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Yes there is hope for all other people who have lost their humanity and who defend the evil deeds of Muhammad or commit acts similar to him. However, as long as they are Muslims and promote that ideology of hate they lack what distinguishes humans from beasts. They follow a monster and they think and behave like him. When people have no empathy for other humans, they canít be called human.  Good people can do evil things influenced by wrong beliefs. You and I are no exceptions. At any moment, we are capable of acting saintly or criminally. Always the choice is ours. We are good or bad, based on the choices that we make. Evil is, one who evil does.

We are responsible for our thoughts and actions. All humans are naturally good. We are born as angels. Donít buy into the "original sin" nonsense. That is a baseless religious dogma. Children are born as innocent as they look. Even if you believed in the fable of Adam and creation, know that no sane deity would pass the alleged sins of one couple to their descendants. Every person is born with immaculate personal account. Everyone has the potential to become a saint. We are born with free will. We choose our actions. For some of us that choice is easier than for others. Nonetheless, the choice is ours. Some of us have to battle the demons within us to do the right thing and for others doing the right thing comes natural. But in the final analysis we make the choice. We are aware of the choices that we make and are responsible for them. Even a psychopath killer like Son of Sam was fully aware that what he was doing was evil. That is why he avoided being caught. Muslims are also aware that what they do is evil. That is why when they are in Western countries they use euphemism to whitewash the crimes of Muhammad and their own. Muslims know they are doing evil, because they don't like to be treated the way they treat others. 

Those who choose evil doctrines, do evil. To say, ďI was taught these lies and believed them to be true, and that is why I did evil" is no excuse. Every person is responsible for his own actions. Although social conditioning and upbringing have a great effect on how we think and behave, they do not justify giving in to sheer evil and support it, let alone practice it. If Anwar Sheikh could see Islam is evil and and leave it, and if millions of Muslims are seeing the light and are leaving it, why canít others? If they donít do that, it is because of their stubbornness, their arrogance and their genuine attraction to evil. Likes attract. Good people are not attracted to evil. They can be fooled with lies when evil is presented to them as good, but once they learn the truth, they do not insist in defending it. 

Today someone asked me to give her the source that shows Muhammad ordered the assassination of his opponents. She said a Muslims friend of her has told her that if these claims are true, she will leave Islam, for she can't believe in an assassin. This person is a human. Her humanity overwhelms her belief. A great number of Muslims are like her, but there are many who are not. For some Muslims it makes no difference to learn that Muhammad was Devil incarnate, they will not leave that monster. How can we call them humans? 

No human can worship a man who performed sex on a 9 year old child, tortured innocent people to make them disclose the whereabouts of their treasures and then murdered them and slept with their wives in the same night. The crimes committed by Muhammad make Son of Sam look like a simple felon. How can any human call a man so despicable as Muhammad a prophet of God and follow him? No! let us be honest to ourselves. Not every humanoid is a human. You must have human qualities to qualify.  

The fact that Islam is evil is clear as the sun. The fact that Muhammad was a monster is also clear. The evidences of that have been given overwhelmingly. There is no excuse for Muslims anymore. Yes we must be sympathetic to those Muslims who have not been allowed to see the truth, canít access the Internet and have not heard the facts that are stated in this site and other similar sites. But can we forgive those who, despite reading about all the heinous crimes perpetrated by Muhammad and the stupidity and injustice of the Quran, still defend him?

We have accused and proven that Muhammad is guilty of all sorts of crimes and have shown that the Quran is full of nonsense. Muslims must either prove us wrong or leave Islam.  

Given the nature of Islam that encourages terrorism, and calls for our death, we must increase the pressure on Muslims and demand that they either prove the truth of Islam or leave it. This measure is not necessary for religions that are not violent. I acknowledge that no religion can be proven logically to be true, but as long as they are harmless, it is none of our business what people want to believe. The choice of religion must be left to the individuals. But when a so called religion tries to impose itself through terror, then it is imperative that we demand accountability.  

We have to accept that this is a war. We did not start it, therefore we canít end it. We must fight it or surrender. We must increase the pressure on Muslims. We canít increase the pressure on evil Muslims who are completely lost. There is nothing to say to Bin Laden, Zarqawi or other Muslim terrorists. These beasts must be caught and destroyed. We have to increase the pressure on good people who are only nominally Muslims. These people are salvageable. We must do whatever we can to save them. Only then can we take away the power from the evil Muslims. When millions of nominal Muslims start leaving Islam, doubt will replace the certitude of the suicide bombers and this will put an end on Islamic terrorism and eventually on Islam itself. The battle against Islamic terrorism can be won only if we fight Islam ideologically as well as psychologically. Calling Muslims inhuman, may not be politically correct, but it is part of the psychological warfare.  

Accept the fact that Islam is your enemy. Islam wants to subdue you and destroy your world. This is not what I say. This is what the Quran says. The militancy of Islam must be fought militarily but its ideological component must be fought ideologically. There is also a strong psychological component. This is the Islamic vainglory and bravado. This component must be fought through humiliation. You must not respect your enemy. You must fear him but not respect him. The reason KKK has lost its oomph, is because it was not respected but rather humiliated. 

Your loyal Muslim friend is a victim. It is up to you to save him. Keep increasing the pressure. Ask him to read this site and respond to the charges. Donít give up and donít give in to his tantrums and victim histrionics. His religion says he should kill you. He either agrees with that or he does not. If he does, he is not your friend and one day he may actually slit your throat, like Al-Ayed slit the through of Sellouk, his Jewish friend. If he does not, he must denounce Islam and leave this cult of hate. If he tries to explain away the violence and injustice of the Quran, he is playing Taqiyyah, i.e. he is dissimulating and lying. Leave him. By increasing the pressure and forcing him to leave Islam, you are doing him a favor. You are saving his soul and his life. By letting him remain in his ignorance, you are being cruel to him. If Islam is not eliminated or weakened, you and your friend, along with millions of others could be dead within two decades. This tension cannot grow indefinitely. It will come to a point that it will explode and many lives will be lost. The only way to avert this insanity is to weaken Islam and the only way to do that is to help good humans who think they are Muslims see the light and leave it.

This is time for accountability. Islam is evil and dangerous and Muslims must be held accountable. We must accept this reality that Islam will not tolerate us and our freedom. We have two options: We either give in and succumb to Islam, or we fight it and destroy it. There is no other option. The world must wake up and smell the coffee. Islam does not tolerate coexistence and multiculturalism once it comes to power. These comical interfaith conferences that Muslims love so much are to open more foothold for Islam. There are no interfaith dialogues in Islamic countries. The only peaceful co-existence Muslims know is through submission and dhimmitude of non-Muslims. The sooner you come to grasp this reality, the less painful will be our fight for freedom. The longer it takes for you to acknowledge this fact, the more lives will be lost.  

Today we have two choices. We either oppose Islam ideologically and destroy it or we will have to prepare ourselves to fight a nuclear and/or chemical/biological war in which hundreds of millions or even billions could perish. Time is running out. We will all pay dearly for our inaction. Today, mankind is in its gravest danger ever. Never in history, had we faced a more perilous time than these days. Today, there is no cause more important than to destroy Islam and that can't be done with white gloves and political correctness. 


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