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In the 1300s, the most deadly plague, dubbed as Black Death swept through Europe killing more than 25 million people – one-forth of the continent’s population. No one knew how to fight it because no one knew what causes it. People started suspecting that cats were responsible for carrying the disease and exterminated the cats. This was a mistake because the bubonic disease is carried by rats and once cats were gone rats proliferated and made the plague the worst calamity of mankind up to that day. So many people died because they could not identify the source of the problem.  

Today we are facing a not very different situation. Islam is like bubonic plague. We have to fight the plague, not the people who carry it. If these people pass the stage of recovery and become terrorists and a hazard to our lives they must be destroyed. But the enemy is Islam not those who are infected by it. All Muslims are in peril, but all Muslims are not infected yet. All it takes to be infected is to become acquainted with the Quran and take to heart what it says.   

As long as we are unwilling to recognize the source of the problem we won’t be able to confront it. As long as we keep our collective heads in the sand we won’t be able to see the truth.  

Religious fanaticism is not respecter of people. It is not just the Saudis, the Jordanians or the Palestinians who are at risk. John Walker Lyndh, nicknamed "The American Taliban" was an all American kid who embraced Islam and became a terrorist. Everyone who has a brush with Islam is at risk. Any Muslim can become a terrorist overnight. As long as people believe Muhammad was a messenger of God, they are at risk of contracting Islamic terrorist fever.     

The Chinese Strategist Sun Zi who wrote the "Art of War" said: "Know thyself and know thy enemy." Our enemy knows us. He knows our weaknesses. He knows about his "rights" among us. He takes full advantage of democracy and operating within our system he plots our defeat. He is smaller but smarter than us. He is winning because he is cunning and because he knows us. 

We don’t know our enemy. We are too good, too trusting, too gullible. We cover our ears so not to hear the truth because this truth is not politically correct.

We are losing battle after battle with each terrorist act and eventually we will lose this war, broke, because we are fighting a phantom and not the enemy itself. It is only a matter of time that we exhaust our resources, run out of gas and surrender. 

Every Muslims is a time bomb. You never know how he would react when he reads the Quran and learns what that book is demanding from him. Would he be shocked and leave Islam aghast or would he convince himself that he is not allowed to question the wisdom of Allah and become a terrorist? It is not wise to trust Muslims, until they leave Islam.

We have two options. We either continue appeasing the Muslims to win them as friends while more people die or we take Islam out of the Muslims.

The only humane option, in my view, is the deislamization of the world. This disease must be eliminated before the sick can recover. Everyday we delay, more lives will be lost and the prospect of a major war looms bigger. 

The enemy is Islam. It is not people, it is an ideology. It is this plague that we have to fight and eradicate, not its potential victims. Many people are infected by HIV but only a few get AIDS. Many people are Muslims, but only a few become terrorists. But all those who are infected by Islam are in danger of becoming terrorists. 

Once we recognize the enemy, defeating it would be easy. A few of us are fighting this enemy. If we all joined hands – all the governments and all the people of all religions – we would be able to defeat it in one generation. Yes, in one generation! No bloodshed is needed. This is a promise, not a prophecy. 

Why it is not a prophecy? ... Because it won't happen unless we make it happen. Why it is a promise? …Because if we do what we have to do, it will happen. We will succeed.   

We must fight and eradicate this enemy before it brings us the biggest disaster mankind has ever faced.... Anyone home?

Ignorance is lethal. Knowledge is the antidote.   


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