Leaving Islam




Berlin 1933, Paris 2005


By Thierry Gattuso  

In February 1933 the Nazis lead by Adolf Hitler burned the Reichstag, the German parliament. This act lead to the collapse of German democracy and rise of Nazism in Europe and to World War Two, in which over 60 million people losted their lives. In 1935 Hitler, who was appointed Fuehrer of Germany in April 1934 violated the treaty of  Versailles by introducing military conscription. The democratic nations of the World, Britain , France and the United States did not act. In 1936 Nazi Germany began deploying troops and armour west of the river Rhine , again the democratic World did not act. In October 1938 Nazi Germany annexed the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia . The world did nothing, in fact a month earlier the British government  appeased the Hitler and Nazi Germany in Munich . Only when Nazi Germany attacked Poland in September 1939, did Britain and France declare war on Germany . Had the democratic world took action, following the burning of the Reichstag, war would have averted and millions of lives would been saved.    

Today we face an equally dangerous ideology and belief system, Islam. Islam and Nazism have many similarities; they both prefer autocratic rule as opposed to democratic rule; out of the 57 Islamic nations in the world, only Bangladesh and Turkey are democratic. Both Islam and Nazism blame others, particularly the Jews, for there predicament and problems. Nazis consider themselves racial superior. Moslems consider Islam to be the perfect religion, as it is from god. Any religion which predates Islam or follows Islam is not a true religion according to Moslems. All of humanity has to submit to Islam. The founder of Nazism wrote a book called Mein Kamf (My Struggle) in which he called for all Jews, communists, socialists and other deemed undesirables to be exterminated. The founder of Islam laid the foundations of  a book called the Koran, in which he called for all Christians, Jews and idol worshippers to follow their dhimmi status or face the wrath of Moslems.  

The recent French riots were also an attack on democracy and the rule of law by Islam The vast majority of rioters were Moslem and the riots occurred in Moslem areas. Moslems apologists both inside and outside France are pointing to the failure of the French social model to integrate Moslems. The problem is that Moslems do not want to be integrated. Moslems want Islam to be highest authority in France . Just as the Nazis wanted to control Germany and Europe in the 1930s. What has been the reaction of the democratic world? On the one hand one of delight from those who engage in belittling France and denial from governments who follow the French social model. That there polices could have lead to the riots.  

Our leaders have to understand the Islamic terms dars ul harb, the domain of war and dars ul islam, the domain of peace. The democratic world is designated by Moslems as the das ul harb, and it is the duty of Moslems to gain control of these lands by what ever means are available to them. Just as the rest of the world did not react when the Reichstag was set ablaze by the Nazis, today again, they have not reacted to Islam. Europe ís citizens are oblivious, as a result of years of conditioning, to the threat of Islam. Very few question the motives of Moslems, the majority fear that if they do they will branded as racists.  

When will France, Europe and the rest of  the democratic world going to wake up and deal with Islam? Will it be when we see the Moslem equivalent of the deployment of Nazi troops west of the Rhine ? Will it be the Moslem version of the annexation of  Sudetenland?  Or will the world react when we see an Islamic invasion of Poland ?








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