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Suicide Bombers Mindset  

By. P. J. 


I have some very dear and close friends who no longer define themselves as Muslim but rather as from a Muslim background.    They are intelligent and very peaceful people.  They enjoy their lives in the USA and are very outspoken about any acts of terrorism or any violence.   They do not associate with the "devout followers of the faith" & prefer to associate with people who want to peacefully co-exist and facilitate peace and understanding in the world.   

However,  I once had the opportunity to hear a Muslim man speak who I would have guessed was a very happy man.... or at least he had what many people strive for..... happily married to a nice & attractive lady, intelligent children who excel in school, nice home, freedom to practice his faith in the "Great Satan", has a good job etc...... all the things one would think would contribute to making for a happy life.    I was surprised to hear him defend suicide bombers in Palestine !!    He said though he is too old (I didn't realize there were age restrictions) that he would consider being a suicide boomer.   He said suicide bombers are out-numbered technologically and financially speaking so they fight back with the only "weapon" they have.   Their lives have been made a living hell and they have nothing to live for, so they die for their faith and their country.    If his statements regarding the suicide bombers in Palestine are true,  I fail to see why that would make him view his own life as being "nothing to live for"?!   I can only imagine the grief, pain & hardship a family experiences when they loose a loved one and especially a life lost due to violence.......... AND SUICIDE.   I would think his energy would be better utilized if he tried to contribute toward the peace in Palestine/Israel rather than facilitate another death.   What a horrible thing for children in the area to witness.   I have personally seen the pain of family members when they loose a loved one to suicide.     Especially if children are involved, they grow up thinking that person did not want to "stick around" and be involved in their life.    There is no sum of money that justifies suicide in a child's mind..... they are left wondering where is my mom/dad and what will now happen to me.... why did my mom/dad not want to be with me etc.   I think the only thing worse would be to leave the child with a desire to follow one in suicide in the future.    To somehow glorify the act of suicide is a horrible "mission" to leave a child.    Most kids think, I want to grow up and be a doctor, teacher, fireman, mommy, daddy, etc........ who would want to hear their child say, when I get older (maybe when I'm 10) I want to blow myself up and kill other people and never grow up to experience life and make a contribution to life.      I never hear Muslim people complain when one Muslim group has conflict with another Muslim group.    I heard very little input from Muslim people regarding the Iraqi/Kurd conflicts years ago.   It seems it is only when Muslims have conflict with Israel does it warrant interaction from outside Muslim groups?   I do not pretend to be a political expert nor an expert on Middle East conflicts..... I am only a spectator and left wondering why a person who has so much to live for would identify with those who act as if they have nothing in life which they want to live for







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