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Ignorance Is Lethal: 
The West Is Its Own Worst Enemy 

By Ali Sina 


On August 1st 2005, Daily Telegraph published an article written by Jonathan Petre, entitled “The Converts”.  In this article Mr. Petre described the Britons “clamoring to convert to Islam” and forming a “lengthy queue to join religion that offers 'sense of direction'”. He wrote that according to the latest estimates about 15,000 have converted over the last few years.  “Even more remarkable, given the unflattering portrayal of Islam in much of the media, is that the majority of converts appear to be well educated, middle class, middle aged and female.”  Mr. Petre wrote.  

He quoted a Muslim who runs the New Muslims Project, an “after care” service for fellow converts who said: “They are often attracted by the sense of stability, Islam offers a specific framework for living that provides them with a sense of direction.”  

With this rosy depiction of Islam even I would like to reconvert. Who does not want a sense of direction, stability and peace? But is this the real picture? Is the Media telling the truth?  

Mr. Petre continues: “Paradoxically, the terrorist attacks in America and Britain , as well as the conflict in the Middle East , have served to fuel the recent surge, and the new wave includes its own sprinkling of celebrities and offspring of Establishment figures.” 

What paradox? The Media is lying to people. The politicians lie to them. They all claim that Islam is a religion of peace, that it offers stability and sense of direction; that the terrorists have hijacked the peaceful Islam which is a “beautiful religion”. They interview and publish the Islamist apologists who lie to promote their faith. The Islamists spend millions of dollars advertising and promoting their cult by projecting a very deceptive image of Islam. Yet, no one is even listening to the voices coming from those who know the real Islam and try to warn the world of its danger. These voices of opposition are often silenced and the critics are labeled as racists and Islamophobes. They are accused of inciting religious hatred. If a radio producer or a journalist dares to say a word against Islam, the Islamists rally and flood that radio or newspaper demanding resignation and apology and write to their advertisers asking them to boycott them.  

Recently the Radio talk-show host Michael Graham was suspended by station WMAL-AM for describing Islam as a "terrorist organization" on his program. CAIR, the Islamic organization operating in America asked hundreds of Muslims to write to WMAL and demand the suspension of Graham. WMAL complied, but then the Muslims demanded that he should be fired. They also contacted the advertisers of the radio asking them to boycott WMAL if Graham is not fired. When the news reached the listeners of the radio, tens of thousands of them wrote and called WMAL to express their support for Michael Graham. Things got so heated that Graham wrote in his website begging his supporters to stop calling 630 WMAL, because the folks there were overwhelmed with all these calls and emails. This shows people are aware while the Media is still playing dumb and tries to appease the Muslims and be politically correct. It looks like that WMAL got the message loud and clear.   

Mr. Jonathan Petre of Daily Telegraph did not tell the whole story. The truth is that most of those who convert to Islam, within months or a few years, realize they have been duped and leave Islam. Many of them rise with dedication and strive to eradicate his cult of lies and deception. I know hundreds of people who had converted to Islam but now have left it. Many of them started their own websites and weblogs and are exposing the ugly truth of  Islam.  

There are also millions of those who were born into Islam but now have left it. If Islamic apostasy can be called a movement, it is indeed the fastest growing movement today.    

However, the voices of apostates of Islam are not heard. Judeo-Christianity was attacked and vilified for hundreds of years but Islam has not been exposed. Those who attack Islam are forced to live in secrecy or they will face the fate of Theo Van Gogh. The Western media that so eagerly accommodates the Islamists and promotes their lies dreads publishing the articles of the apostates and those who oppose Islam. The criticism of Islam is not PC.  

Why is that so? it is because when someone tells the unflattering truth about Islam thousands of Muslims become hysterical and the media tries to avoid confrontation with these goons. In other words they are intimidated and afraid. But when they lie about Islam and rehash the "Islam means peace" nonsense, there is no uproar. The majority remain silent and there is not protests. The media is afraid to tell the truth but is encouraged to lie.

Islam relies on lies to promote its cause. A few days ago CBS and CNN interviewed the Islamists who in order to fool the public, issued a fatwa denouncing terrorism. These Islamists were given ample opportunity to lie and pull wool over the eyes of the uninformed American viewers. The anchorwoman in CNN asked the Imam about the verse 9:5 which says “slay them wherever you find them”. The Imam explained this verse is for those who kill innocent people and attack the civilians. The anchorwoman said, so you mean this allows us to go after the terrorists and kill them? The Imam was caught by surprise. He smiled and said, “Oh well, it is better that we educate them”.  So who should be slain wherever is found?

