Leaving Islam







By Mohd Sageer

September 11th 2001  tarnished the image of humanity.  The aftermath  of the event  stirred up many questions about  the issues and  concepts  of  ethics, principles and freedom  . Topics   that were considered beyond criticism under the pretext of  political correctness  lost their impunity.  Islam and its principles had to put up with open debates and  un-inhibited questionings of common  people  on  several Islamic  practices and intentions   as never before in its  history.

As the US prepares for a  war with Iraq, world population  has taken to streets  in protests organising  rallies and  demonstrations  that   have become rife  with  chartings of  anti-war rhetoric.  But the deafening silence of  the Muslim clerics as regards what led to this abominable  situation still remains a paradox .  Mahathir, the prime minister of Malaysia  has said " The US war is not against Iraq but to Muslims around the world " .

Ever since Indonesia  was accredited to  the world's largest Muslim population , it has also become by default a  waggling tail of Arab colonisation.  The lost identity of Indonesia as a  nation of   heterogeneous people that was  once  composed of  Bhuddists, Hindus Muslims , Christians, and other traditional belief systems  is just a memory  in the face of continuous  Arab  influence on  its culture just as happened in Egypt,  Persia, Iraq, Sudan,  Afghanistan and most recently in Pakistan.  The Indonesian job seekers,   whose influx to the Middle East countries, especially to Saudi Arabia dates back to more that 25 Years,  easily assimilated  to the   host countries'  strict Islamic rules and customs  as most  of them belonged to  the semi-literate  or illiterate category of domestic helpers who were also docile in nature.  With the new acquired  wealth,   their return to home country was  a triumph for  Arab nations  for these workers  were also carrying along with the petro-dollars ,  a pro-Arab  attitude  and cultural  subjugation. 

A quick glance at the Indonesian demonstrations  will make  you confused as to whether these are Middle Eastern rallies   in that  the crowd's  attire and overall appearance  where women wearing  the very conspicuous hijab  and abaya while men with their trade- mark beard  moving  often in disdasha ,  even sharing  the same mannerisms of Arab people. All  of these display  defy the    age old Indonesian  cultural identity except for  the peoples'  oriental features.

The destruction of  the statue of Buddha in  Bamiyan in  Afghanistan  explicitly symbolised the intolerant nature of Islam. The Hindukush mountains   and the , city of Khandahar  fortunately somehow retain their original   names which link them with  the  ancient  Indus civilisation  and vedic history.    A race of  Aryans,  and  inspite of their own strong and influential characteristics , the Afghan people  pitiably fell for  the  Arabs'  ideology and way of life.

Zarathustra  must be tossing and turning  in his grave for he might  have hardly imagined  his own people would ditch him for another sets of belief  system.  Lord Ahura Mazda has no place in the hearts  of  Iranian people.  Their ancient celebrations , festivals and traditions are considered taboo  under the new Arab-Islamic oriented  theocratic  regime. 

History is replete with constant  attempts  for  domination of one culture over the other .  The predominant western culture whose overall image can be at best described as it laid   a strong   foundation  for   individual's freedom of _expression, compassion to humanity ,  racial and gender  equality.  And at worst  it has ignored the sentiments of other ethnic civilisations  around the world  inflicting more wounds  particularly  on  indigenous American Indians.   However the profane nature of the modern -western  imperialism did more good than harm to humanity.  Modern and advanced nations consider  the oppression of people as the most deplorable act. 

In contrast,  the Arab's  invisible indoctrination and  encroachment on  cultural and religious  freedom of individuals have  become the bane of this century.  The new  and old settlements of Muslim population around the world have created ghettos in almost every country , which  stemmed from their the refusal to  integrate socially.   The friction , the rift and the apprehension created by this  scenario  between Muslims and rest of the  world  societies   have  become alarmingly dangerous,  that  if not curtailed will contribute  to the repetitions  of  September 11 .                       

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