Leaving Islam



The Emperor's Magic Robe

Dr. Wasima Syed


Complex as the Islamic problem appears to be, on paper, one can explain it in the simplest of manners. An ambitious, blood-thirsty psychopath utilising his gift of the gab managed to convince a few hungry, stupid derelicts to believe that he is God's Messenger on Earth. Using his cunning and the Luck of the Devil, he managed to win battle after battle, 'spreading' the 'loving and peaceful' message of Islamic Brotherhood all along. All the male members of the conquered lands were systematically slaughtered, and the females 'married' to the highest bidder.

The progeny that came about through such unions were brain-washed right from the beginning -- "There is no God except Allah and Mohammed is the prophet". The children who doubted this edict and were silly enough to doubt it aloud, probably never lived long enough. Outside of this growing tribe, the 'kafirs' who feared the terrifying spread of Islam soon met death in the most unexpected of places. In less than a century, a doctrine of bandits, thugs, and rapists soon acquired the respectable title of 'Religion', to be revered by one and all.

Despite the fact that Islam is most deeply and fanatically believed by most of the Muslims, their infantile minds not allowed to hold any other options right from birth, Allah remains a figment of borrowed imagination  of a blood-thirsty psychopath. (Allah was a pagan god in pre-Islamic Arabia ). How this blood-thirsty psychopath managed to sway the gullible minds of millions of fools into accepting his words as God's final gospel is a different story.

Facts can be covered, people may be tortured for daring to acknowledge a truth, but facts can't be altered. The earth remains globular irrespective of Galileo's discovery or the bloodshed of the church in its attempts to suppress the truth. That's a bitter or sweet fact depending upon your scheme of things.

Similarly, the fact remains that we have 1.2 billion people who accept a psychopath as God's final messenger, notwithstanding his follies of Sun hiding in a muddy pool beneath Allah's throne and meteors being missiles thrown and evil Djins sent by Satan to spy religious councils; facts do not change irrespective of the threat of bombs and beheadings.

In pre-historic times, we had the equivalent of the 'Emperor's magic robe'. The emperor remains naked, eventhough his subjects shout on the top of lungs that the emperor is wearing a beautiful and magical robe. His followers can blow their lungs out, but the facts are not going to change.

The blood-thirsty prophet, cunning as he was, was quick to realise the potential threat of apostates. In Islam, the biggest enemy is not Jews or kafirs, but apostates (Those who were once Muslims but have given up the faith.) Such people, though rare, were, and are still considered as the biggest threat of Islam as they have seen from the inside just how 'beautiful' Islam is and are just bursting to tell it to the first person that comes across.

These apostates are humanity's only chance of avoiding a bloody holocaust. To realize what I'm saying, only one prominent Muslim has to publicly announce that he is renouncing Islam for it is no religion, and you will see millions upon millions of fence-sitters joining him. Islam is oppressive to everyone; it is unbelievably more oppressive to the believers. The 80% of moderates in the Muslim community are being held back not from the fear of Allah's hell, but by the fear of what their relatives or neighbours would say or do.

A prominent Muslim film-star or politician or sportsman has to publicly renounce the stupidity engulfing him since birth and you will have another bloodless destruction of the Berlin Wall.






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