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How to Fight Back

By Ali Sina 

Often people tell me that I am too optimistic (idealistic) in thinking that Islam can be defeated ideologically. My critics want me to change my approach and advocate violence and a global war against Muslims as they become more restless by day.  

I understand their anger and frustration. The news of the constant bombings, kidnapping people and decapitating them and taking even children as hostage and threatening to kill them, (Only a few hours ago 324 people, mostly children were killed by the assassins of Allah in Russia)  make our blood boil and anger is very much justifiable. If you don't feel angry with this insane terrorism, there is something wrong with you. Anger is human, what is inhuman is apathy, complacency and indifference. But let not anger blind us. Feel the anger but think rationally and cool-headedly.    

This day is the day of information. The real power is in the information. I am not advocating pacifism. Violence must be repelled with force. There is no doubt about it. But it is not also realistic to start bombing innocent populations who genuinely think they are believing in the right religion and are confused.  

You have to know how Islam spread. It spread through violence, through deceit and through false propaganda. Yesterday I saw a documentary on CBC about the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. This man is a sadistic psychopath that has brutalized innocent people and has starved them to death while building a mighty military force and now is after atomic bomb. The documentary also showed Koreans overtaken by emotion at his sight and cry like baby. This is a testimony to the power of relentless propaganda and elimination of all access to alternative influence. Now tell me, would you go and bomb those wretched souls who on one hand are brutalized by this monster and on the other they think he is a piece of divine on Earth?  

People can be brainwashed. When I was in high school I was a good painter. I had grown up under the influence of propaganda in Iran and I thought that the dictator Muhammad Reza Shah was a wonderful man. I even painted a huge portrait of him in oil. My instructor stood by watching me paining it and after a while he could not contain himself and said, “why him?” I felt insulted for his slight at my king and retorted “because he is the greatest king Iran has ever had”. He nodded and walked away. Then I went to another country and for my English I wrote a composition about Iran and read my harangue praising the Shah, his power and authority. Amazingly I was proud of this man's power and majesty. He was powerful and by supporting him I felt I am somehow sharing his power. It now seems so strange and darn stupid, but that is how I felt then. When I ejaculated my mindless triad my teacher said one sentence that was like throwing water on fire.  It changed my thinking completely. It took me a few days, but eventually it sank. He said; “Where the ruler has the power, people don’t”. This made me think and I realized I had been influenced by propaganda for all these years. I was sixteen at the time; I became a staunch democrat and an enemy of monarchy ever since.  

The same dramatic transformation happened in my thinking when I read the Quran. Of course this time it took me a long time to become enlightened – may be one year or may be more. I don’t know exactly how long it took me because I was going back and forth in my thinking. On one hand Islam did not make sense anymore and on the other I could not give up the beliefs that were inculcated in me since childhood. Yes my friend, enlightenment is not like turning the light switch on. It is a long and arduous inner process. You have to show the light and let the enlightenment happen on its own. It is more like sowing the seed and waiting for it to bear fruit. 

So when I look at my self and see how much I was brainwashed and how I have changed, I can’t condemn others who are equally influenced by propaganda and have no other point of comparison. If you are sitting in a train in a terminal and the train next to you starts moving, you may think it is your train that is moving, or vice versa; your train could be moving but it appears that the other train is moving. Only if you look at the ground or the building you will know the truth. Muslims do not have another point of reference. So what they see is to them the truth. We can’t blame them and condemn them for that. We have to give them another point of reference for comparison.  

Muslims are brainwashed. You have to see them as the real victims. I know it because I have been there. They have to be educated. Now I agree that not everyone is as intelligent as I am (just kidding). I was lucky to find the truth about monarchy and Islam almost on my own. I still find educated people who write long harangues praising the dictator Muhammad Reza Pahlavi who was in final analysis responsible for Islamic Revolution and the present mess in Iran and are offended and call me “undemocratic” when I do not publish their diatribes. These very people banned me from their forum when a few years ago I wrote an article against monarchy. That tells a lot about their commitment to democracy and freedom of speech. They are no more under the propaganda of Shah. They are living in America and can see democracy is good, but still want to take Iran to those days of oppression and still defend the backward concept of monarchy. 

They can't realize that even if the monarch is not a dictator, he is a redundant and expensive figurehead that we can easily do without. When I say monarchy is a backward institution, they name England, Denmark and other civilized monarchies. What escapes the ken of these zealot monarchists is that first of all these countries are civilized and Iran is an Islamic country. Secondly in all these civilized countries the monarchs surrendered the power to the people on their own and in gratitude, people honor that institution. In Iran the Shah violated the already hard earned democracy, abused the constitution and ruled as a despot. Then people revolted and he was forced to step down. It would be foolish for us to bring back this archaic institution to life and then pray that the new king won't become a dictator. 

Of course I am not entirely against monarchy. I'd certainly support it if I am offered the crown. I even asked the son of the late Shah and the aspirer to the throne to compete with me in all areas that he claims only a king can do it right (like waiving royally at the crowd and smiling, throwing sumptuous feasts for foreign dignitaries with people's money etc.)  to see which one of us is more deserving for the job. 

You can’t blame people for being stupid just as you can’t blame them for being lame, deaf or blind. You can see the physical handicap but the mental handicap you can't. You have to be tolerant and compassionate to those who do not understand as you are to those who can't see, walk or hear.  

I am less sympathetic of the Muslims living in the West than I am of those who live in Islamic countries. Those who still live back home do not know better. They are exposed to lies all their lives and have grown up under the influence of propaganda. The light of truth has not even reached them. You can’t condemn these people to death. I rather kick out the Isamists in the West than going after the Muslims living in Islamic countries. These guys here are the evil ones. They know what democracy, freedom, equality and truth mean and they dislike them and oppose them. They strive hard to destroy our way of life and establish theirs in our countries. These people should be sent back. But the Muslims living in Islamic countries are really the victims. We have to let them see the light first before condemning them.  

