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 Joooz Try to Give Islam Bad Name

By Ali Sina 


Naushad Shamimul Haque, in Arab News wrote: 

Extremists Should Not Be Allowed to Distort the True Image of Islam

They thrive on militancy and violence. They seek to strike terror and they kill and maim, yet they claim to serve the cause of Islam. These misguided people are found everywhere and unfortunately their number continues to swell — thanks primarily to poverty, injustice and the West’s double standard.

Yep! It's all fault of the West’s double standard. I wonder when George W. Bush will stop funding thousands of madressahs that teach nothing but hate? Why the Americans continue teaching the children in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries to hate the Jews and the Kafirs? When are they going to let  the oppressed people of Palestine to drawn the Zionist Joooz in the sea? This is very unIslamic. Muslims never do such things. Also Islam has nothing to do with the fact that Muslims are poor. It is all fault of the Westerners who read the Quran and steal all the science from it and leave nothing for the Muslims. 


More youngsters are lured into this dicey business of terrorism with promises of perks and paradise. Some of these young people who may have little or no knowledge of religion or who may never have prayed regularly say they aspire for “martyrdom” — the most lofty ambition a Muslim can have.  

Martyrdom has nothing to do with Islam. These are all American propaganda. Innocent Muslim kids learn about martyrdom when they watch American movies. ... Err! Did you say “martyrdom — the most lofty ambition a Muslim can have"? So you mean these terrorist suicide bombers are the most fulfilled Muslims? If so why you criticize them? I thought you said the westerners are guilty of double standard.  


They are brainwashed by people who have vested interests; they are driven by misguided teachings. 

So which is true? Are they attaining the most lofty ambition a Muslim can have or are they being brainwashed and misguided? Or maybe the two are the same thing!?

What are those misguided teachings? Is teaching them that martyrdom is  the most lofty ambition a Muslim can have, a good teaching?  


 Violence and militancy are alien to Islam, the religion of peace, that teaches its followers tolerance and amity. But extremists, though few in number, seem to hold sway over the moderate majority. That is the dangerous phenomenon taking hold these days.

"A few extremists hold sway over the moderate majority"!? Doesn't this make the moderate majority extremists too?.

All those misguided teachings come from the American Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Violence is alien to Islam.

All those ugly violent verses that exist in the Quran that call the Muslims to kill the disbelievers wherever they find them (2:191), murder them and treat them harshly (9:123), slay them (9:5), fight against them (8:65), strive against them with great endeavor (25:52), be stern with them because they belong to hell (66:9) and strike off their heads; then after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” for ransom ;47:4),  are placed into the holy Quran by the Joooz. Islam means peace. All those terrorists are Joooz. All those who during the time of our holy prophet looted innocent people, massacred men and raped their women were Joooz. They wanted to give Islam bad name. Muslims never do such things. Dr. Mahathir, the moderate president of Malaysia said; Joooz "rule the world by proxy" .  They are very dangerous to Islam. They are always at work trying to give bad name to Islam. They even bomb other Joooz in Israel to give bad name to Islam. Muslims never do such things.  

On April 19, a group of radicals broke into a news conference held by moderate Muslim groups in London in connection with the May 5 British polls. Around 20 protesters, many wearing scarves to hide their faces, ripped a locked door off its hinges at one of London ’s main mosques and burst into the event organized by Britain ’s main Islamic lobby group, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

They pushed their way to the front of the room, stood on chairs and shouted slogans against the MCB, Jews, Christians, apostates and the entire British political system.  

I tell you! They were Joooz. Muslims don’t do such things.


The protest laid bare tensions within Britain’s 1.6 million-strong Muslim community.  

You see? They want to drive rift among the Ummah again. The Joooz  invented Shiism, Wahhabism and all sorts of Islamic isms to make Muslims fight among each other. Joooz killed millions of Shiites pretending to be Sunnis and then they killed millions of Sunnis pretending to be Shiites. Even today these Joooz go to the churches and synagogues in Pakistan, Turkey and Iraq, bomb and kill the minorities to give bad name to Islam. Islam teaches peace. Muslims never do such things.


After about 20 minutes of commotion, the protesters — young and wearing traditional Muslim dress including caps and flowing robes — left of their own accord.

Did you look carefully at their caps? They were small. This is proof that they were Joooz. Muslims never do such things.  


In leaflets handed to reporters, they identified themselves as belonging to a group called “The Savior Sect.” Muslims in Britain have condemned the protest.  

You see? "Savior means Messiah". I knew they were Joooz. Muslims condemned them.


Fiyaz Mughal, chairman of the opposition Liberal Democrats’ group for ethnic minorities, said the protest “in no way represents the history of Islam” and cited Bosnia and Moorish Spain as examples of “societies where Muslims and non-Muslims had lived in peace.”

Yes. That is true. He forgot to mention also Iran, India or Egypt where first the Joooz massacred millions of people and then the Muslims graciously offered the survivors protection by charging them Jizyah and treating them with a little bit of humiliation to comply with the verse  (9:29)

A handful of extremists are trying to bully moderates. The hard-liners are now taking to new methods to draw people to their fold — they are now resorting to violence and intimidation. If we seek to see what extremist groups are doing elsewhere, Iraq is the first country that comes to mind.

They have nothing to do with Islam.  The Prophet (pbuh) strongly prohibited Jihad and said

2:216, Fighting is NOT prescribed for you,

8:12, I will NOT instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: DON’T smite ye above their necks and DON’T smite all their finger-tips off them  

9:5, But when the forbidden months are past, then DON’T fight and DON’T slay the Pagans wherever ye find them.

Then Joooz came and changed the Quran and took all those "nots? and "don't" out to make Islam look bad. Muslims never do such things.


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