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Important: If you decide to write in Wikipedia, I strongly suggest you read first the rules of neutral point of view. Don't write anything before reading this article or it would be removed by even those who agree with your point of view. Writing with a neutral point of view is an art that you must learn first. So I suggest join the Wikipedia forum in FFI and let friends give you suggestions how to improve your skills. For example you can't write Muhammad was a pedophile even though you have all the citations to back your claim. Instead you should say, "His critics accuse him of pedophilia because of his marriage to Aisha who according to some hadiths is believed to have been 9-years old at the time that the Prophet consummated his marriage with her. (Give the source. Who are these critics?) Many Muslims, however, dispute the authenticity of these hadiths. (Give the source to some apologetic sites on this subject)  Others argue that marriage to children was the norm at the time of the Prophet." (Give the source)  You must not be confrontational. Don't attack the Muslims but rather be gentle and insistent. Provide ample reasons in the "discussion" page why you think certain controversial statement should be incorporated in the article you are editing.  After all you are writing an encyclopedia. Whenever you sate something make sure it is not your opinion but rather provide the source of that statement. You can't say Islam teaches violence and then cite 100 verses to back up your claim. This is your opinion. Even though you may be right. An encyclopedia is not a place to give your opinion. Instead, you must say, "The critics of Islam allege that Islam teaches violence and bring these verses as the evidence." (State the source and make sure the source is reputable). Then add, "Muslims respond saying ..." (give the source)  Don't write anything until you learn this art. Give it a try. If your contribution is removed, don't be offended and don't slash out your anger at Muslims. Try to reword it. Often it is how you write that is objectionable not what you write.  

Wikipedia is an important site and there are hundreds of topics that are related to Islam that you can write about. You can write about, women’s rights, human rights, slavery, stoning, corporal punishment, circumcision, honor killing, religious law, biography of prominent ancient apostates (Muslims claim them as “Islamic” scientists and thinkers), etc. etc. The list can be endless. But what we need is a group of writers to take this as their mission, work together, support one another and make sure Muslims do not bully them with their sheer number.  

Join the forum of this site (if you are not already a member) and ask to be part of the Wikipedia forum. I wrote an article for Wikipedia. I tried to be as impartial as possible and gave both views without taking side. I am surprised that Muslims have not deleted it yet. The only reason I can think of is that they have not seen it. Muslims just can’t stand the truth. But also it maybe because they have could not refute it because it was absolutely impartial.  

Unfortunately my plate is full and I have no time to write anything more. However, I encourage the friends to write there. Try to be impartial and when you write, write also the views of Muslims. To be impartial you must really think like a Muslim when countering an argument you want to present. Refute what just you wrote and provide the source. Do not express any personal opinions even though you can prove them. Encyclopedia is not the place for writing scholarly articles. You must only report the views of both parties providing noteworthy sources without taking side. An encyclopedia is only a reference book, not an book of exegesis.  

Anyone can edit, but I recommend you register and write something in your page about yourself. Otherwise you will be seen as "sock puppet" and your contribution can be easily removed. Sock puppets' contributions do not have much weight in Wikipedia. Creating an account also allows you to hide your IP. Please be honest and don't create more than one account. 

The key to stop Muslims from taking over the Wikipedia is numbers. We have to be more active and more militant, not just in Wikipedia but in all the Internet. After all this is our turf. Terrorism is the turf of Muslims. When writing for Wikipedia, don't form "gangs", but rather discuss a certain topic with others until it is chiseled and impartial and then publish it. If Muslims make valid comments, accept them. A good article is one that both views are expressed strongly and links are provided for further studies. 

When Muslims attacked the Europe , the Europeans took their swords and fought back. Thanks to them you and I are free and we have so much advancement is science and technology, and this Internet to talk with each other. If they hadn't fought and had succumbed to Islam, no Descartes, no Copernicus, no Galileo, no Da Vinci, no Michelangelo, no Mozart, no Newton, no Espinosa and no Einstein would have been born and today, you and I would be running behind our donkeys to the farmer's market to sell our goods and buy some food for our families.  Today Muslims have attacked the cyberspace, so take your keyboard and counter their attack if you want your great grand children don't live the way your great grand fathers lived. 

Yes, we can definitely regress. Just look at Iran, Turkey, Tunisia or Bangladesh and Pakistan as examples. If Muslims take over the world, you can say goodbye to human civilization for good. 


One reader addressing J.S. wrote:     

   All you have to do is read the faithfreedom.org as much as possible and plant those URL's in the Islamic wikipedia notes at strategic locations without altering the main text. I have done that at many places and Muslims might not even be aware of it, since it's mostly visited by people who are new to these topics they will have an opportunity to real about Islam the first time. Somebody will rarely report the wrong link going opposite to the idea of the main topic in wikipedia as mostly people are rational. I have done that in many places and cannot cover the entire wikipedia. 

   for example:   

   If there is a word Quran then link it to http://www.faithfreedom.org/Quran.htm 

   If there is Mohammed then link it to http://www.faithfreedom.org/challenge.htm 

   If there is something related to Muslim women then delete a major part of the article from the bottom and say Read the rest at http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/AbulKasem50519.htm http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/abulkazem/SexualityinIslam.htm  

   If there is something related to Islamic banking http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/SherKhan50606.htm 

   if there is something related to women's equality in Islam http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/SherKhan41218.htm 

   You still have to think like a Muslim and work like an ex-Muslim. 



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