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A number of extremist groups sprang up in Iraq following the invasion and occupation by the US. While nobody denies an occupied people’s right to resistance, some groups, claiming to serve the cause of Islam and Iraqis, are indulging in acts that no sane and humane person can condone.  

You see? Muslims don’t have double standards.  This sister is on one hand legitimizing the "right" of his brothers to be terrorists and on the other hand she is saying they should be moderate terrorists. This is not double standard. This is Islamic standard.

Overlooking the fact that in Iraq there has been a free election for the first time ever and that the Iraqis are in control of their own destiny for the first time, she still calls it "occupation". This is not double standard. This is Islamic standard. 

She also says “people” have the right to resistance. Resistance against whom? Against the democratically elected government of the people? Against the citizens of their country? Why can’t these "people" join other people, enter into the democratic process and accept the will of the majority? Why they have to bully the majority with terror? This is of course not double standard. Muslims don’t like democracy. They prefer to take the power through terrorism. So no double standard here. This is Islamic standard. 


They abduct people, seek ransom and kill them if their demands are not met. Many of their hostages have been poor Muslims from countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan — countries that had opposed the US war against Iraq.

Some of their victims were laborers and drivers — people who leave behind their loved ones back home in search of a better livelihood. They have nothing to do with politics.


Yes that is very wrong. They should not abduct Muslim brothers. They should only take infidel Americans and Europeans and kill them.  Muslims never kill a Muslim brother. They must be Joooz doing these things to give bad name to Islam.


Two Pakistani Kashmiris were among many hapless people brutally murdered by such extremist groups. What was the crime of these people? Nobody knows.

And what was the crime of westerners? Where they guilty of something? But of course, they were kafir. What am I thinking, silly me. Only Muslim victims count. 


Shame on such people who claim to be Muslims but perpetrate acts that no religion can ever condone, let alone Islam, the religion of peace that enjoins its followers to forgive others.

Really? Does Islam teach that? 

Ibn Ishaq and Tabari say that the Prophet PBUH upon winning in the battle of Badr; beheaded a few of his captives including Nazar bin Harith, his own cousin, because he had mocked the holy Prophet in severl years ago in Mecca and had hurt his feelings. Ali, the other cousin of Nazar carried out the execution. Talk about family values.  Muhammad also ordered Aqabeh bin Abi Mo'it to be beheaded. Tabari quotes Ibn Ishaq that when Aqabeh heard this he cried out in anguish "O Muhammad, who will take care of my little children?" The holy Prophet PBUH  responded "Hell!" [Tabari Persian v 3. p. 977]  

The Prophet also sent his men to raid a merchant caravan during the sacred months of pilgrimage when killing and looting for Arabs was taboo. At Nakhlah Muslims deceived the men of the caravan, pretending to be going for pilgrimage, then murdered one of them treacherously and took the rest as hostage. Muhammad then  threatened to behead the prisoners if their families did not pay ransom.  Geez! I wonder whether these terrorists have been inspired by the examples set by the holy Prophet by any chance. 

I am sure Ibn Ishaq and Tabari were Joooz. They said so many stories of violence and terror that anyone reading their books comes to think the holy Prophet PBUH was a terrorist. We all know the Prophet would never do such things.  


Extremist groups are active in other Muslim countries too. Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf, who sided with the US in the war on terror, has survived several assassination attempts by extremist groups. What Musharraf did was the right thing to do. It served his country’s interests. The extremists did not like this because it reined them in. Pakistan, where the extremists played politics by instigating sectarian violence, where they recruited young people to fight other Muslims telling this is jihad and where they held sway in every domain, suddenly found themselves in the soup after Musharraf backed the US war on terror.

Subsequent crackdowns by the Pakistani government antagonized them still further. Many extremist groups were dismantled but many have sprung up because they are backed by people who seek to perpetuate their reign of terror.  


They are all Joooz.  


Terrorism, in every form and manifestation, should be condemned not by words but by action and extremists should not be allowed to distort the true image of Islam. It is incumbent on every Muslim to play his role because it is nothing less than a religious duty to thwart those trying to distort religious values.  

Yes I agree. I also suggest we shred our Qurans or burn them. This is the book that inspires the youth to become terrorists and gives Islam bad name. The Quran is a manual of terror. This book must have been written by Joooz. Islam is a religion of peace. It never teaches those things that are in the Quran.    


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