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How to Counter the Cyber Jihad

By Ali Sina 


Dear Ali Sina,  

I am addicted to faithfreedom.org and owe my liberation to you and all the writers in this site. I have been trying to do my part and promote the FFI everywhere.  

Recently I have been working on your page in Wikipedia.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Sina  Muslims have taken their Jihad to cyber space. They are militant and are determined to distort the truth. The problem is that we are outnumbered and because of that as soon as we post something, they delete it.

This is not just happening in your page, but all the pages that talk about Islam are controlled by Muslims and are filled with Islamic propaganda. Muslims work in gangs. They are militant and take this as their jihad. They are determined to fight the truth. What do you think we can do?  

Thanks again for the wonderful work.  



Dear J.S.  

The strength of Islam is in lies. Truth is the enemy of lies, just as light is the enemy of darkness. The only way for darkness to survive is to stub out all lights. The only way to make lies prevail is to kill the truth. Muslims realize Internet spells their undoing. That is why they have taken their jihad to the Internet and try to control it as much as they can. Of course they are only buying time. They have blocked this site and all other anti Islamic sites in Islamic countries. So basically the light of truth cannot reach the bulk of Muslims. Nonetheless, as long as the Internet remains free in the rest of the world, truth keeps spreading and eventually Islam will vanish, just like the darkness of the night vanishes at the dawn. If we can't reach the majority of Muslims, we can reach the non-Muslims and once the truth about Islam spreads worldwide, there is no way Muslims can avoid seeing it. You can pull the curtains and block the street light from entering the room, but can you block the sun light? Now, all we have to do is to spread this truth so it covers the world like the light of the sun. Let us see if Muslims can still cover their eyes and pretend they don't see.   

Yes, I visit that page that talks about me every once in a while. Maybe it is out of curiosity or maybe out of vanity. I donít know! After all I am a human and vanity is part of human nature. It becomes dangerous only if it goes out of hand. I think I have mine under control.  

I would have preferred a page dedicated to Faith Freedom International. I am just a member of this group and the webmaster of this site. There are many who write, support and help in many faculties that makes FFI what it is. I am not going to be modest about it. FFI is changing the way people see Islam and it will eventually change the course of history. Don't judge it by its humble appearance. Its impact is big. But the credit should go to all those who make FFI and contribute in many ways to make its message spread, not just one person. Anyway, since someone already started an article on me, I am not going to ask to delete it. Any advertisement is good and I want this site receive maximum exposure.  

I saw someone wrote: "MENJ, the founder of this site believes "Ali Sina should be killed according to Islamic law" not just for apostatizing but also for speaking against Islam. [29] In the forum of the same site a senior member wrote:, "I would love to slay Ali Sina, and Sam Shamoun, and enjoy every minute of it", and "I would love to torture Ali Sina to death." [30]"

A Muslim editor of Wiliopedia removed that and wrote: "who is that senior member? Ali Sina himself ? He is talking about DoctorMaybe of Bismikaallahuma.com who is orgasmic about how he would love to torture me and kill me. YankeesFan, another member of tats forum responded:  "May Allah reward you for your intentions." This guy hasn't yet kill me and his friend wishes rewards for him just of the intention. :) The poor man does not ask himself why his Allah does not kill me? Why needs hitmen? 

According to this cyber jihadi in Wikipedia, I am this DoctorMaybe who actually IS a senior member of MENJ's forum. He is implying that Muslims never do such things. Oh, but of course. All the Islamic terrorists are Jooos who want to give bad name to Islam. ...Who said Muslims are not funny? Obviously these threats are too damaging to Islam and that is why so many Muslims are on guard to remove them as soon as someone posts them. If you check the history in that page,  you'll see that that Muslims are removing this passage only minutes after it is posted and their number is much greater. This is dedication. They are defending the image of their faith tooth and nail. Others, simply give up and move on. This militancy allows Muslims to win the war, one little victory at a time. 

Now, as to your question of how to deal with Islamic bullishness, I have already written about it extensively. As the rule, bullies should not be allowed to win. There should be no compromise, no negotiations, no concessions. This only emboldens them and they become even more aggressive and demanding. Bullies must face strong resistance. You must negotiate with normal people. You must never compromise with bullies. 

Yes I know Muslims have taken their jihad to the Internet, they come in huge numbers and they are militant. The non-Muslims are laid back, peace loving and fun loving. As Muslims boast "By Allah, we love death more than you love life" This is not what Bin Laden said first, he was just reciting what the companions of Muhammad said in the Battle of Badr. Average ordinary people are not militant. Normal people believe in ďlive and let liveĒ maxim. They just want to live their lives and donít care about what others believe. Unfortunately this good quality is also the cause of their undoing. Just as a small group of criminals, armed with guns, a plan of action and determination can overcome a huge number of non-combatant and unprepared civilians, a small group of militant Muslims can impose their will on a vast majority of people who are laid-back, easy-going and non-militant.  

I have already said how to combat this. The Islamic militancy must be fought militarily and its ideology, ideologically. We need strong military force to squash the Islamic terrorism world wide and we need also a host of anti jihadi writers to write books, articles, create websites and actively demolish the lies that Muslims say, with truth. 

Wikipedia has fallen in the hands of Muslims because their number is bigger than those who oppose Islam and because they are militant, while non-Muslims are not.  If more people become active in that site, eventually they will be able to outdo the Muslims.  Anyone can edit Wikipedia. 






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