Leaving Islam




The culture rift  

By Youssef Haddad 

Scumbags murder 4 American contractors in cold blood. The lynching was an entertaining spectacle for an enthusiastic Iraqi crowd.  To complete this grizzly show the body parts of these poor souls were paraded and then hang from poles and bridges. The cheering was deafening. The dancing and jumping on the streets with signs of victory flashed by old and young proved how exhilarating this experience was.  Never mind that these victims were not even combatants. Never mind the respect of the dead. Anyone who does not believe in what this mob believes is fair game.  Mercilessly attacking the infidels is what they do. This is their culture.  

Scumbags mistreat Iraqi prisoners.  A handful of crazed soldiers impose indecent and morally harming actions on the men under their guard.   The whole world, as it should, shows disgust. Fingers are pointed at commanders, generals, politicians and even the president. Everyone goes on the defensive.  No cheers, no celebrations, just condemnation and sorrow. A shroud of regret blankets the nation.  Never mind that some of these prisoners are thugs and murderers.  We respect human beings whoever they are. We do not accept the mistreatment of people in our custody.  This is our culture.   

All cultures have depraved individuals. Our culture fights them, punishes them and even tries to reform them, their culture worship them and erect their status in public places.  Our solid values are bound to allow justice to prevail; their prejudice and intolerance are bound to spread more oppression and hatred.  

The conspicuous rambling of the most unjust is aimed at questioning our claim to fairness. A streetwalker who preaches about chastity is more credible than these hypocrites.  Our nation is great because we repulse our vicious elements; their nation is backward because they revere theirs.   

Demoralizing a whole nation because of the despicable behavior in Iraq of a very few is not acceptable, especially coming from those who chose to ignore, if not applaud, the horrible atrocities perpetrated for decades by Saddam Hussein and his cronies.   





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