy them from within.  

Anytime a politically correct bigot calls you Islamophobe, tell him/her, “and you are a useful idiot”!  “Islamophobia makes as much sense as Naziphobia. The term is meaningless. It implies that Islam is innocent victim of misinformation and unreasonable fear and that once one learns the truth about it the phobia will go away. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The more one learns the truth about Islam the more dangerous and spiteful is looks. Of course an ignorant man does not fear the deadly viruses. ‘Can something so tiny kill a person?’ he would say. Only a fool can afford not to fear an ideology of hate that aims to conquer the world through deception and terror and take away his freedom.”








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