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Fighting Back PCism 


By Ali Sina 

Natasha, sent me an email and among other things she asked: 

What should someone like me do with the information on Islam you provide? The message of your site is that there are no gradations in Islam and accepting Islam in your midst is diminishing yourself to dimmitude I have Muslim friends and colleagues. We don't talk about religion or politics much. If something happens like recently with Theo van Gogh or some attack they will say they oppose these kinds of things but then you would say that they are lying and they know they are lying. So what then? Do you propose I break off my association with them unless they get rid of their religion? 


Dear Natasha  

Unfortunately the solution to this problem is not that simple. You are absolutely right, your friends, like most of the Muslims want to live a normal life and do not care very much about religion. But the problem is that they belong to a very dangerous cult. The fact that they are good people does not diminish the fact that Islam is very evil. They canít wash their hands and pretend since they are not doing the killings they are not to be blamed. If you want to stop Islamic extremism you have to stop Islam. The terrorists have an unlimited supply of new recruits. They come from normal average Muslims much like your friends.  Once they make that step and become terrorists, the lines of communication are cut off. They become killing machines. At that moment the only way to deal with them is to kill them or they will kill you.  However, there is no a clear line dividing the terrorists and your good friends. They are all Muslims to varying degrees. Some practice it and some do it less. But they all believe in the same religion and at anytime any Muslim may decide to become a practitioner.   

The only time we can reach them is before they make that transition and that is where your friends are. We have to make extremism less appealing to the Muslim youth. The only way to do that is to make Islam look unattractive. You canít fight Islamic Terrorism without fighting Islam. The Islamic Terrorists are not motivated by an extraneous philosophy. They are motivated by the pure Islam. As long as people believe in Islam there is always a chance for them to become terrorists. All they have to do is to read the Quran and they will be ready to kill.  

When the westerners convert to Islam, this confirms Muslims in their faith and they turn to terrorism.  The reverse is also true. If a great number of Muslims leave Islam, it will make the Muslim youth doubt Islam and the terrorists can find fewer fools to recruit. Islam is sustained only with hypes and terrorism by intense hate. A hate that is capable of driving a young man to commit suicide for the most absurd causes.   

We have to realize that there is no solution to this wave of terror. The only solution is to attack Islam itself and force the Muslims to leave it in huge numbers. Muslims must be told that Islam is not what they think and that the true Islam is that of the terrorists.  

So it is very important to lead a huge mass of Muslims out of Islam. However, we have a big obstacle in front of us. This big obstacle is political correctness or PCism and good people like you who do not want to hurt the feelings of the Muslims. They protect the Muslims and defend their rights to believe in this cult of terror and shield them from any criticism. What these people do not understand is that even though the average Muslims are innocent, they are part of a machinery of terror called Islam. It makes no difference if they scream, ďThis is not the real IslamĒ and ďMy Islam is peacefulĒ. They canít redefine Islam. The definition of Islam is made in the Quran and itís very clear and that is how the terrorists understand it.  

If Muslims do not know the real Islam, they should be told. But then they must make their minds whether they want to remain Muslims and support that cult of terror or leave it and join the fold of humanity.

Islam teaches religious apartheid and promotes violence against non-Muslims! So, what does precisely a "peaceful Muslim" mean? Does it mean a non believing believer`?  A peaceful Muslim makes as much sense as a round square. It is an oxymoron.  

If Millions of Muslims start leaving Islam; the entire Muslim world will be shaken and a much overdue soul searching among the Muslims will begin. Once this discussion begins, it will end in the fall of Islam and the extremists will lose their legitimacy, because Islam loses its legitimacy.  

We canít fight terrorism and endorse its ideology at the same time. This is cognitive dissonance and that is why we are not making any headway in our war against terrorism.  

When the Nazis started persecuting and killing the Jews the majority of the Germans had nothing to do with it. But they said noting and they let the holocaust happen. They were either afraid to speak out or they were ignorant of what was going on. The murderers were only a small minority. But that small minority had the backing of an entire nation. So although the Germans were good people, they were guilty of complacency.  Ideally, they should have revolted and denounced Nazism. But because they did not, sixty million people perished.  

Unfortunately at that time, most Europeans used to think like you. They thought not all Germans are bad and they did not want to be too harsh on them. They thought by appeasing the Germans they will soften their hearts and win their friendship. This misguided policy of appeasement, emboldened the Nazis and then the war became inevitable.    

Let me make this very clear. Islamic terrorism will not go away unless and until Islam is undermined and a big number of Muslims start leaving it.  This wonít happen unless Muslims are pressed to make a choice. 

An addict will not quit his addiction unless he is faced with some urgency. He must be told to quit or else. If everyone around him is protective of his right to continue with his addiction and the dangers of his vice are not discussed lest this may offend him, he will never know that what he is doing is wrong and he will not quit.   

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