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This may seem simplistic but really this is all there is to it. Every human is potentially capable of becoming a Mother Teresa. We have to focus on our children, shower them with love and pay attention to them so they develop their sense of empathy and evolve as fully humans.  

This explains why some people are evil. Why some become monsters like Muhammad, Genghis Khan, Zarqawi, and other  mass murderers, rapists and serial killers. Go to any jail and talk to the hardcore criminals. Invariably they will tell you about their difficult and loveless childhood.  Not all those who had a loveless and abusive childhood become criminals, (they may become difficult partners and spouses) but generally all the criminals are victims of some sort of abusive and loveless childhood.

However, loveless childhood does not explain why millions of Muslims during these 1400 years or the Japanese and the Germans during the World War II did so much evil. What makes millions of people go insane?  Hitler was truly a monster, but he did not commit the holocaust alone. Germans did it. Can we say they were good people? Can we forget their heinous crimes? Yes Muhammad was an evil monster, well deserving of the title of subhuman, but Muhammad is dead. These despicable crimes, like rape and massacre of children in Beslan, beheadings, constant bombings, and attempt to poison food supplies in schools and hospitals are perpetrated by his followers. Are these terrorists humans? Islam would not exist if it were not for Muslims who follow it. We can’t shift all the blame on a dead man and acquit those who willingly choose to follow him.  

We humans are not automatons. We are responsible for our actions. When millions of people let themselves to be fooled by a psychopath and follow him, they become psychopaths. There is no humanity left in them anymore. “I was following orders” is not a valid excuse. Muslims who subscribe to inhumane teachings of Muhammad become inhuman. Naturally I am not talking about the nominal Muslims who, like my grandmother are good people and the only thing they know about Islam is prayers and fasting. I am talking about those who defend Muhammad and his crimes. Those who say apostates should be killed, adulterers should be stoned, minorities should be subdued, and those who knowingly lie and try to dissimulate these facts are not good people. They are not humans. No, I refuse to call such creatures humans. The real Muslims who follow Muhammad and believe in whatever he said are not humans. A few days ago a Muslim ice-cream vendor was caught because he financed his son to get training by Al Qaida and learn how to poison food and kill average Americans. This man sells ice-cream to your kids. Is he a human?  

It is our empathy that makes us humans. If you don’t have empathy, whether it is because you had a loveless and abusive childhood or  because you gave up your rational faculty to someone who had a loveless and abusive childhood, you have ceased to be a human. We are not talking about the cause and why you lost your humanity. You could be a victim of lies. But the fact remains that you have no empathy. Because of that you are disqualified to be called a human.

Son of Sam was a serial killer. He has a diabolic mind. He is a ruthless murderer. His crimes were so heinous that the jury thought he is insane. Of course he is insane, but he knew what he was doing. He is fully responsible for his actions. Now in jail he pretends to have converted to Christianity. This is all part of the game of the narcissist psychopath. If he ever gets out of the jail he will continue killing people. Once the narcissist psychopath loses the ability to harm, he goes the other way and pretends to be reformed. 

Son of Sam, whose real name is David Berkowitz, was an adopted child. His adoptive parents loved and doted on their son yet David grew up feeling rejected and scorned because of being adopted. This reminds us of Muhammad who was also an orphan and who also must have felt rejected by his mother when given to a Bedouin wet nurse to be raised. He grew in the house of his foster parents for five years, all the time knowing that he did not belong there. The feeling of being rejected is traumatic. It is hard enough on us grown ups but it is devastating to a child. 

David Berkowitz developed a low self-esteem, an identity problem experienced by many adopted children. He felt different and uncomfortable around people. He also felt unattractive, though neighbors described him as a good-looking child. 

Like David, Muhammad was a loner. During his early years he spent most of his time in caves and away from people. He was not described as ugly, but strangely he did not like his portrait  to be drawn. Could this have been the result of his belief of being unattractive, caused by his low self-esteem? 

Just before the murders started, David wrote to his adopter, "You wouldn't believe how much some people hate me. Many of them want to kill me. I don't even know these people, but still they hate me." Of course, people did not hate him; they probably didn't even notice him. So where did this feeling of being hated by people he doesn't even know came from? Could it be the feeling of being rejected by his own mother before he was even born?

Note how Muhammad was obsessed with having enemies whom he thought planned to assassinate him and how he was preoccupied with thoughts of persecution when none of that was real. He surrounded himself with bodyguards and spoke in length about his detractors. Today, his paranoia is echoed by his followers who see themselves as being oppressed and the world as their enemies. 

This psychosis was eloquently expressed by Dr. Mahathir the Prime Minister of Malaysia who in OIC the summit of all Islamic nations said: 

“We are all Muslims. We are all oppressed. We are all being humiliated.”   

This oppression and humiliation is all imagined. Muslims believe to be oppressed and humiliated because they live in Muhammad's narcissistic bubble universe. They reflect his lack of self-esteem, his feeling of rejection, his paranoia, his vengefulness, his megalomania, and his desire to subdue, to dominate and to control.

People like David Berkowitz and Muhammad, who in their early childhood grew up feeling rejected, constantly battle their inner demon. Their empathy does not develop. They become unable to love anyone and lives of others become dispensable to them. By killing people they feel omnipotent and in control. By victimizing others they feel they are gods. They have no compunction for the lives that they destroy. Berkowitz started over 1000 arsons. This gave him the feeling of power. Muhammad received his feeling of power through raids. He also set on fire his victims, their hoses, their orchards and even a mosque with people in it.  

Those who follow monsters such as Hitler or Muhammad, are not psychopath themselves, but they are fooled. They are victims of lies that they have been fed all their lives. But are they innocent? Anwar Sheikh murdered three innocent persons when he was a young Muslim. Is he innocent? He committed a crime. Of course he is not innocent. What he did was horrendous and inhuman. He is the first to admit it. Anwar Sheikh is a good example. Now that he has left Islam, he is a changed man. He is filled with remorse. Now he is writing books trying to help others to save their souls and leave Islam. He has managed to salvage his humanness. he is trying to mend the harm that he did when he was under the influence of Islam, the memory of which haunts him up to this day.  


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