How should we do that? Well, we have to reach them first. This site is a good step forward in the right direction; but it is only one step. We have a journey of a thousand miles ahead of us and we have taken only the first step. We can’t expect result immediately. We need to create many sites like this in languages that Muslims can understand, like Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, etc. But the majority of the Muslims do not have a phone let alone the Internet, so we need to reach them via radio and satellites. This is a more expensive project and requires public or governmental assistance.  

The awakening of a billion brainwashed people cannot be done by just a few people writing from their bedrooms. We need the participation of millions of people. Where we find these millions? The attitude of the Westerners vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims must change (The terrorists are helping in this respect). Islam must be denounced and rejected by everyone. This would put the Muslims under the spotlight and force them to come out of their shell. They’ll have to defend their cause and for that they’ll have to educate themselves about Islam. Many of them will leave Islam in that process. Once a big number of Muslims start leaving, this house of cards will collapse. You have to see Islam the way I see it. I see Islam as a house of cards. You start removing a few cards from below and it will come down. I see it as an inflated balloon. You put a needle in it and it will blast.  

Islam is a religion of hypes. Muslims are triumphalists. There is no logic or rationality behind it. All that keeps them going and pumps them is the illusion that they are “winning”, that  “Islam is the fastest growing religion”, that  “Muslims make more children so we will take over the Europe in fifty years” – and these illusions fuel their fanatical zeal and they continue in their ignorance.  

The reverse is also true. Once they actually see that many people are leaving Islam, they panic and they lose faith.  

So what should we do?  

·          Create more anti Islam sites and promote them.

·          Write more anti Islam books and translate them.

·          Make documentaries and big screen movies exposing Islam.

·          Ask the radio producers to have programs on Islam and question it.

·          Produce radio programs and broadcast them in Islamic countries.

·          Write to your politicians and ask them to put a lid on Muslim immigration and not to give in to their demands. They must either adopt the ways of the civilized world or get out. Muslims in non-Islamic countries should have no more rights than the non-Muslims in Islamic countries have. This is fair. The non-Muslims in Islamic countries basically have no rights.   

Islam is a hot topic for Muslims. They will listen even though it makes them angry and they want to strangle you. But still they will listen. We have to take advantage of that interest and reach them with our message without them being able to reach us with their knives and bullets. Today with this much variety and ease of telecommunications this is possible.  

How long it will take to demolish this house of cards? Not very long! Once we start this campaign, we can reach our goal in just a few decades. It will snowball. I would not say the same thing about any other religion, although all of them have yet to prove their truth few of them is as evil as Islam. People do not mind to cling to a little falsehood if it gives them moral strength and elevates their spirit. This is an acceptable tradeoff. Most of these religions spur their followers to do charitable and humanitarian work, but Islam not only is false, it contains no spiritual rewards. Islam makes you live a miserable life filled with violence and hate for a false promise of an afterlife reward. Once you realize that promise is false, there is no more incentive to remain a Muslim.    

People get spiritual enrichment out of any religion; but they get nothing out of Islam. Islam’s incentives are primitive and instinctual. They appeal to human's fear and greed. You are threatened with burning fire in hell and cajoled with carnal pleasures in heaven. That is all that keeps Islam alive. Once Muslims realize this is just a stupid belief concocted by a narcissist psychopath, who suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy and his visions of hell, jinns and angels were hallucinations and his interest in religion was a symptom of his TLE, then there is nothing else in Islam to keep them attracted to it.  

Other religions will survive for centuries to come, but Islam will be destroyed in just a few decades. But we have to work at it. It won’t happen on its own. You need to blow at this house of cards to make it fall. Because Islam is based on shallow foundations of lies, Muhammad’s befogged followers know that it cannot stand criticism. They want to protect this lie by eliminating all criticisms. On one hand they say you can’t extinguish the light of sun by blowing at it and on the other they tremble in fear and try to slit your throat if you do blow at their belief. So deep down inside they are fully aware of the fallacy of Islam and that is why they try to protect it by eliminating its critics and opponents. They have done that in Islamic countries and now they want to do it in non-Islamic countries. Canada has already succumbed to their pressure and UK is going to in this autumn when David Blunkett is planning to introduce a law that would make criticism of Islam a crime. In other words Britain will have the same blasphemy law that puts people in jail in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. 

The Brits should not allow that to happen. They must do anything possible, even if necessary march in the streets and protest, to stop these foolish politicians selling out their country to their enemies. This is a war. Our enemy is busy fighting against us through propaganda, deceit and terror. This is the way Islam has expanded since day one. We have to be also proactive. We can’t sit and watch these goons take over our countries, or let our blinded politicians to give more concessions to them. We have to fight back. These blasphemy laws must be repelled and these misguided politicians who try to appease the Muslims for vote must be put to shame and removed from the office.  

You must put aside all priorities because at wartime you have to make sacrifices. If you want to vote, vote only for those politicians who are patriotic and have a better understanding of the situation, even if you do not agree with their other agendas. Everything else can be fixed if you still hold onto your democracy. But once that is lost all doors are closed and there would be no going back. If Muslims gain footholds in your country, you may as well kiss goodbye democracy.

We can win the war against terrorism, once we eradicate Islam; and Islam can be eradicated if we fight against it with the light of truth. So please join the campaign. Be a soldier in this war against ignorance and terror. On you and I depends the future of our children. Do not let them down.  


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