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Reagan Died Today, May His Torch Shine Forever.  


By Ali Sina

Ronald Reagan was not a skilled politician. His speeches were inaccurate and he did not give a damn. He was not there to impress anyone. He was comfortable with who he was and not concerned about what others thought of him. But he was one of the greatest presidents that America has had. In fact he was amongst the great ones of the world.  

Reagan’s greatness did not come from his astuteness but from his simplicity and honesty. Reagan was an honest man. He said what he meant and meant what he said.  

He was not afraid of calling a spade a spade. Many people were embarrassed when he called communism “The Evil Empire”. That was not a politically correct thing to say for a president. But Reagan did not care about political correctness. He cared about the truth and he spoke the truth even though the truth was offensive to someone.  

Reagan did not bring down communism but when in his historic speech he addressed the Secretary General of the Soviet Union and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear that wall down”, his words gave hope to millions of people behind that wall and buttressed their resolve to tear it down. That wall was torn down.  

Today the world is facing a more dangerous empire of evil, far more brutal and far more bloodthirsty than communism. But today we do not have a man with the strength of character and the honesty of Ronald Reagan.  

Our politicians, our journalists and everyone else are afraid to call a spade by its name.  There are no more Reagans left in the world but there are many Chamberlains.  

Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of UK . He kept giving in to the demands of Hitler. He perused the policies of appeasement. His misguided policies emboldened the Nazis which gave them the green light to invade the Europe . Sixty million lives were lost because Chamberlain and others did not dare to stand against the Empire of Evil being hoisted in front of them. Millions perished because the word acted a little too late.  

Islam is another Empire of Evil. It is threatening mankind and this time billions could perish.  

Why no one is speaking out? Where are the Reagans, where are those honest politicians, who can stand in front of the world and declare Islam is an evil cult?  

When Ronald Reagan called communism the Evil Empire, he spoke from his heart. He did not speak out of hate but out of compassion and love. His sincerity oozed from his words.

That great man died today, but let his torch shine. Let someone else take his torch and hold it high. Do not expect your president to call Islam an evil empire. That won’t happen. But you and I can carry that torch. We can be honest with ourselves and with others and call upon the Muslims to bring that wall down. Do not be a protector of Muslims sensibilities, do not be an appeaser lest you hurt their feelings. Be truthful to yourself and to them. Islam is not a religion of God but an evil cult. Do not be afraid of saying so. Save the Muslims' lives not their sensibilities.  

We are facing a great war. A war that we can’t even fight without stepping on our own values and everything we cherish and stand for, including our own humanity. Today more than anytime in the history of mankind nothing but “truth can set us free”. And truth is often politically incorrect. Political correctness means lying when telling the truth is not expedient.  

Long live the legacy of Ronald Reagan – the man who did not fear telling the truth.


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