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By: Tashbih Sayyed
Two more American sons died in Iraq, two more mothers lost their sons in Israel to Palestinian terrorism. 53 more Muslims were slaughtered by Wahhabis in a mosque in Quetta, Pakistan. Maher Hawash, an Intel software engineer whose detention in Oregon, USA, prompted high-profile protests about civil rights abuse, pleaded guilty to a federal charge of conspiring to help the Taliban in Afghanistan. And taking advantage of our democratic traditions, religious radicals, disguised as Islamic advocacy groups have launched a campaign of intimidation to stop President George W. Bush from going ahead with his appointment of foremost Islamic scholar Dr. Daniel Pipes on the board of United States Institute of Peace. They claim that Daniel Pipes's appointment will confirm the Islamist assertion that US war on terror is in fact a new phase of crusades. Is there a connection between these seemingly separate and unconnected events? Yes there is!

Those who are following the bloody Islamist trail all over the world will have no difficulty in connecting the dots of these events. Behind all these murderous activities, there is only one mind - radical Islam's determination to overwhelm the open societies. They are the different heads of the same Wahhabi Hydra.

When President George W. Bush, echoing the pain and hurt of the civilized world, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, declared a war on terrorism, he neither forgot the American ideals nor ignored the fact that's ours is a nation that is neither racist nor an exclusivist - we are to our very core, humanists. That's why Bush took pains to discourage those who might have taken advantage of the tragedy by acting in revenge against American Muslim. He emphasized that Islam is a peaceful faith and our war is not against Islam.

Since Islamists have always perpetrated their crimes against humanity in the name of Islam, they are using President Bush's declaration of American faith as a tool to demoralize Americans from taking steps to protects their values. The world is a witness and the history will chronicle it that Islamism is not Islam and the neo-Nazi ideology being spread in the Muslim communities has nothing to do with the message of peace.

It is time for us to recognize the threat to our way of life that has set up its bases in our midst. The civilized world has come a long way from the dark days of holocaust. And we cannot permit the same mind to take root in our lands now. The post renaissance West has suffered many a tragedies, just because, it failed to act in time in thwarting the rising threats of totalitarian ideologies - Fascism, Nazism and Communism. Western governments, compelled by their cold war needs and post cold war commercial dependencies have allowed an ideology, radical Islam - that has potential to be much more lethal - to assume a size and stature that is, now, not so easy to restrain.

The problem is that we are the prisoners of our own civic faith. We accord the same rights to the enemies of civilization which are meant for the civilized people. We do not realize that our misdirected sense of compassion for underdeveloped and primitive minds empowers those who have no appreciation for our values. In fact they consider our compassion for human beings as our weakness. They have been indoctrinated into believing that our faith in human greatness is a ploy to colonize their natural resources and corrupt their "righteous" way of life. They look at our Operation Iraqi freedom as an operation Iraqi Occupation. If we have to survive as civilized people, we will have to correct misdirected sense of passion.

In his history of World War II, Winston Churchill wrote that the war's moral was that the Western democracies, because of their reluctance to fight, had allowed the wicked to rearm themselves. Showing compassion to those who seek to hurt you isn't compassion at all. It's stupidity. Islamists in the US are taking advantage of our compassion's - the US constitution. Daniel Pipes and people like him, many of them in the Islamic world, have taken upon themselves the unpleasant responsibility of warning the civilized world against ignoring the threat of radical Islam and indulging in misdirected compassion.

It is obvious to the most dumb that the Islamist organizations who are actively engaged in activities aimed at destroying our freedoms, know that Daniel Pipes is a threat to their long term agenda of bringing down this great bastion of freedoms from within. The conduct and activities of these so called advocacy groups is aimed at only one thing, to convince the Muslims that the US is against them. They have already achieved a remarkable success in this direction. A majority of American Muslims do believe that their lives, properties and civil rights are not safe in the US. Such a vast scared section of American nation cannot bring harmony and homogeneity to the principal of "One nation under One God."

The campaign against Daniel Pipes is another front of the same war against the free world that is killing our sons in Iraq, Israelis in Israel, Muslims in Pakistan, Indonesia, Christians in Sudan and Philippines, moderates in Iran, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco and Turkey. American Muslims before lining up behind the Wahhabi pied pipers, must understand one thing. Is the US an anti - Islam power? Are the decisions of the US government aimed at hurting Muslims? I am sure that any one who is not a devout follower of Wahhabi ideology, will find that the US is the only place on this earth where Muslims, irrespective of their sect, school of thought and national origin find the freedom of worship.

Wahhabis want to change all this. They want to impose Saudi Shriah (religious laws) that consider all the non Wahhabi Muslims an infidel. Daniel Pipes is nominated by the US government which is not faith based. It is government of the American people and Muslims are an important segment of this equation. Daniel Pipes by virtue of his nomination by the US government is the nominee of all of us. If Daniel Pipes's voice is muzzled by those who have been influenced by Wahhabi Money, those who, being too kind, feel obliged by fund-raisers for Congressmen and Senators with an objective to win support for radical Islam in the US and those who are misguided by the rhetoric's of civil liberties, racial profiling and civil rights, another holocaust will be not very far. Only this time, the victims will not be just Jews.

(The writer is editor-in-chief of Pakistan Today, a California-based weekly newspaper, and president of Council for Democracy and Tolerance.)






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