Leaving Islam




So free speech, or freedom of _expression in art, satire, comedy, writ is not allowed here? Whatever happened to tolerant Islam? Whats that you say, ...it doesn't actually exist? Oh what a shame, and to think CAIR almost had me convinced. So let me just get this strait, ...the world must forever bear the acts of sicko bloodthirsty Muslims while at the same time offering reverence for the personality, words, and works of the man responsible? Hello! Earth to Muslims, ....come in Muslims... I have a bit of shocking news for you, try not to blow up and slay the nearest infidel, ...but your really whacked out to expect respect for producing nothing but hate, fear, murder, poverty, and destruction. Try building something positive for a change, teach your children something other that Allah wants them to rape, murder, and pillage non-believers and anyone deemed an apostate. Build something other than yet another Islamic militant group ready to kill and burn. Start by treating your own woman like human beings, then prevent your own from being murdered and oppressed by the likes of the Janjaweed, Saddam Hussain, Ayman al-Zawahiri, or Mahmoud Ahmadenijad. Take offense at the videos of your sons sawing off the heads of innocent human beings, instead of some silly cartoon. Get perspective peoples, get a clue, buy a vowel, whatever it takes! While your at it, try to resurrect your heart and have a pang of sympathy for all the victims of your sons so well trained by Muhammad, your Clerics, and the Qur'an. If you discover empathy for Gods creations so brutally treated, the next step in remorse. Therein lies your salvation, not in bombs, hatred, and revenge. And therein lies peace of heart and prosperity as well, should you discover through self-honesty that pure hatred leaves your pallet with only sour bitterness instead of joy. 

    The legacy of 1400+ years of offensive Jihad demonstrates clearly that militant Islam has always governed Muslim relations with non-believers, less a few decades while they regrouped. This militancy is not new, only resurgent. As a people, Muslim conduct has rendered them a near constant menace to civilizations of all kinds and in all ages. Muslims like Iran 's Ahmadenijad are not historic anomalies, but rather simply today's manifestation in a chain of similarly disposed Islamic leaders linking yesterday and tomorrow. To become subservient to Muslim tantrums is to abandon all hope to live as a people free of slavery and bondage. Infidels must all come to the decision, to bow to Islamic demands for respect and accommodation, or to tell them all to take a hike. Anyone still capable of independent thought know what these riots are really all about, ...to force submission. The riots in France were all about the same thing, bending unbelievers into submission, and the name Islam implies. This is not rocket science peoples, were talking about hundreds of millions of people convinced they are the superior race, EXACTLY as the Nazi Arrians believed. It would be incorrect to imply that history is repeating itself this time with Islam as the ideology of evil, but it's not the same this time. The stakes are much higher, and the threat much greater. 

     Think about what we've seen, infidels take down Saddam for poor persecuted Muslims in Iraq not able to defend themselves, and Muslims next door respond by raising up one who repeats this never ending cycle of Muslim-on-Muslim, and Muslim-on-Human persecution. Good Muslims, and by that I mean the ones who have not yet been corrupted my Muhammad's example who still have normal feelings of empathy and good will towards all, ...get out of the cult which can only bring you more suffering and shame. Save yourself and your children from the 'mob mentality' that appeals only to the most base and vile nature of weak and empty men. Rise above it and find your path out, ask a benevolent God for assistance in that struggle, but don't call his name Allah, because His name is many things, but not that one. There is indeed one God, and He waits to help all sincere Muslims escape the prison called Islam. The true leader of the cult called Islam is a personage full of bigotry, hate, insecurity, false-pride, sexual perversion, and blood lust (aka Satan). The cartoons were much too kind, we need more accurate representations of the personage known as Muhammad, something much less flattering. Muhammad was a twisted man, narcissistic in his relentless pursuit of power and sexual gratification. The vile man could not possibly be misrepresented in a manner more negative than the actual facts of his personality and life. Therein lies the problem, every accurate characterization must me negative by human standards. The chief question is why muslims take offense at characterizations of their great pretender prophet when they glorify his every vile act in their own sacred works. Cartoonists, ...sharpen your pens... How about one showing his hairy butt raping a young woman while her husbands freshly murdered corpse lies nearby. Now that it would be particularly funny, since it actually happened...







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