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Beslan , Russia & Islam

By: Vernon Richards

Extracted from his book ‘Islam Undressed‘, available free upon request.

Aside from India and Israel , probably no modern industrialized nation has suffered to the degree that Russians have at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Having held the “Great Satan” title long before it was transferred to the USA , Muslim militants have taken particular glee in tormenting Russians. Muslim sites have posted movies depicting the beheading of Russian soldiers long before such acts became a spectacle to Westerns. What could collectively be described as Russia ’s Sept 11th occurred late Aug, 2004, when homicide bombers brought down two commercial airliners, then a suicide bombing targeting commuters in Moscow , followed a few days later by a bloody hostage incident at a school killing hundreds of women and children. On Sept 3rd, 2004, the spectacle of children being mowed down by automatic fire forced commandos to storm School No. 1 in the southern Russian town of Beslan , bringing the nation's worst hostage crisis to a shattering end of gunfire, explosions, …and death. Ten Russian commandos also died trying to prevent the slaughtering frenzy as crying children tried to flee through the explosions and gunfire, some naked and covered in blood. Though the dead Islamic terrorists will be worshiped with other suicide/homicide extremists in large parts of the Muslim world, I suspect that it is only those Russian commandos, with the parents and teachers who also died trying to save the children, which will be accepted into heaven for their bravery and good deeds. Worldly praise and worship by peers notwithstanding, the reward waiting for the Muslim cowards for their behavior was not 72 virgins, boys like pearls, mansions, riches, and unbounded food and gluttony. If it takes an eternity, the unbending demands of Justice will be fully satisfied for the horrible Men and Women, and all others remotely culpable for acts against the innocent, divinely created, and loved children of Beslan.

Sept 1st 2004, a gang of men and women stormed into the secondary school in Beslan in North Ossetia province during a ceremony to mark the first day of the new school year. According to The New York Times, when the terrorists took over the Russian elementary school, they shouted "Allahu akbar" (Allah is Great). The terrorists had previously stockpiled weapons and explosives at the school in the well-planned operation. Regional Interior Minister Kazbek Dzantiyev making contact reported at that time "They had said that for every fighter wiped out they will kill 50 children and for every fighter wounded -- 20". After the mayhem a cameraman for the British network ITN reported seeing around 100 bodies in the gymnasium where about 1,200 hostages were held, mostly women and children. Russia 's Interfax news agency reported the assault was triggered following several explosions when either several hostage takers attempted escape, or panicked hostages made a break for freedom, possibly driven by extreme thirst. It began after militants had agreed to let Russia retrieve the bodies of people killed early in the raid. Explosions went off as the emergency personnel went to get the bodies, and hostages may have taken the noise as a signal to flee. Militants then opened fire on fleeing hostages and security forces were compelled to returned fire. The Interfax new agency reported some terrorists split into three groups to blend in with the fleeing hostages and took refuge in a nearby home. Once the hostage-takers sought to flee, commandos moved in. Huge columns of smoke billowed from the school, where windows were shattered, part of roof gone and another part charred. The scene around the school was chaotic, with people running through the streets, the wounded carried off on stretchers. An Associated Press reporter saw ambulances speeding by, the windows streaked with blood. Four armed men in civilian clothes ran by, shouting, "A militant ran this way." Soldiers and men in civilian clothes carried children, some naked or clad only in underpants, some covered in blood, to a temporary hospital set up behind an armored personnel carrier. The children drank eagerly from bottles of water given to them once they reached safety. One unidentified woman freed Thursday told Izvestia that during the night children occasionally began to cry, adding: "then the fighters would fire in the air to restore quiet". Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov said 326 hostages were killed and 727 wounded in the attack, with some still unaccounted for. Soon after Beslan, a message attributed to Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev was posted on his Kavkaz-Center Web site. In it he proposed to exchange Chechnyan independence for security, threatening more attacks. "…we are not bound by any circumstances or by anybody, and will fight by our rules, as is comfortable and beneficial for us," he wrote. He also put the ultimate blame for the school siege on Putin, and appealed to the world to recognize the righteousness of the Chechen cause.

Negotiators said the hostage-takers had repeatedly refused offers of food and water throughout the standoff. "They are very cruel people, we are facing a ruthless enemy," said Leonid Roshal, a pediatrician involved in the negotiations. Correspondents say many of those released were desperate for water when they came out, and some were barely able to stand. Many of the children were only partly clothed because of the stifling heat in the gymnasium where they had been held since the militants took the building on Wednesday.

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