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A group of Islamic thugs have threatened Craig Winn the author of Prophet of Doom to remove his site of prepare himself to be assassinated.  The following is my message to these hatchet men of Allah and my plea to the rest of Muslims.   


A Message to the “Jealous Muslim Group”  The Hatchet Men Of Allah

from Ali Sina

So you want to assassinate Craig Winn to salvage the lost honor of your prophet?

Well, Winn is not immortal. He surely can be targeted and killed. But does his death restore the honor of Islam?  

What the death of Theo Van Gogh accomplished for Islam and Muslims in Holland , Europe and the rest of the world? Millions more found out that Islam is a cult of death and turned their backs against it. Van Gogh’s movie “Submission” was shown by hundreds of sites and millions of people saw it. Winn’s assassination will do the same. Millions more will come to see Islam is a murderous cult and will rise with more determination to destroy it. The anti Islamic sentiment in America and the rest of the world will grow. People will demand their politicians to curtail the freedoms of the Muslims and expulse them from their countries. At the same time Winn’s book, Prophet of Doom will be sold by millions and the whole world will come to see Islam for what it is.  

You think you can do whatever you want through terror and threats. You are very mistaken. If Craig Winn pulls out his site, I will publish his book in my site. Neither would you be able to stop me nor Winn. I will ask other concerned humans to do the same. Winn’s book will be featured on line by tens of sites and will be read by millions of people.  

You are offended because Winn called Islam a “Terrorist Dogma” and you are demanding apology and threatening to assassinate him. The depressing joke is that your brains are so dysfunctional that you can’t see the irony.  

What kind of god is this Allah that gets offended by people’s criticism to the extents that has to assassinate them? Is such a petulant god worthy of worship? How do we know Allah is not Satan? What he taught you to do is satanic and not divine. Whatever Muslims do in the name of their religion is satanic. Bombing innocent people is satanic, assassinations are satanic, massacring children is satanic, stoning, flogging, maiming, gouging the eyes, cutting the limbs, honor-killings are all satanic. Allah cannot be the compassionate and merciful god that his prophet has falsely claimed. He is a sadist, a demonic evil ghost pretending to be God.  

Apart from being evil Allah is also impotent. What kind of deity is this that can’t kill his opponents on his own and like a godfather of a mafia ring relies on his hired killers to eliminate those whom he does not like?  

Islam is insanity. Once again I urge Muslims to leave Islam. Allah is not God and Muhammad was an impostor. The evidence is overwhelming. I challenge the Muslims to prove the contrary. I challenge you to disprove my charges against Muhammad. I promised to remove this site should anyone prove me wrong. Four years has passed and that has not happened yet.  

I am not a wealthy man, but I have a house. It is mortgaged but there is some equity in it. I offer anyone who can prove my charges against Muhammad to be wrong, $50.000 dollars in American money.  If Islam is true, prove me wrong and my house is yours. If you can’t and if no one can why you cling to this evil cult of terror and murder? Why do you want to be part of the billion-man terrorist organization? We have proven that Muhammad was a terrorist. Why do you want to be a follower of a terrorist?  Why this man you call prophet, did not give a single logical proof to his claim and the only proof he had was FEAR? Apart from instilling fear; what else Muhammad gave as the proof to his claim? The only argument of Islam is FEAR. Fear of hell and fear of assassination and terror. What kind of god is this that can’t establish his truth except through fear? Why there is not a single Muslim to prove the truth of Islam through logic?  

Dear fellow human; if you are a human, leave Islam because Islam is bestiality. It is evil, it is monstrous. Allah is not God, he is Satan. Leave this satanic cult now or prove me wrong.  

Prove me wrong and I will give you my house. I promise to give you $50,000 dollars if you or your Imam can prove me wrong. But if you can’t, then leave this cult of hate and terror and save you soul. Stop this insanity. Become part of humanity. Do not be a follower of a psychopath criminal. Do not worship the Satan disguised as God. Do not submit your intelligence to demon. Do not betray the gift of God that makes us humans. Use your brain and see for yourself that Islam is nothing but deception, fallacy and lies. Leave this cult! Join mankind! Be part of us! Do not be an enemy to humanity! Get rid of your hate! Learn to love and become a human again.  


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