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 Non believers are najis (impure)

A very interesting debate took place in an Islamic forum. Noora, a young woman who converted to Islam wonders whether her parents who are unbelievers are najis:  

This is what she wrote:  

Noora: “I read, that one of the najis things is an infidel, ya3ni who doesnt beleive in God...

My problem is that i am conerted, alhamdulillah (hey, NOT this is my problem, lol) and i lvie in a non-muslim family. My father is Christian (amm..at least he says), but my mother doesnt beleive in any god...May Allah Taala guide them.

Is my mother najisa for me...?Or...?

Plz, help, how is it now?”

Hajar: “I think if someone is najis, it doesn't matter if the person is a relative or not.

I am in the taqlid of Imam Khomeini(ra).  His ruling was that even ahlul kitab are najis. So I've always just considered my family as najis, even though they are Christian.”

Noora:  “Jazak Allah Taala kull khayran for the reply, sister.

My question is now, how should i be with her?..Namely..she cant touch my praying clothes and stuffs, can she...?

Allahu musta1an..May He guide her! ameen.”  

sag_IMAM-REZA:  “Imam KhameneI sais if  something is wet and najis have touchd(befor and after it became wet) it you have to wash that part, but only something thats wet.”  

Socrates: “I think Sayyid Fadhlallah's ruling in this regard appeals most to 'Aql. He says they are not physically najis, but spiritually najis because of their way of thinking”.  

Al_Radhiy, also stresses on “rationality” although he confirms that the unbelievers are najis spiritually:  

Al_Radhiy:, “You should act with your parents as in the Quran, i.e. like your parents !. The only Quranic restriction is when they order to do something against Islam.
Concerning the Najassa as socrates said, the rationalistic point of view is that this najassa is spiritual and not material.”  

Hajar: is not comfortable about this “rationality” business and says Muslims should only imitate whatever their imam says:  

Hajar: “Brothers, I think we should apply the ruling of whichever marja we follow.  Trying to figure out what is a rational view is not our place.  The only marja that I know of who says the kafir are not najis is Sayid Fadlullah.  His ruling is below:

"unbelievers are  also considered najis. However, it is more likely that they are tahir, be they of the people of the Book or unbelievers. That said, it is advisable, as a matter of ihtiyat mustahab, [cautiousness] to avoid them, especially unbelievers. People of the Book are those who belong to religions, such as Judaism and Christianity, that have been deemed abrogated by the advent of Islam.

But the majority say they are najis, even physically.   They are listed as one of the inherently najis substances. The ruling from Sayid Seestani is similar,if not exactly the same,as most other marja:

108. The entire body of a Kafir, including his hair and nails, and all liquid substances of his body, are najis.”

Socrates:  “The non-Kitabis (in effect, polytheists and atheists) are considered physically impure as well by most marjas. The kitabis are not counted as najis by most marjas.”  

Inbead:  “I know someone who is very close to me and is in a similar situation, parents, brothers, sisters are kafir. I asked a Maulana once about this and his reply was when they (kafirs) are wet, they are najis.

Then I asked him about the scientific explanation of how this comes to be. His reply was using perspiration as an example. He said the thoughts of people (any people kafir or not comes from the brain) comes from the brain, the pituitary gland is located in the brain which is responsible for starting various secretions in the body. Now if the belief of the person (kafir) is such that he does not believe in oneness of Allah, his thoughts are najis and pituitary gland and its secretions (including sweat, when he/ she is wet, etc.) are all najis. This explanation kind of made sense to me. W Allah bil Alim....”


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