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You asked, Do you propose I break off my association with them unless they get rid of their religion?  

You must be supportive of Muslims as human beings but at the same time very firm against their adherence to their cult. Good people should not tolerate Islam just as they would not tolerate racism, sexism, or any form of apartheid. You must make them realize that you love them, but Islam is evil and their mere adherence to Islam is a validation of terrorism. They denouncing of terrorism by words is not enough, they must reject it completely by rejecting Islam. It is their responsibility to investigate the truth about Islam and it is not acceptable that they follow a terrorist of the seventh century merely because they have been told he was a perfect man. Today's terrorists are following this man's example and your friends support them by calling themselves Muslims. They must feel the pressure from all sides. They must realize that the entire world rejects Islam. Muslims cant have it both ways. They either must side with humanity or be branded as the enemy.

You said they condemn terrorism. Show them the verses of the Quran upon which the terrorists act and ask whether they condemn those verses too.

The peace of mankind depends on millions of Muslims leaving Islam. They wont do that as long as they do not feel the urge and are pampered and protected by people like you.  Do you see your responsibility here? Do you realize now that you are part of the problem?

When a surgeon takes a scalpel and cuts through the flesh of a patient, it is not out of malice. If he does not operate the patient will die. But you tell me forcing people to leave Islam is cruel! You rather see the constant beheadings, child massacres, bombings and the Armageddon than hurt the feelings of your friends. This is called PCism and it is the biggest hurdle to peace. Because of you they will not wake up and thanks to you the ignorance is perpetuated, their misery never ends and many lives will be lost.  

Good intentions are not enough. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is a time when we have to put aside our emotions and make rational decisions.  The murderer of Pim Fortuyn was an animal rights activist. He thought Fortuyn was racist and he wanted to protect the underdog. People with good intentions but little understanding often do more harm than good. "Ignorance is the mother of all ills said Socrates.    

We are facing the destruction of this planet and no one even notices what the problem is. The problem is not poverty, it's not lack of education, it's not lack of opportunities, it's not land, it's not Wahhabism, and its not America or Israel . The problem is Islam. The problem is this cultish and fascistic sense of "brotherhood" that Muhammad inculcated in the minds of his benighted followers that shuts off the rest of mankind.  So if a bunch of Muslim terrorists are humiliated in Abu Ghraib, All Muslims take it personally and want revenge but when hundreds of children are massacred in Beslan they remain silent. If a Palestinian is killed, they all want revenge but if hundreds or thousands of Jews, Spaniards or Americans are massacred their stone cold hearts feels nothing. This is fascism and it does not exist anywhere else. The rest of us see ourselves as humans first and then anything else. Muslims see themselves as Muslims first and since Islam is an anti human doctrine, their humanity has become a causality of their barbaric faith. 

Islam is cancer of humanity. This cancer must be removed. The therapy can be painful; but if you do nothing this cancer will kill us all.    

In another question you said that the Dutch government has decided to expel 28,000 asylum seekers irrespective of their religion or race and that some of them are Chinese, East Europeans or ex-Muslims who had nothing to do with the murder of Theo Van Gogh.  

This is another sad mishap of the sick PC mindset. The Dutch authorities are too chicken to just kick the Muslims out. So they sacrifice everyone just to not give the impression that they are discriminating against a certain religion. This is cowardice to say the least. It is time that the people of the world single out Islam and put the blame where the blame is due.


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