Leaving Islam




Islam: It’s Time to Turn the Tables 

Dr. Wolf Bain 


The internet is replete with descriptions of the depravity of the teachings of Islam. Even a cursory study of the Koran raises serious doubts as to the mental health of any person who elects to cleave to such patent absurdity. Such people deserve no respect or dialogue. Islam is an abomination which threatens to destroy every decent achievement of human civilization. History has proven that sick societies disgorge their evil ideological delusions only when reduced to unending misery and destruction. Historically the “innocent” in these societies suffer equally alongside the culpable. Left to pursue their ghastly agenda Muslims will ultimately decimate and putrefy our world, destroying themselves in the process.  It is therefore axiomatic that the worst course of action would be to continue to wring our hands ineffectually and hope for a miracle.  The United States of America must take unilateral action to destroy the ability of terrorists at home and terrorist states to pursue their sick and arrogant agendas. 

It is time to turn the tables on Islam. If you think that the solutions to follow are too draconian just compare them to what they are already doing to us and what they will do when they can.  We must use their own tactics against them.  Those of us who want to operate solely within our own codes of rectitude are as delusional as the muslims and wish only to substitute one blind ideology for the other. Remember, according to their doctrine, anything we do must be sanctioned by an all powerful Allah; otherwise he would prevent us from doing it.   

We are now in a state of war against the muslim umma and in particular against the states which support terrorism. In recognition of this the United States must declare that a state of war exists between the U.S. and Iran and the U.S. and Syria . In anticipation of this the muslim population within the U.S. must be defanged.   Therefore muslims must be subjected to the same humiliation that they heap upon Jews, Christians and all infidels. In recognition that Islam is not a true religion deserving of respect but a cult of death akin to Nazism (but far worse) all muslims  will be designated and referred to as CODS( i.e. cult of death.)  All non-citizen CODS will be summarily deported to their country of origin. All citizen CODS will be required to wear some form of overt identification such as their brethren in hatred the Nazis did to Jews. Failure to comply will result in jail or deportation.  Allah will henceforth be referred to as the CODeity.  Mohammed will be designated the CODophile.  Failure to do this will leave the people of America to be slaughtered at the mercy of the Islamists in our midst waiting to take advantage of our incredible disengenuousness.  

The religion of Islam must be outlawed in recognition that it is in actuality a political movement dedicated to the violent destruction of all non-believers. (Just as all non-muslim religions are outlawed in Saudi Arabia and non-muslims are murdered daily worldwide )  All mosques will be closed or destroyed.  

Iran ’s nuclear capability need not be destroyed.  But the tyrannical regime of the Mullahs must be changed. A democratic Iran can be trusted not to develop nuclear bombs but use those facilities for really peaceful purposes. The people of Iran do not have ambitions of war or hostility with any country.  Full support must be given to dissidents in both Iran and Syria .  Oil exports must be interdicted to deprive Iran of the wherewithal to continue the terror war by proxy.  Full airpower must be used to create the necessary conditions for the destruction of the mullocracies bent on destroying first Israel and then the West.  A blockade of the Persian Gulf can paralyze the oil export of Iran . 80% of the budget of Iran comes from oil. This will cut off the lifeblood of the jihadists and deprive them of their last major bastions of support and safety.  

Saudi Arabia must be assured that they will be next to lose their oil revenues if they do not with alacrity institute major reforms in their policy of cultivating and supporting terrorism. This must not be perceived as an empty threat but an impending reality.  

As a necessary corollary to this course of action the U.S. must pursue the development of nuclear energy facilities so as to allow the substitution of Hydrogen for gasoline.  

To those of you who view these steps as too Draconian to contemplate please remember we are in a state of war. There have been well over 4000 Homicidal Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 and these proposals are benign and humane in comparison to the actions taken in any other war in history. Beyond this they are already killing us at a horrific pace and would be stepping up their assaults worldwide and in the U.S. were it not that they miscalculated regarding the effect of 9/11.  Rest assured that the absence of suicide bombers murdering American children has far more to do with Afghanistan and Iraq then any security measures we could possibly devise.  

The measures outlined here are the only realistic hope of solving the worldwide crisis posed by Islamofacism.  No one can feel good about taking such measures which go so much against rationalism and humanism, however these measures become tepid and reasonable in the face of mushroom clouds and U.S. cities uninhabitable for 500 years.

Many would prefer to succeed with lesser measures, however, I respectfully submit that they are on the wrong side of 1400 years of history and they will condemn us all to the apocalypse. 








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