Why CNN did not invite anyone with opposing views to Islam to respond to these Islamic lies? The verse 9:5 was issued when Muhammad had already conquered most of Arabia. This is part of an edict called Bara'at (release) that Ali read on his behalf in Mecca during the pilgrimage a year after that city succumbed to Islam. In that pilgrimage the pagans were also present but this was their last pilgrimage. In that edict he claimed that Allah released him from all his treaties and obligation with Pagans and gave them, four months to convert. After the lapse of these four months, if they still did not convert, he said that they should be hunted and put to death wherever they are found. Here is the entire verse:  

“But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem; but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”  

He considered disbelief, rebellion against Allah and his messenger and the punishment of that is death. The disbelievers had to be killed unless they “repent” and convert to Islam and pay the tithes.  

CNN and CBS allowed Muslims to lie and gave them the opportunity to spread that lie. But would these media allow those who tell the truth be heard? Not at all! In fact in the same article where CBS promoted the lies of the Islamists, it also mocked the flag of the USA by showing a crescent where the stars should be and placed a Muslim sitting on it using it as his prayer mat. 

However, when The People’s Truth Forum, a non-partisan organization sponsoring the symposium The Radical-Islamist Threat to World Peace and National Security tried to buy a commercial time to publicize the event, the official statement from CBS/Infinity Radio was that, “Too many people might be emotionally affected by the subject matter…It’s too controversial to be aired at this time.”

The reason Islam is advancing is because the Western Media is in cahoots with Islam. This is treason. They are the fifth column. They lie to their own people and they protect the Islamists from being exposed. These fools are playing with fire. Don’t they realize that once Islam takes root in their countries they will be the first to lose their freedom and even their lives? What the Western and especially the mainstream media, controlled by the Liberals and the Leftist are doing is insanity. In their hatred of America and Judeo-Christianity they are joining hands with the Islamists and those who would eventually slit their own throat. 

Europe is falling. The Western Civilization is facing its biggest threat and the culprits are the traitor Media and the ignorant politicians who call Islam "religion of peace", who allow the Islamists to lie and deceive the public while they are not letting the voices of those who oppose Islam to be heard.

Why people convert to Islam? It is because they are lied to. It is because they are told Islam gives direction to their lives and gives them stability. Yes Islam gives direction but that is to hell. Islam is not a religion of peace; it is the cult of terror. Muhammad was not a prophet of God. If he was not from Satan, he was a cult leader no better than Jim Jones, David Koresh or Shoko Asahara who advanced his reign with terror, murder and plunder. Islam is a lie. Muhammad was a terrorist, a narcissist psychopath no different from Hitler. Why the Media is not letting the truth to be heard? I have laid charges of assassination, pedophilia, lustfulness, misogyny, rape, deceit, theft, arson, slavery and genocide on Muhammad and proved my case with evidences taken from the Quran, the hadith and his biography. I am offering  $50,000 dollars to anyone who can refute me and acquit Muhammad of these charges. Many Muslims have tried and all of them have failed. Why the mainstream media does not let the voices of those who oppose Islam to be heard and why they are so eager to promote the lies and deceptions of the Islamists. This is insanity. This is suicidal.  This is like defending Nazism and silencing its critics. How much stupidity is enough?

I am talking to you Mr. Jonathan Petre. I am talking to you Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, CBS, CNN, Mr. Blaire and all those who know nothing about Islam and yet rehash the lies of the Islamists claming Islam is a religion of peace that is hijacked. What part of Islam offered direction and stability? Have you read the damn Quran? Have you seen the Sira? Do you know hadith? What knowledge you have about Islam to opine and make such a glowing remarks about it? You know nothing about Islam, so shut up! Do not become the apologists of this evil cult of terror. Do not mislead people. Do not betray your forefathers who gave their lives to fight Islamic invasion. They died to protect your country and now you are serving it in a platter to the same enemy. The Western Civilization is falling because of its own ignorance. You have taken the path of self destruction. If only you knew the danger that is looming over your heads you would be engulfed with fear and would rise to defeat Islam with all your might. 

A friend of mine said a joke that describes you very well. "A wife returns home suddenly to find her husband in bed with another woman. Unfazed, the husband looks up from the sheets at her and, with great indignation, demands: Who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes? It seems to me that right now almost the entire world is like that wife, looking down at that husband, who represents Islam."  

To learn the truth about Islam all you have to do is to listen to Muslims when they describe their religion to each other. See this.






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