Leaving Islam




13 ways to identify yourself as the Muslim fundamentalist  

By  Vaisthu

1. You will tolerate if someone says that there is no Allah, but will call for his head if he says that Mohammad is not the final prophet of that Allah.

2. You will claim that Allah is most merciful and most compassionate, but will also say those who do not believe in Allah will be roasted in the boiling oil by Allah.

3. You will claim that Allah has already decided who will be the Muslim and who will not be, but you will also claim that Allah has ordered the Muslims to convert the kafirs into Islam.  

4. You will claim that Allah is omnipotent, but will also say the Allah is begging everyone to believe Him.  

5. You will claim that Allah is omniscient, yet you will claim that Allah does not know what you are going to do next, since He has given you the freewill.

6. You will claim that Islam is a religion and those who critisize  Islam are anti-muslim racists, but will also ask all the nations should be  politically ruled by Islamic Law.

7. You will claim that Islam gives equal freedom/rights to women as well as men, but will say that women should be veiled but not men.

8. You will ask for rights for veling Muslim women in non muslim countries, but will refuse the rights of non muslim women to wear what they like in Muslim majority nations.

9. You will ridicule the myths in other religions but you will also claim that Mohammad rode a mythical horse to heaven.

10. You will always say "insha Alla" meaning all things happen due to the will of Allah, but will say all the criticism of Islam is satanic act and all the anti-Muslim acts are satanic acts.

11. You will claim that Islam is most tolerant but you will also shout all the critics of your views should be killed.

12. You will claim that Quran is without confusion, but you will also claim that your own sect is the only one that correctly understood Quran.

13. You will claim that Allah is limitless in his capacity but will also claim that Allah cannot talk to anyone after having talked to Mohammad.  







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