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Islam: Politics in religious garb.


By Ali Sina   

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, asked the Guilford County Republican Party to remove a link to a Web site that it says misrepresents the Islamic faith. GCRP complied and it even issued an apology. But is really that link misrepresenting Islam and did GCRP, a political party, transgress its boundaries by dabbling in to murky religious waters?  

The site in question is called Islamexposed.com. This site was actually created by copying our site, the faithfreedom.org and the author refused to remove our material even after repeated requests. It took him 3 days to copy what it took me 3 years to write and compile. Having this not so pleasant brush with the author of Islamexposed, I cannot vouch for the sincerity of his motives. He is an atheist/Jew and as it is clear from his tone in dealing with the Muslims he is not very friendly towards them. However, despite his personal biases and his attitude, his site is not misrepresenting Islam and ruefully, what it says about this so-called religion, is true.

The author writes that he set up the site "with one objective in mind — to expose one of the greatest evils on our planet — Islam. We have the evidence and materials to prove that this false religion is nothing more than a barbaric occult invented by savages for savages." 

As the result of the complaint, the Guilford County Republican Party jettisoned the link to Islamexposed that according to CAIR misrepresented the Muslim world.

County party Chairman Marcus Kindley also sent an apology to CAIR saying "We apologize for the link to this Web site and have instituted safeguards against links to such sites in the future...There is no room for hate in our society."

In a disclaimer Kindley said the link to Islamexpsoed was "something that slipped through the cracks." and he assured "What we're trying to do is to educate people on the radical side of (Islam) and not to condemn the entire religion".

Nevertheless, that was not enough for CAIR. The Council wants the county's Republican Party to apologize to Muslims in North Carolina and a spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, said he did not "sense a great deal of contrition." 

But really, is radical Islam different from Islam?  Where can we find the real, the "unradical", the uncontaminated, the pure, the peaceful Islam? Isn’t the real Islam the one taught in the Quran? Yet, a summarily look at this book reveals that Quran is filled with hateful verses towards the unbelievers, the pagans, the Jews and the Christians. This book, not only exhorts Muslims not to take the non-Muslims as friends nor accept them as rulers; it also instructs them to fight the non-believers and murder them. Quran is explicit in saying that pagans must be killed, their wives can be raped, their properties looted and their families sold as slaves. It says that the people of the book (the Jews and the Christians) must be subdued and humiliated and must pay protection fee or die. Isn’t this a message of hate? Who is going to apologize to the world for what is in the Quran? Quran says that the Jews are descendents of the pigs, lizards and monkeys. Isn't this an insult? Shouldn't someone apologize for it? What would Muslims do if someone writes Muslims are the descendants of these animals? Wouldn't they cause riots in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Sudan burning churches and murdering hundreds of innocent people, kill the writer and bomb the publishing house? Why Muslims do not apologize for what is in the Quran?  

Omar Ahmad, the chairman of the council, said, "It is unconscionable that a political party claiming to represent all Americans would associate itself with a site that expresses open hatred for the faith of millions of fellow citizens." But isn't it unconscionable that this religion call of the death of people who choose not to believe in it? Isn't it unconscionable that this religion instill the hatred of disbelievers in its followers? 

Yes I agree that a political party should not be involved in promoting or opposing any religion. The separation of politics from religion means that religionists should not force their religious views on politics and the politicians should stay away from religions in their political affairs. It is not up to the politicians to get involved in prescribing the right religion or disproving the wrong one. Politicians should not meddle into religions. Period.



 A Muslim demonstration in London


However, Islam is not just a religion. Islam is a political movement, set to conquer the world and establish the Caliphate. This intent is clear from the Quran and from the instructions of Muhammad given during his life and at his deathbed recorded in the hadiths. It is enough to go to a Mosque and listen to what the preachers are saying to realize that Islam's goal is domination of the world. If Islamic domination is the view of the fundamentalists, it is because this is a fundament of Islam.  

By becoming a political movement and engaging in terrorism and subversive activities to topple the governments and impose Sharia (Islamic rule), Islam is inviting the political groups to oppose it. There is nothing wrong for political parties to get into the act, defend themselves, their constituents and their country from Islam. Islam is not a religion in the strict meaning of the word dealing with afterlife, spirituality and morality, but rather a political movement using the religious façade to dominate the world. As long as Islam is a political tool, it is incumbent upon all the political parities to criticize it and oppose it.

There was no need for Guilford County Republican Party to remove the link to an anti Islam site. There was no need for the County party Chairman Marcus Kindley to apologize for the link. As long as Islam is a political movement, it is the duty of every party to criticize it, oppose it and expose it. The policies of appeasement must end now. If we accede now to Muslim's whining, when they are just about 2% of the population, we will be FORCED to retreat when their number grow to 10%. What will we do when, like in Kashmir and in many other Islamic countries, they throw acid at our women and shoot them to make them wear hijab? 

By playing the policies of appeasement with Muslims, America is plying with fire. Since Islam is a political movement, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of all political parties to fight it and oppose it. Since Islam aims to topple the governments of the world, Muslims should be regarded as fifth column in any country where they reside even if they belong there 60 generations. No Muslim should be entrusted with sensitive governmental jobs, like working in FBI, CIA, NASA, Military or the State Department. Muslims' allegiance is to Islam and Islamic Imperialism, not to the country where they are born, raised or reside. 

It is time that the world wake up and see Islam for what it is – a political movement in religious guise, set to conquer the world by hooks and crooks.     







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